Love Voiding – personal cognitive dissonance

Consensus reality is not physical reality. Physical reality requires you to get out of bed and do stuff. The stuff we do is what makes the reality – how it ties in with what others believe is the consensus. Schools teach to consensus reality – the lame stream news preaches it. Yet, it is knot tied up – reality is not at all what the consensus of ‘we’ think it is.

Let’s try again. When i say noting is real, i have to wonder about the extent of the holograph. If i do not exist – then our argument is moot. So we start with ourself being real. I can accept you as real if you can accept me as real. So when we discuss life, what is real? We forget easily … part of the indoctrination system.

We do several things every day required to support the current reality. If you stop doing these things (like breathing, or pooping, or eating), you cease to exist on this material plain. Where do you go? Consensus says you likely go to hello, but i don’t buy consensus reality at all. I like to believe we go to the bardo and have a drink with Peter at the bar in front of the gates. Kinda pearly white stage, y’know.

In this reality – we all exist with different beliefs, that we overlap to make common cause. The term common cause is now a buzzword of the left, so it has been eliminated as a concept of the right. I sometime think about all the spiteful things humans do – bastardization of the language is a primary. Words mean exactly what i say they mean – according to the red queen in Alice’s whirled. Of course, there are bunnies with time pieces and tweedles there too.

We have been taught expectation – that we will get what we believe is coming. The form that we get it is never quite the same as we gather, yet what goes around, comes around and so we get the karma that we produced in the past, calibrated to ramp up in the future. The only weigh of approach to avoid this is to hold your breath.

Today’s shout goes out to the archdruid, for talking philosophy. In ‘merika today, philosophy is a moot subject, only Bart Simpson and Spongebob Squarepants have the right to quote Nitschke and Schoepenhauer. Me, I’ll quote the Terry’s; Gilliam, Pratchett and McKenna. Tongue in check, tuned in, turned on and specifically dropped howdt. Just lemme go … without the uber structure that provides the parameters. I need blank canvas, tabula rosa, with kittens.

Media tends to define the desired human pattern. First was a tv show with William Windom called My World, and Welcome To It. Then we had The World According to Garp with Robin Williams. The next setting was Jim Carrey’s Truman Show. Now, it looks like hollywood reality has been Trumped, yet I don’t think so. With Arnold the gubernator dealing upon celebrity apprentices and the Donald as the Potus … I just see a job trade coming to usher in the chaos necessary to lift us to the next energy state – peace and light, with love.

My calendar today though has love voiding. That means, I get to appreciate all the love, because tomorrow is the beginning of eight days of sound. Doc interprets this blog as his sounding off, but lemme has the blog while doc finishes his current book. The first pass is through, the second pass has writing but is not yet formed. Some of the concepts are new, but are old to me as i have written about them in books yet to be published.

The old game is over, the new game hasn’t started, so this nether space (bardo) in between is where chaotic neutral characters should be whetting their stones and preparing for the light show. Current Existence metrics show that winter is ahead of fall in actual people count – the model predicts a fall off, so there is a lot to learn in building the model. Early iterations of any models have quirks – doc needs to expand the breadth of testing beyond doc to see if his average is anything close to real average. It should be metabolically – that is the current state. Measure ground state metabolism when life is slow, such that when the pace picks up, the metrics are already set in place.

Thank you for slogging through the last paragraph. It is deeply philosophical and let’s face it – a philosophy is to a person, as a rudder is to a boat. If you don’t have a personal philosophy, you aren’t really helpful in the balance of order and chaos – if you like to play on the order team. Yet life isn’t black and white and chaos is not something to be feared. Chaos theory in physics is pretty good stuff … especially the strange attractor. Tie it into chemistry group theory and put a bow on it through matrix algebra and you can see how sacred geometry guides pattern flow.

Conceptually – the flow pattern follows the treei metrix … which were derived independently of consensus life by Armando Busick – the point source for this particular romp in the park. Armando works at the fractal of three – a Ram Dass type stroke removed his physical capability to interact by talking. Treei was a language of communication with eight sounds – doc is using it as a calendar and a pattern generator that cuts into the physics of chaos to establish order in a different form.

SFF – just came on pandora – the AI is tuned into my personal harmonics. I cannot claim to be howdtside when my ability to think goes directly into the matrix. The Beatles were the greatest philosophers of my childhood – but LSD warped the messengers such that the interpretation of the 60s and 70s requires a different lens – living through it is not good enough as the matrix changes through the mandela effect. just remember – Strawberry Fields Forever.

So lemme is turning inside howdt – he got out and cannot get back in. Thus – a new weigh, based on the philosophy of developing philosophy by role playing the scientist of science fiction and direct testing. We become the actors and atheletes and set our own measurement criteria through our guild structure. We put it on film, and retell the stories that we watched, with the outcome back to the books, before hollyweed changed the AI program and we started losing this reality. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. Now, Go Enjoy today!

Namaste’ … lemme

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