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Greetings, welcome to another day. I have some specific troubles with limits. Since doc is trained as a scientist, I have been taught that limits represent the extremes of the data. Mathematical regression techniques can be used to tell if data fall outside the limits and if so, the data is rejected. By this means, scientific data is continually massaged until the scientist can prove a point. Thus, the science journals only publish things within the limits of the fields that it subscribes (or perscribes) to. Hence a very few gatekeepers have realm to dictate a whole lot of false science.

In the past, clever scientists differentiated between science and science fiction very clearly. Isaac Asimov wrote hundreds (yes hundreds) of books that explained science fact or science fiction and clearly based each upon the other. The teaching method taught us to take the perspective of fact over fiction and areas where science fiction ran deep things we didn’t really know, we developed streams of thought based upon the physics of science fiction. (Side Note – the Foundation trilogy by Asimov is a fundamental basis set for the game of Existence)

The concept of cartoon physics arises. When Wile E. Coyote runs over the cliff while chasing the Road Runner, how is gravity suspended until he notices his predicament? The concept of levitation was a common thread of available science in the 1920’s – we  may not begin to go there today.

What passes for science is obscene and one sided – based on western kulchers ability to fight a battle of truth with only one winner and everybody else as losers. You are on the winning team or you are losers – and losers are whiners. Winners tent to be whiners too – but we call it gloating and allow the winner to rubit in your face. Stoopidity in action for our idiocracy. Only winners write history, everyone else writes fiction (ie meme is FAKE NEWS).

So – thyme to reboot. There will be a quantum shift thrugh a tunnelling mechanism and then this blog will dissolve into ashes. The phoenix that rises from the ashes will take a different form, but remain in the same basic philosophy. Quantum scaling on fractal levels is a function of symmetry – what we think we know can be replaced by the Knew Weigh – defining metrics for measurement of the things we do every day and determining what it is we like to do with our personal time – when we don’t have to respond to stimuli from anybody else.

Think – no boss, no kids, no others. If you get an hour to yourself, what would you do? What about four hours – would your sights change? Eight hours, a working day – could you handle that? Or would it be your choice to go someplace to interact with people and not be alone or on your own? When was the last time you asked yourself questions?

In lemme #treei language – Sound has to do with journalism and the scribe guild, building the positive news network as a form to use to teach and learn from nature in the knew weigh. Mind is thought is brain energy is putting things together in such a weigh that we can see through measurement that either our hypothesis is true or our structure is valid. Each concept that has its own glyph is dominant in the rotation of being – i have attuned myself to a treei/tzolkien calendar – which is a personal innovation that nobody else has in combined form yet.

Come play. This is a role playing game. Something is broken that cannot be fixed by the methods of old school thinking. Unschooling requires a substitution of what we thought we knew with confirmation by measurement. I have media ready to release, but the form of the current media does not allow my energy flow in that area. The eight concepts repeat over and over in permutations of two to set a breadth of 64 – i now have been measuring patterns over about a dozen cycles – almost enough to sort with a knew sorting paradign – yet i’d rather set a new paradigm than the knew one.

To do this i need a creative hypothesis and a weigh of measuring such that i can falsefy the hypothesis and really make progress on the application of new knew science, that has been ratified through the vetting process. I AM my own vetter, until i vette a team to work with me. Mechanism for submission of application will be posted here, when thyme gets time and the power of flow is enwrapt in love. Til then … be the void and watch everything, with discernment.

Skyrockets in flight … afternoon delight –>  Starland Vocal Band

namaste’ … lemme

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