Void Forming : Are we really a Clusterf*cked Nation?

Monday, monday … just had to comment at CFN – Kunstler’s week opener. Glad he added a week closer on Friday – please do visit his site and read the comments – they are almost as good as archdruid comments. Not like the comments here, which seem to be mostly spam. I really do like Monty Python : spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam (450 overnight today – AI repeating and harassing, par for the course).

Anyweigh : my comment to JHK :

good work again. What are your thoughts on Ubuntu – the contibutionism plan spelled out by MIchael Tellinger? Certainly not Dem or Rep . To me, the current system failure is a chance to look at things in a ‘knew weigh’ – to measure everything we know because the school systems have been controlled by the elite throughout everyone living’s entire lifetime.

Perhaps we can try different economic systems when we start out again as point sources of information and energy in your world made by hand. Today, it’s a whirled created by mind, drifting. In fact the cognitive dissonace rings louder than truth, at most other sites. Perhaps questioning the basic tenets of every field of study is in order.

Currently chaos rules the day … we can enjoy the maelstrom and start making tangible things that make our daily lives easier? Anyone got a one person walking combine for harvesting grain? A good oil press? A means of making pellets for animal feed?

Before we can get ahead, we have to remove some of the disinformation from our individual minds. We also have to become a point source – each one of us on our own, the entire population of Gaia as one – the two ones of the fibonacci sequence – at opposite ends of the human scale equations (ref K. Sale).

If you need a change from ordinary perspective, take a thymehowdt. It’s much better than standing alone in a corner. Namaste … doc

PS – thought game – water is sentient, Gaia is sentient – (ref Pollack, Lovelock). These are our new borders, not space and time. Now, what? enjoy!

Mind Minding – CheMMystery

Just called to say I love you …

The computer ate my original essay – the game is rigged to the point where you just have to look up things yourself, because when other people tell you what is going on, they looked them up and fit them into their own mind. If you don’t mind the clutter, try to track the cognitive dissonance of all the messages that you get from other people trying to tell you what to think. More important is how you think.

The war of the fake news sources is won by the discerning viewer that puts together various pieces to form her own magic eye picture of reality beyond the illusion. In truth … nothing is real so there is nothing to get hung about. SFF . We get to define our own world based on our thoughts. If they are coincident, then the world developes the morphology that we believe, based on resonance.

So, if Gaia is set on ‘the’ Schumann Resonance, then what about all the other waves of energy from thought form to microwave – how do these affect the Gaia frequencies? Plural. With all the certainty of the scientific establishment, the Cray computers have allowed calculation of the Schroedinger wave forms for the hydrogen atom. So much for the theoretical depth of chemistry.

The way they teach chemistry, it should be spelled chem-mystery. Poirot could maybe figger it howdt in a dozen years or so. It is a simple enough base concept to teach to a ten year old – by the time juniors in high school see chemistry for the first time, they have already experienced too much of it through hormones for the explanations to make any sense in context of what they know. So nobody but chemists ever really learn chemistry or use it.

So – as a chemist – doc says raspberries to common knowledge – chemmystery is what they teach and natural chemistry is based on water. That is two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atoms and lots of simple math – except for those whom mathematics has been taught too. That is another boondoggle – nobody teaching sacred geometry and how it is vastly different from that stuff they teach in geometry class. Boring !!!

Maybe we can integrate and differentiate without knowing how calculus works – the banksters do it all the time. So – I declare the banking system for the next rendition of the system should be based on the growth of plants in the carbon cycle as a revenue source – mined like bitcoin and measured in terms of the weight of the fruits of the vine, and the veggies on the table. If we mass balance from seed to compost – what a weigh for an economy to run.

Nature, as expressed through Gaia, runs on the math of pi, phi, psi and omega. Numbers are greek to me. And to children, who may be able to see better without the old one two three four five indoctrination program. How about one one two three five eight for a basic starting count?

Namaste’  … lemme


Sound Voiding : Game Rev Zero

I like to run controlled experiments – people hate being experimented upon. I protect my personal time as thyme – people like to play games. I am a person, i like to play games. I used to play online chess, up until i stopped using system assets to sustain my straw persona. However, i still enjoy games. I also super enjoy statistics from games. Hence – games can be used as experiments done under controlled conditions that people buy into.

