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Just called to say I love you …

The computer ate my original essay – the game is rigged to the point where you just have to look up things yourself, because when other people tell you what is going on, they looked them up and fit them into their own mind. If you don’t mind the clutter, try to track the cognitive dissonance of all the messages that you get from other people trying to tell you what to think. More important is how you think.

The war of the fake news sources is won by the discerning viewer that puts together various pieces to form her own magic eye picture of reality beyond the illusion. In truth … nothing is real so there is nothing to get hung about. SFF . We get to define our own world based on our thoughts. If they are coincident, then the world developes the morphology that we believe, based on resonance.

So, if Gaia is set on ‘the’ Schumann Resonance, then what about all the other waves of energy from thought form to microwave – how do these affect the Gaia frequencies? Plural. With all the certainty of the scientific establishment, the Cray computers have allowed calculation of the Schroedinger wave forms for the hydrogen atom. So much for the theoretical depth of chemistry.

The way they teach chemistry, it should be spelled chem-mystery. Poirot could maybe figger it howdt in a dozen years or so. It is a simple enough base concept to teach to a ten year old – by the time juniors in high school see chemistry for the first time, they have already experienced too much of it through hormones for the explanations to make any sense in context of what they know. So nobody but chemists ever really learn chemistry or use it.

So – as a chemist – doc says raspberries to common knowledge – chemmystery is what they teach and natural chemistry is based on water. That is two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atoms and lots of simple math – except for those whom mathematics has been taught too. That is another boondoggle – nobody teaching sacred geometry and how it is vastly different from that stuff they teach in geometry class. Boring !!!

Maybe we can integrate and differentiate without knowing how calculus works – the banksters do it all the time. So – I declare the banking system for the next rendition of the system should be based on the growth of plants in the carbon cycle as a revenue source – mined like bitcoin and measured in terms of the weight of the fruits of the vine, and the veggies on the table. If we mass balance from seed to compost – what a weigh for an economy to run.

Nature, as expressed through Gaia, runs on the math of pi, phi, psi and omega. Numbers are greek to me. And to children, who may be able to see better without the old one two three four five indoctrination program. How about one one two three five eight for a basic starting count?

Namaste’  … lemme


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