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Duality, What a Concept. We get it wrong at the baseline and we mess up our ground state. Take a knew broom and sweep the porch clean – we need to start with an empty porch such that when we pile it with all the baggage, we can structure the order of flow and keep things in places where we can find them when we need them. Spring cleaning requires winter precleaning. Let’s pack our baggage aweigh and start our journey of the day.

Today is the premier Hallmark Holiday – Valentine’s Day. Reach out and remind somebody that you love them, lest they forget you. If i were richer …  thanks for the cool lyrics Ceelo. Today’s shout to Pentatonix and their grammy threepeat. I am a Pentaholic – can’t get enough of the Avi/Kevin under the Mitch/Scott/Kirstie. My current fav is the remix of Thrift Shop i’m gonna get some rags, got 20 dollars in my pocket. Been there, know that.

Let’s return to the ground state – each of us has an individual baseline. Do you know where your baseline is? Can you get grounded when you are awake, or do you have to be asleep to turn everything off? How much of your time are you aware of your surroundings? If you could do anything, do you know what it is you would do?

I touched on philosophy the other day. Ask any American about Schoepenhauer or Nitschke or Camus or any philosopher journalist of past times from another country. Blank Stare. Like they never got near Plato’s Cave. Can we at least regress our ground state to where we know our own base philosophy?

For a long time, i used – If God wanted me to talk all the time, why do i have two eyes, two ears and only one mouth? That relates to see everything, hear everything, speak about half of it. My early favorite though was from dr. Jimmy Boat – A philosophy is to a person as a rudder is to a boat. Ask me if i’m goin crazy, Uh huh.

The social world is a reflection of the tensions of the people enbroiled within. If you are at peace with yourself, you can be calm at the height of the storm. However, there always must be a balance – a ying for whatever yang we can think of. Only there is not a requirement that opposites attract. Opposites balance – they neutralize, they roughen the edges off of the other. What about the interface where the surfaces meet? Is that not a place in itself that is neither black nor white, light nor dark.

The positive news network is lemme’s weigh of balancing the picture from the drone of negative of the lame stream news. Technology is – the big G-spot and their AI bots are acting in a weigh that encumbers truth speakers. The Zone blog author got booted years ago – a merit badge in my alternative media world. The edge between opposites is a neutral zone, where chaos meets order.

I like sorting numbers. The numbers themselves do not care how they are sorted, but you get different pictures from different sorts. Perspective changes depending on how you sort. When i collected baseball cards as a kid, i always sorted them, then flipped them and sorted again. Flipping was a game of card exchange – and if the cards never became the motorcycle roar in the bicycle spokes, i cherry picked one of every player,every year before flipping the rest. Just cardboard and i went through lots of cards. One had Nolan Ryan as a rookie.

Funny how i sold my cardboard for 10 grand and bought the farm. Owned it for 15 years before the banks stole it from me in the 2009 foreclosure crunch. That is when the chaotic neutral dungeons and dragons player returned to his role play into the lemme whirled of metaphysics, rather than doc’s physical chemistry. Metaphysics is philosophy in different terms, that which is not materially real. As a chemist that interprets as that which is not. But as a physicist – it’s all in the vibration.

Sweet, music! So now, let’s go listen to Stevie – we must never break the chain. Only there is only one chain and yes, we really must break it. Pulverize the lynx. Oops – wrong metafor – crush the links of the chain – leave the cats alone. We’re cool for cats. right Joe J. Stevie is my gold dust woman, did she make you cry, make you break down, shatter your illusions of love? Not today, not on Valentine’s Day – only positive news allowed.

namaste’ … lemme

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