I like to design games, to see what happens. If i have a game in mind, i design it for a single individual and play it by myself. When I went full hermit and completely quit the internet, i still logged in with an occaisional blog. A new form of media is coming – and it is an urgent necessity. Biding thyme is never fun. Doc is writing in handwriting cursive and that means an extra level of translation is involved in the process.

He is also inventing, and that is a process all in and of itself. If you have knowledge of eutectic salts, send doc an invite as Lenny Thyme on linkt din – cept spell it right. Use eutectic in your invite unless i recognize you from a prior meeting. I am currently attracting spam from trolls and dont wanna play that game. In fact, i’ll ask doc for a chart of february spam – insanity driven by bots and greed. Nothing worth spending thyme on, yet to get this blog to you is worth the cost of thyme time, for the moment.

Deep in the chakras of the body, Gaia is triggering human scale effects. The sacred geometry of life is resonant, based on water carrying embedded resonance. Information is available on the internet; the deeper into the rabbit hole you travel, the more games the bots will play. Spirit in a literal sense wishes to give you everything you think about – it rewards you where your mind dwells. So if you dwell in your own imagination … well Einstein said ‘ Imagination is more important than knowledge ‘. He then proceeded to make up quantum mechanics.

They playing field of the internet rewards those people who step howdt and take a chance. I watch and see how things are done – i cannot monetize this blog and compromize on this set of ideals. I am a chemist and my life basis is elementals. The air elemental is being haarped and battered by climate kontrols and chemtrails. It saddens me that there is no mechanism in place to stop contributing to the damage.

Here at home, i have a stressful quandry. For the past 20 years, the silver butte mine has been leaching acid mine drainage into the south umpqua river, due to a judgement error by Dogami – Oregon department of geology and mineral industries. In my last conversation with Rep Peter DeFazio, he informed me that congress has not refunded Superfund from the EPA. So what happens to the mine clean-up locally? Enquiring minds want to know.

On the other hand – Oroville Dam. Yikes. Makes me look at FEMA and FEMA camps again – look at how many boatloads of refugees were created in northern california instantly, for two days. Eight miles up the creek is Galesville Dam. Hmm. Mebbe I should look into the current state of disrepair. Might be a nice trip in my kayak, only now the oregano in salem want me to pay them a fee to operate my kayak on ‘their’ waterway. Plus they want a 100 foot buffer in each direction onto our land. Ahem, by what jurisdiction are bureaucrats entitled to make rules for my land use of land that i own.

The current criminality built into the system makes it entirely invalid. We are all free agent sovereigns for our individual allehiance. For now, i will pretend that I AM and that i can play the role that i am assigned as my strawman under duress – yet i do have a brain and disavow the entire system. I am governed as the peasant that talks to Arthur in python’s grail. How do you know he’s king? He hasn’t got shit all over him.

A narco-syndicate commune – they grew dope! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate of the masses. What if all the masses en masse don’t play their game any longer. Where you been lately? There’s a new game in town. Eagles soar!

Tune in. Turn on. Drop howdt.

If you wish to be on lemme’s team of virtual experts, prepare a one page introduction of yourself, your interest area and your base requirements. Hang onto it until further directed – i need to set up the game to intake the information, such that when we start – the starting conditions meet the criteria of chaos theory. This is one strange attractor – cosmic surfboards ready for the next good wave …

Namaste’ … lemme

Sound Minding – queries

Greetings, welcome to another day. I have some specific troubles with limits. Since doc is trained as a scientist, I have been taught that limits represent the extremes of the data. Mathematical regression techniques can be used to tell if data fall outside the limits and if so, the data is rejected. By this means, scientific data is continually massaged until the scientist can prove a point. Thus, the science journals only publish things within the limits of the fields that it subscribes (or perscribes) to. Hence a very few gatekeepers have realm to dictate a whole lot of false science.

