Getting There: Love Forming

I must be saying something disturbing on the blog here, because the spam load is over 1500 spams this week – fortunately, wordpress has akismet, which serves to knock out the spam. If i didn’t use the sertvice, I would guess that government estimates would put me at 20,000 spam per week, with a 95 percent efficientcy rate. So – please stop spamming me, whoever decided that they could use my time better than i could.

I am looking at moving the site again – last time i moved, i left all my faithful readers behind. Essentially, google locked me howdt of all accounts when i wiped their spyware off my puter. They are now overly embedded in my new puter – and i really don’t care – they are trying to drive an engine that is stuck at a lower gear frequency. There is no time to waste even thinking about google – just use their service as provided and behave in what you say. Notice the ads, which are tailored to you from our google profiles.

I avoided Faceboot and their 2 billion viewers – but google owns ewetube and the sheeple are each profiled – can i look at the profile that you have assembled on me, fellahs? No, i didn’t think so. Just do what you need to do and leave me alone to watch sports and listen to music.

I know, you program my music too, pretty darn good sometimes. The pandora algorithm is such that i get in the mood and the service delivers, commercials every other song and all. But i could buy the commercial free service – pay to have them not annoy me. Wish it were that easy to opt out of merican society.

In reality, it is that easy to opt out – what we are battling are the trolls and the social pressure. The trolls are who they are – i use the metric of spam count to know that somebody is reading – if only to attempt to chase others away, or to commercialize them. I don’t particularly like the concept of commerce, because it stems from economics, which is akin to a cross between voodoo and bullshit. Places me in a minority of folks – without much choice within the old system, yet completely sovereign outside the system. I own my own time.

Why do people get upset when you don’t follow their idea of decorum. If you say you are retired young, they approve – yet call yourself unemplyed and they disapprove. The only change is semantics. Bah, baa, bah – this is the wild west, where men are men and sheep are nervous. Ewe would cry too, if it happened to you. It’s was the dems party and now they’ll cry if they want to.

So – if the abuse of the current system is way beyond obsurd and the illicit banksters print money to loan to us at interest, and we carry hmm, 20 trillion dollars of US taxpayer debt, to whom do we owe this supposed debt to? Monopoly game is over the guy with the hat won – new game, different rules.

Let’s take on the idea of simultaneous civilizations, located in the same space, but running on different timelines. We are all entrained by the calendar, which says that today is Friday, so no significant work can be done because it is defacto weekend. If today is, well, love forming, then i can invest my effort in appreciating the tasks that i have on my plate – my LOL (Labor of Love) in Ubuntu-speak. I am developing several baselines for my foundation, beneath which is the ground state.

In the past cycle that began 34 days ago with mass massing, I have built a tiny house, maintained chard through the winter, created a dialog with 38 fowl, monitored the water onsite and continued writing yet another book. Sooner or later, I promise to publish – when the proper acolyte has the skillset to enable the scribe guild function (or should that be education guild?).  I live in a guilded system – where first person singular can develop any guild that defines a set of work to be done.

Fiction is the beginning of what might be tomorrow. The 1960’s genre of science fiction, led by Isaac Asimov, has turned into the 2010’s reality – one we see this secret space stuff revealed. This is not Disclosure – there is much more that we have a need to know. The civilization of today takes its cues from sports heroes, the weigh i took my cues from Carl Sagan and Linus Pauling. What is real has to be framed differently – the current hoax is over. Totally over.

Shout to Clif High at – this is a worthwhile rabbit hole that i climbed away from when i left in 2011 and refound recently. His prediction that historians and physicists are going to leave their fields in disgust makes total sense to me – the basic story lines in both these fields are filled with imaginary insight – distortions, built upon distortions, due to cover-ups. Not my idea – I ran away from academia in 1990, when i saw it for the fraud it has turned out to be.

The question is – love forming. What do we replace our education system with, such that it doesn’t abuse the children that it was entrusted to teach. We are those children – thyme to quit believing anything that we were taught and rethink everything anew. Now, having said this – i wonder how many spam will be generated next week. Nothing like throwing manganese ribbon into a lit fire. Shh.

Namaste’ … lemme

( Doc is on sabbatical, while he works on his book – with 30 days left before the next void voids. )

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