Sound Massing – Chemistry provides Solutions

Got up in the middle of the night and threw the breaker, so that i could stop vibrating. The nearby cell tower sometimes puts out signals of energy that interact with the 60 Hz line voltage and i can feel the power coursing through my body – especially when there should be nothing stirring. How does energy interact with energy?

Well, traditionally, we explain it away with constructive and destructive interference of waves, which can add and subtract from each other when they mix. Scientists carefully build wave guides to synchronize directional flow – we could really use some new thoughts on the subject, since directing waves has lead to significant anomaly within the climate change sphere. (Look up – not what you used to see, is it?)

Energy works diferently than Uncle Albert’s simple theory. Einstein’s famous equation relates mass and energy through the speed of light, a constant that relates vibratory wave phenomena with the concept of mass. Thus mass contains latent energy. Let’s pretend that we don’t have physics available to explain wave behavior – the physics they taught us in the public school is a shadow of a shell – it forms the basic container, but they left out way to much for secrecy and profit, so our open information, no money form of Existence – doc’s current incubator for study – requires a different comprehension.

Since our background in chemistry requires physics, the distinctions drawn here are for setting a starting point for the development of a new model for physics. The current available theories that are accepted into the model are drawn from the will of the creator – in this form, they are not open for argument. Semantics games are not readily tolerated, but if you have a distinct question, please ask.

(With the spam running over 600 per day – maybe use a four letter word in caps as the first word of a response post and i’ll scan the spams 20 at a time as i delete them. The process is taking about 10 minute a day – not much to get the word howdt out).

I like dealing with metaphysics – so things that could be require further investigation. The course that i’d like to take (and thus i offer), is to look at basic chemistry with the idea of application under the specific pretenses of ‘fringe’ scientific theory. By fringe, I mean, not accepted by the current gatekeepers of the order of science, but with merit to it. For instance, homeopathy and cold fusion were both published in Nature and Science – the top journals in the field. Both topics were recalled, the authors sliced, diced and excommunicated and then the whole area was shoved down the memory hole, to be invented again when the time was ripe and the topic could be introduced after editing.

So, if lame stream media provies fake news, i propose that the science journals of the elite describe a fake system that they wish us to believe, that empowers their death kulture, monsanitized for our personal consumption. Reject that. As part of the Positive News Network, I wish to take on the chemistry of food and agriculture, and get it right, without the GMOs and factory farming. For more detail on the topic, use today’s shout – farmwars!

Back to basic chemistry – let’s begin with the basic atom as described in this 5 minute video clip. The only gang that matters in real chemistry are the elected ones and understanding how the atomic shells accommodate the gangs is a matter of explaining the electron hotel. However, that is the subject of a forthcoming video and will not be discussed here now. Just realize that the plan is to use the parts and pieces of the entertainment whirled as constructed by hollyweed and turn the individuals parts into a compost that blends itself together nicely in the new weigh.

The new weigh is a belief in truth by measurement – how do we know things that cannot be measured? Before we can even ask this, let’s get our measurement criteria in order and figure out how to accurately present good data, without the manipulation. The entire field of geo-engineering and climate change is producing bullpuckey from the methodology chosen to prove a fact – science is not proof of ability, just a form of proof of concept. We have to apply the science through engineering and construction of machinery and the like to demonstrate proof of ability beyond concepts.

All the concepts that we have been taught in school, individually seem to have merit, yet the big picture is so badly contrived that we cannot take the obvious first step toward fixing the climate – STOP INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION. The cost of the tragedy to the commons, especially poisoning the air we breathe for profit is insanity and I do not buy into insanity – individual or societal.

So – thyme is ripe for a new weigh – chemistry classes coming online this spring. Go enjoy learning about atoms from scratch – forget what they taught you because we will derive everything from nothing – because space is here and only nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. SFF.

Besides – how can we determine merit for a meriticracy without an assessment of what is true in every field of professional endeavor. University blather has to be tossed and reformed from the ground state up. Take off your shoes and socks and go walk around, so that you can feel the earth move under your feet. Carole King rocks and rocks contain lots of chemistry, crystals shine pretty. As Jackie Gleason used to say, a weigh we go.

namaste’ … lemme

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