In the past, clever scientists differentiated between science and science fiction very clearly. Isaac Asimov wrote hundreds (yes hundreds) of books that explained science fact or science fiction and clearly based each upon the other. The teaching method taught us to take the perspective of fact over fiction and areas where science fiction ran deep things we didn’t really know, we developed streams of thought based upon the physics of science fiction. (Side Note – the Foundation trilogy by Asimov is a fundamental basis set for the game of Existence)

The concept of cartoon physics arises. When Wile E. Coyote runs over the cliff while chasing the Road Runner, how is gravity suspended until he notices his predicament? The concept of levitation was a common thread of available science in the 1920’s – we  may not begin to go there today.

What passes for science is obscene and one sided – based on western kulchers ability to fight a battle of truth with only one winner and everybody else as losers. You are on the winning team or you are losers – and losers are whiners. Winners tent to be whiners too – but we call it gloating and allow the winner to rubit in your face. Stoopidity in action for our idiocracy. Only winners write history, everyone else writes fiction (ie meme is FAKE NEWS).

So – thyme to reboot. There will be a quantum shift thrugh a tunnelling mechanism and then this blog will dissolve into ashes. The phoenix that rises from the ashes will take a different form, but remain in the same basic philosophy. Quantum scaling on fractal levels is a function of symmetry – what we think we know can be replaced by the Knew Weigh – defining metrics for measurement of the things we do every day and determining what it is we like to do with our personal time – when we don’t have to respond to stimuli from anybody else.

Think – no boss, no kids, no others. If you get an hour to yourself, what would you do? What about four hours – would your sights change? Eight hours, a working day – could you handle that? Or would it be your choice to go someplace to interact with people and not be alone or on your own? When was the last time you asked yourself questions?

In lemme #treei language – Sound has to do with journalism and the scribe guild, building the positive news network as a form to use to teach and learn from nature in the knew weigh. Mind is thought is brain energy is putting things together in such a weigh that we can see through measurement that either our hypothesis is true or our structure is valid. Each concept that has its own glyph is dominant in the rotation of being – i have attuned myself to a treei/tzolkien calendar – which is a personal innovation that nobody else has in combined form yet.

Come play. This is a role playing game. Something is broken that cannot be fixed by the methods of old school thinking. Unschooling requires a substitution of what we thought we knew with confirmation by measurement. I have media ready to release, but the form of the current media does not allow my energy flow in that area. The eight concepts repeat over and over in permutations of two to set a breadth of 64 – i now have been measuring patterns over about a dozen cycles – almost enough to sort with a knew sorting paradign – yet i’d rather set a new paradigm than the knew one.

To do this i need a creative hypothesis and a weigh of measuring such that i can falsefy the hypothesis and really make progress on the application of new knew science, that has been ratified through the vetting process. I AM my own vetter, until i vette a team to work with me. Mechanism for submission of application will be posted here, when thyme gets time and the power of flow is enwrapt in love. Til then … be the void and watch everything, with discernment.

Skyrockets in flight … afternoon delight –>  Starland Vocal Band

namaste’ … lemme

Positive News Network : Sound Loving

Duality, What a Concept. We get it wrong at the baseline and we mess up our ground state. Take a knew broom and sweep the porch clean – we need to start with an empty porch such that when we pile it with all the baggage, we can structure the order of flow and keep things in places where we can find them when we need them. Spring cleaning requires winter precleaning. Let’s pack our baggage aweigh and start our journey of the day.

Today is the premier Hallmark Holiday – Valentine’s Day. Reach out and remind somebody that you love them, lest they forget you. If i were richer …  thanks for the cool lyrics Ceelo. Today’s shout to Pentatonix and their grammy threepeat. I am a Pentaholic – can’t get enough of the Avi/Kevin under the Mitch/Scott/Kirstie. My current fav is the remix of Thrift Shop i’m gonna get some rags, got 20 dollars in my pocket. Been there, know that.

Let’s return to the ground state – each of us has an individual baseline. Do you know where your baseline is? Can you get grounded when you are awake, or do you have to be asleep to turn everything off? How much of your time are you aware of your surroundings? If you could do anything, do you know what it is you would do?

I touched on philosophy the other day. Ask any American about Schoepenhauer or Nitschke or Camus or any philosopher journalist of past times from another country. Blank Stare. Like they never got near Plato’s Cave. Can we at least regress our ground state to where we know our own base philosophy?

