The Melodrama of Flow Minding

Let it all go – be aware that what needs to be done is internal, not external. Attune your vibration to receive what you desire. Turn off all the fluff, for now. Nothing is real, the drama is reel WYSIWYG – what you see (believe) is what you get. Base at square one – start small and build up or start global and be everybodies everything. Nah. Just take a thyme howdt and watch how it comes at us. Ask questions, question answers.

If you need to change, think through the roles – choose one that suits where you see yourself going. Everyone has free will, yet we are dependent on the choices of others – at many fractal levels. Thyme to learn how to switch frequencies, like a stereo component. Receivers of wavelengths come in all harmonic phases.

Change has come – welcome her with open arms while you become who you are meant to be (or not to be, eh Ham, et tu Will). Thyme to investigate depth – to get to the next level of complexity in specific, while damping the wavelength to accentuate the general. Too much information is overwhelming, not enough is frustrating. Asking – can it be? is a good thing. Asking – How can it be? is the next logical question.

Bury the head in the sand … so many grains on a single beach. Sand is silicon dioxide – same material as glass and quartz. Thyme to stare into a quartz crystal in the sunlight – added warmth makes the vibrational levels higher … begins the tranmission of information between fractal scales.

Our fractal is being consumed by different vibrations of waves. The harmonics of normal flow have met a time warp – the cyclics of several timelines have condensed to where we cannot discern this frequency from other simultaneous values. We are taught duality as either positive or negative – then we are told that opposites attract – that positive attracts negative. They neutralize each other.

If you believe this, i have a bridge near New York City for sale. Cheap! President elect Alfred E. Neumann will definitely make hey! as the 45th precident – our simulcrums are facets of our minds – which are not common and likely not local. But what is local in a global whirled? Oh, you got the Fever – it’s getting hot in heah. Music is our souls – find your tune and sing, sing, sing sing – cause it aint gonna work how it did no more.

So … simultaneous timelines exist in single locations and time portals allow jumps over light years – by changing the scale of travel. Secret space programs will now become real, rather than Star Wars and Star Trek – unless you turn back to the Flintstones and live in annihilated rubble (sorry Barney, no purple dinosaurs).

You would not have believed it if i wrote this up forty years ago and tried to pass it off as a script. So, I rewatched Paddy Chayevski – Network (1976) – with Peter Finch and Faye Dunaway. Today is there, just like Orwell said it would be. Dystopia is for the Byrds … to everything, turn, turn, turn. The fourth turning plays out now, while Talking Heads are Burning Down the House, made from Pizza Gates.

Come play a role … we are actors on a journey. The current dystopia flow allows us to play in cognitive dissonance as we compost the culture to provide some new basics, as food for thought.  What if … food is the most important thing in our lives. Eat well, be nourished, eat poorly and big Pharma comes after you. big Ag and big Food are buddies – does the GMO mustard on a hot dog invalidates the kosher ? – to them, we are all weenies. Never believe that – all you have to do to change is to set your mind to change your mind set.

So – enjoy the melodrama for another day. Thyme to feed the fowl – january saw us lose four birds from 38 – and winter is not done yet.  Twelve percent attrition is acceptible, mostly feeding other nature. January is due for its share of bird romance – last years young males are just beginning to learn to sow their wild oats. Maybe spring will lead to population growth, imagine that.

Namaste’ … doc

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