For a long time, i used – If God wanted me to talk all the time, why do i have two eyes, two ears and only one mouth? That relates to see everything, hear everything, speak about half of it. My early favorite though was from dr. Jimmy Boat – A philosophy is to a person as a rudder is to a boat. Ask me if i’m goin crazy, Uh huh.

The social world is a reflection of the tensions of the people enbroiled within. If you are at peace with yourself, you can be calm at the height of the storm. However, there always must be a balance – a ying for whatever yang we can think of. Only there is not a requirement that opposites attract. Opposites balance – they neutralize, they roughen the edges off of the other. What about the interface where the surfaces meet? Is that not a place in itself that is neither black nor white, light nor dark.

The positive news network is lemme’s weigh of balancing the picture from the drone of negative of the lame stream news. Technology is – the big G-spot and their AI bots are acting in a weigh that encumbers truth speakers. The Zone blog author got booted years ago – a merit badge in my alternative media world. The edge between opposites is a neutral zone, where chaos meets order.

I like sorting numbers. The numbers themselves do not care how they are sorted, but you get different pictures from different sorts. Perspective changes depending on how you sort. When i collected baseball cards as a kid, i always sorted them, then flipped them and sorted again. Flipping was a game of card exchange – and if the cards never became the motorcycle roar in the bicycle spokes, i cherry picked one of every player,every year before flipping the rest. Just cardboard and i went through lots of cards. One had Nolan Ryan as a rookie.

Funny how i sold my cardboard for 10 grand and bought the farm. Owned it for 15 years before the banks stole it from me in the 2009 foreclosure crunch. That is when the chaotic neutral dungeons and dragons player returned to his role play into the lemme whirled of metaphysics, rather than doc’s physical chemistry. Metaphysics is philosophy in different terms, that which is not materially real. As a chemist that interprets as that which is not. But as a physicist – it’s all in the vibration.

Sweet, music! So now, let’s go listen to Stevie – we must never break the chain. Only there is only one chain and yes, we really must break it. Pulverize the lynx. Oops – wrong metafor – crush the links of the chain – leave the cats alone. We’re cool for cats. right Joe J. Stevie is my gold dust woman, did she make you cry, make you break down, shatter your illusions of love? Not today, not on Valentine’s Day – only positive news allowed.

namaste’ … lemme

Sound Massing – Chemistry provides Solutions

Got up in the middle of the night and threw the breaker, so that i could stop vibrating. The nearby cell tower sometimes puts out signals of energy that interact with the 60 Hz line voltage and i can feel the power coursing through my body – especially when there should be nothing stirring. How does energy interact with energy?

Well, traditionally, we explain it away with constructive and destructive interference of waves, which can add and subtract from each other when they mix. Scientists carefully build wave guides to synchronize directional flow – we could really use some new thoughts on the subject, since directing waves has lead to significant anomaly within the climate change sphere. (Look up – not what you used to see, is it?)

Energy works diferently than Uncle Albert’s simple theory. Einstein’s famous equation relates mass and energy through the speed of light, a constant that relates vibratory wave phenomena with the concept of mass. Thus mass contains latent energy. Let’s pretend that we don’t have physics available to explain wave behavior – the physics they taught us in the public school is a shadow of a shell – it forms the basic container, but they left out way to much for secrecy and profit, so our open information, no money form of Existence – doc’s current incubator for study – requires a different comprehension.

Since our background in chemistry requires physics, the distinctions drawn here are for setting a starting point for the development of a new model for physics. The current available theories that are accepted into the model are drawn from the will of the creator – in this form, they are not open for argument. Semantics games are not readily tolerated, but if you have a distinct question, please ask.

(With the spam running over 600 per day – maybe use a four letter word in caps as the first word of a response post and i’ll scan the spams 20 at a time as i delete them. The process is taking about 10 minute a day – not much to get the word howdt out).

I like dealing with metaphysics – so things that could be require further investigation. The course that i’d like to take (and thus i offer), is to look at basic chemistry with the idea of application under the specific pretenses of ‘fringe’ scientific theory. By fringe, I mean, not accepted by the current gatekeepers of the order of science, but with merit to it. For instance, homeopathy and cold fusion were both published in Nature and Science – the top journals in the field. Both topics were recalled, the authors sliced, diced and excommunicated and then the whole area was shoved down the memory hole, to be invented again when the time was ripe and the topic could be introduced after editing.

So, if lame stream media provies fake news, i propose that the science journals of the elite describe a fake system that they wish us to believe, that empowers their death kulture, monsanitized for our personal consumption. Reject that. As part of the Positive News Network, I wish to take on the chemistry of food and agriculture, and get it right, without the GMOs and factory farming. For more detail on the topic, use today’s shout – farmwars!

Back to basic chemistry – let’s begin with the basic atom as described in this 5 minute video clip. The only gang that matters in real chemistry are the elected ones and understanding how the atomic shells accommodate the gangs is a matter of explaining the electron hotel. However, that is the subject of a forthcoming video and will not be discussed here now. Just realize that the plan is to use the parts and pieces of the entertainment whirled as constructed by hollyweed and turn the individuals parts into a compost that blends itself together nicely in the new weigh.

The new weigh is a belief in truth by measurement – how do we know things that cannot be measured? Before we can even ask this, let’s get our measurement criteria in order and figure out how to accurately present good data, without the manipulation. The entire field of geo-engineering and climate change is producing bullpuckey from the methodology chosen to prove a fact – science is not proof of ability, just a form of proof of concept. We have to apply the science through engineering and construction of machinery and the like to demonstrate proof of ability beyond concepts.

All the concepts that we have been taught in school, individually seem to have merit, yet the big picture is so badly contrived that we cannot take the obvious first step toward fixing the climate – STOP INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION. The cost of the tragedy to the commons, especially poisoning the air we breathe for profit is insanity and I do not buy into insanity – individual or societal.

So – thyme is ripe for a new weigh – chemistry classes coming online this spring. Go enjoy learning about atoms from scratch – forget what they taught you because we will derive everything from nothing – because space is here and only nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. SFF.

Besides – how can we determine merit for a meriticracy without an assessment of what is true in every field of professional endeavor. University blather has to be tossed and reformed from the ground state up. Take off your shoes and socks and go walk around, so that you can feel the earth move under your feet. Carole King rocks and rocks contain lots of chemistry, crystals shine pretty. As Jackie Gleason used to say, a weigh we go.

namaste’ … lemme

Love Voiding – personal cognitive dissonance

Consensus reality is not physical reality. Physical reality requires you to get out of bed and do stuff. The stuff we do is what makes the reality – how it ties in with what others believe is the consensus. Schools teach to consensus reality – the lame stream news preaches it. Yet, it is knot tied up – reality is not at all what the consensus of ‘we’ think it is.

Let’s try again. When i say noting is real, i have to wonder about the extent of the holograph. If i do not exist – then our argument is moot. So we start with ourself being real. I can accept you as real if you can accept me as real. So when we discuss life, what is real? We forget easily … part of the indoctrination system.

We do several things every day required to support the current reality. If you stop doing these things (like breathing, or pooping, or eating), you cease to exist on this material plain. Where do you go? Consensus says you likely go to hello, but i don’t buy consensus reality at all. I like to believe we go to the bardo and have a drink with Peter at the bar in front of the gates. Kinda pearly white stage, y’know.

In this reality – we all exist with different beliefs, that we overlap to make common cause. The term common cause is now a buzzword of the left, so it has been eliminated as a concept of the right. I sometime think about all the spiteful things humans do – bastardization of the language is a primary. Words mean exactly what i say they mean – according to the red queen in Alice’s whirled. Of course, there are bunnies with time pieces and tweedles there too.

We have been taught expectation – that we will get what we believe is coming. The form that we get it is never quite the same as we gather, yet what goes around, comes around and so we get the karma that we produced in the past, calibrated to ramp up in the future. The only weigh of approach to avoid this is to hold your breath.

Today’s shout goes out to the archdruid, for talking philosophy. In ‘merika today, philosophy is a moot subject, only Bart Simpson and Spongebob Squarepants have the right to quote Nitschke and Schoepenhauer. Me, I’ll quote the Terry’s; Gilliam, Pratchett and McKenna. Tongue in check, tuned in, turned on and specifically dropped howdt. Just lemme go … without the uber structure that provides the parameters. I need blank canvas, tabula rosa, with kittens.

Media tends to define the desired human pattern. First was a tv show with William Windom called My World, and Welcome To It. Then we had The World According to Garp with Robin Williams. The next setting was Jim Carrey’s Truman Show. Now, it looks like hollywood reality has been Trumped, yet I don’t think so. With Arnold the gubernator dealing upon celebrity apprentices and the Donald as the Potus … I just see a job trade coming to usher in the chaos necessary to lift us to the next energy state – peace and light, with love.

My calendar today though has love voiding. That means, I get to appreciate all the love, because tomorrow is the beginning of eight days of sound. Doc interprets this blog as his sounding off, but lemme has the blog while doc finishes his current book. The first pass is through, the second pass has writing but is not yet formed. Some of the concepts are new, but are old to me as i have written about them in books yet to be published.

The old game is over, the new game hasn’t started, so this nether space (bardo) in between is where chaotic neutral characters should be whetting their stones and preparing for the light show. Current Existence metrics show that winter is ahead of fall in actual people count – the model predicts a fall off, so there is a lot to learn in building the model. Early iterations of any models have quirks – doc needs to expand the breadth of testing beyond doc to see if his average is anything close to real average. It should be metabolically – that is the current state. Measure ground state metabolism when life is slow, such that when the pace picks up, the metrics are already set in place.

Thank you for slogging through the last paragraph. It is deeply philosophical and let’s face it – a philosophy is to a person, as a rudder is to a boat. If you don’t have a personal philosophy, you aren’t really helpful in the balance of order and chaos – if you like to play on the order team. Yet life isn’t black and white and chaos is not something to be feared. Chaos theory in physics is pretty good stuff … especially the strange attractor. Tie it into chemistry group theory and put a bow on it through matrix algebra and you can see how sacred geometry guides pattern flow.

Conceptually – the flow pattern follows the treei metrix … which were derived independently of consensus life by Armando Busick – the point source for this particular romp in the park. Armando works at the fractal of three – a Ram Dass type stroke removed his physical capability to interact by talking. Treei was a language of communication with eight sounds – doc is using it as a calendar and a pattern generator that cuts into the physics of chaos to establish order in a different form.

SFF – just came on pandora – the AI is tuned into my personal harmonics. I cannot claim to be howdtside when my ability to think goes directly into the matrix. The Beatles were the greatest philosophers of my childhood – but LSD warped the messengers such that the interpretation of the 60s and 70s requires a different lens – living through it is not good enough as the matrix changes through the mandela effect. just remember – Strawberry Fields Forever.

So lemme is turning inside howdt – he got out and cannot get back in. Thus – a new weigh, based on the philosophy of developing philosophy by role playing the scientist of science fiction and direct testing. We become the actors and atheletes and set our own measurement criteria through our guild structure. We put it on film, and retell the stories that we watched, with the outcome back to the books, before hollyweed changed the AI program and we started losing this reality. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. Now, Go Enjoy today!

Namaste’ … lemme

Super Hype LI: Love Flowing and a poem

Ignoring such at full volume. In addition, ignoring Brittany’s nipple slip and all Federal judge rulings on immegration absurdity. Please let me know when the executive order to overturn Citizen’s United happens (geez – these media types and their constucted names – citizen really do need to be united, but it is now an untouchable meme.)

What is a meme? Well, it is a media idea of what you should think about. Yaknow what I think about? Of course not, cause then you would be me and would not be entertained by the timber of this blog. I do tell what i think, no holds barred – except maybe we can raise the bar. Allow me to introduce a news construct. Thyme to talk about the Positive News Network – +NN . I have been vlogging to my phone – but have not had the editing capabilities to put the info on the net yet. However, it is being logged.

I need help. The Beatles Help is a fairly good substitute. Not just any body. I need the next Ringo Starr. Of all the beatles, ringo was the supporting cast to play to the madness. Growing up as a pre-teen in the early Beatle era, lemme was like a sixteen year old girl on her first band crush – I had every LP and wore them out on my record player. Remember those – before turntables became more posh.

Anyweigh, Ringo was always smiling and looking goofy and then he was with Barbara Bach. Sorry, she was an early wet dream figure, with Racquel Welsh and later, Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry. Sexuality oozed in the sixties and severties, but as a naive kid – i missed out entirely. Too busy discovering knowledge, chess and sports. I never quite picked up on girls, my little sister was a nuisance rather than a friend. Too bad for me.

Back on topic though,  I was led to believe that being popular was important. I was never told why. It comes to me later, that i can explain a number of the quarks in an alternative reality, but at that time, it never occurred to me that they were lying to me when they taught me in the public school. The social compartmentalization was amazing – i was ‘fast-tracked’ before the concept became an education meme.

Every individual needs to be fast-tracked into the new reality. It is going to take an enormous amount of work, but humanity is up for the task. At least some of us. But my mathematical instinct of projection and observation for verification, there should be about 17% of the people who have accepted change and 17% that have anchored themselves to the old system come what may. That makes the old playing field the other 67%. Look at this as the yin/yang symbol, with the inner circles being those outer two sixths – the interesting space outside the limits of the muddle in the middle.

Okay, next set up the checkerboard, with red pieces and black pieces – a dozen each. You now have the mental image for the initial existence. The checkerboard and the yin/yang symbol are both references – the places where there are no pieces is the muddle in the middle and your side – red or black – is full of holes. Half your information is missing, a quarter of it is scattered in your own playing field – mixed in cognitive dissonance.

There are two polar opposite land bases – red and black – that are essentially equivalent and spin paired. That means there is an entanglement – but the sides are separate and the rules of the game are diagonal movement only. Also – you may not jump your own piece. The second rule here means – during the game : bite your tongue. After the event, analysis is allowed, but never during the event under observation – the checker game in this case – it ruins the atmosphere.

Speaking of which – can we please stop the chemtrail spraying. It is so over-bearing death culture that we have to agree to personally stop as many emissions as possible. However, you are allowed to fart.

Animals never foul their nests. My chicken are fowl, they do foul their nests – so we need to design a perch – and a better way for them to lay. Since i stopped collecting eggs last monday – the egg nest has seven fertile eggs and soon, the chickens will get the idea of creating other nests. When i arrived here last june – there were already six goslings and a dozen ducklings, so i know these fowl know what to do. It doesn’t involve poster images of naked chickens, nor of Barbara Bach. Chickens allow chickens to be chickens, – mebbe people should get the hint.

Anyweigh – the scribe guild could use an editor and the animal resources guild can use a maintenance and construction assistant. We also have greenhouses to set up and pre-spring cleanings and getting stuff ordered from the chaos, and chaosed from the disorder, and stirred up a bit besides.

If you are ready to let go – find howdt where i am and come by. You start with yourself, yet i have the world to teach and new knowledge arising from the ashes of the old. Plus – there is compost … grounded to earth. Key tho – ya gotta be willing to let go of the old game – immersion is not for the feint of heart. As i said – one of six may be right – statistically.

Nuff said – if you noticed yesterday’s blog, your current comment here is likely being deluged under the thousand spam a day that is clogging the comment section, so other channels are required for real contact. Currently, everything we know is reel, so there’s nothing to be hung about. SFF. One bed planted here. Need more starts.

namaste’ … lemme

The Two Stages

World Transformation

One individual at a time

Will never ever happen

The wave of the scale

Has Breath – influx and outflow

    each time achieving

    a different altitude

    moderated sine waves

    irregular as a heartbeat …

Beat goes on and the beet

Radiates redness in dye-namic fashion

Bulls eye view of the fury

So many different connotations of color


World Transformation

One individual at a thyme

Is the only weigh it can happen

The scale of the wave

Has depth – flux in and howdt

    consciousness resonating

    demonstrable aptitude

    logarithmic wave cycles

    set to a golden mean …

Mean people deviate from the mean

Upsetting platters radiating cognitive dissonance

Creative cause of the fury

Change via rainbows; light induced color.

2013 lemme howdt – © creative commons

Getting There: Love Forming

I must be saying something disturbing on the blog here, because the spam load is over 1500 spams this week – fortunately, wordpress has akismet, which serves to knock out the spam. If i didn’t use the sertvice, I would guess that government estimates would put me at 20,000 spam per week, with a 95 percent efficientcy rate. So – please stop spamming me, whoever decided that they could use my time better than i could.

I am looking at moving the site again – last time i moved, i left all my faithful readers behind. Essentially, google locked me howdt of all accounts when i wiped their spyware off my puter. They are now overly embedded in my new puter – and i really don’t care – they are trying to drive an engine that is stuck at a lower gear frequency. There is no time to waste even thinking about google – just use their service as provided and behave in what you say. Notice the ads, which are tailored to you from our google profiles.

I avoided Faceboot and their 2 billion viewers – but google owns ewetube and the sheeple are each profiled – can i look at the profile that you have assembled on me, fellahs? No, i didn’t think so. Just do what you need to do and leave me alone to watch sports and listen to music.

I know, you program my music too, pretty darn good sometimes. The pandora algorithm is such that i get in the mood and the service delivers, commercials every other song and all. But i could buy the commercial free service – pay to have them not annoy me. Wish it were that easy to opt out of merican society.

In reality, it is that easy to opt out – what we are battling are the trolls and the social pressure. The trolls are who they are – i use the metric of spam count to know that somebody is reading – if only to attempt to chase others away, or to commercialize them. I don’t particularly like the concept of commerce, because it stems from economics, which is akin to a cross between voodoo and bullshit. Places me in a minority of folks – without much choice within the old system, yet completely sovereign outside the system. I own my own time.

Why do people get upset when you don’t follow their idea of decorum. If you say you are retired young, they approve – yet call yourself unemplyed and they disapprove. The only change is semantics. Bah, baa, bah – this is the wild west, where men are men and sheep are nervous. Ewe would cry too, if it happened to you. It’s was the dems party and now they’ll cry if they want to.

So – if the abuse of the current system is way beyond obsurd and the illicit banksters print money to loan to us at interest, and we carry hmm, 20 trillion dollars of US taxpayer debt, to whom do we owe this supposed debt to? Monopoly game is over the guy with the hat won – new game, different rules.

Let’s take on the idea of simultaneous civilizations, located in the same space, but running on different timelines. We are all entrained by the calendar, which says that today is Friday, so no significant work can be done because it is defacto weekend. If today is, well, love forming, then i can invest my effort in appreciating the tasks that i have on my plate – my LOL (Labor of Love) in Ubuntu-speak. I am developing several baselines for my foundation, beneath which is the ground state.

In the past cycle that began 34 days ago with mass massing, I have built a tiny house, maintained chard through the winter, created a dialog with 38 fowl, monitored the water onsite and continued writing yet another book. Sooner or later, I promise to publish – when the proper acolyte has the skillset to enable the scribe guild function (or should that be education guild?).  I live in a guilded system – where first person singular can develop any guild that defines a set of work to be done.

Fiction is the beginning of what might be tomorrow. The 1960’s genre of science fiction, led by Isaac Asimov, has turned into the 2010’s reality – one we see this secret space stuff revealed. This is not Disclosure – there is much more that we have a need to know. The civilization of today takes its cues from sports heroes, the weigh i took my cues from Carl Sagan and Linus Pauling. What is real has to be framed differently – the current hoax is over. Totally over.

Shout to Clif High at halfpasthuman.com – this is a worthwhile rabbit hole that i climbed away from when i left in 2011 and refound recently. His prediction that historians and physicists are going to leave their fields in disgust makes total sense to me – the basic story lines in both these fields are filled with imaginary insight – distortions, built upon distortions, due to cover-ups. Not my idea – I ran away from academia in 1990, when i saw it for the fraud it has turned out to be.

The question is – love forming. What do we replace our education system with, such that it doesn’t abuse the children that it was entrusted to teach. We are those children – thyme to quit believing anything that we were taught and rethink everything anew. Now, having said this – i wonder how many spam will be generated next week. Nothing like throwing manganese ribbon into a lit fire. Shh.

Namaste’ … lemme

( Doc is on sabbatical, while he works on his book – with 30 days left before the next void voids. )