Power Sounding: Change Comes

To get howdt – we need to take thyme with a grain of salt. Chemistry explains that salts are combinations of ions, where a positive cation is paired with a negative anion. Salts have different solubilities in water – they precipitate out when they reach the carrying capacity of the water. The salt in your kitchen is sodium chloride – table salt. Thyme to expand our knowledge of salts, in order to grok the complex biology of natural systems.

In order to make time for Thyme, plan is to change the format of the blog here. The Positive News Network has been launched by the scribe guild – i plan to post vlogs on the blog. I do not have an editor, however, i will start by starting and who knows what it will lead to. I am part of the supporting caste in the Izzy show, one white pit-bulls Truman movie. Takes place in the land of Ahs, or Az as we know it. We followed the yellow brick road – it was here at the end of the rainbow. Documentation is the role of the scribe – come play.

Of course, to a dog with a ten second attention span, play is the active four letter word. Along with walk. These tasks usually take an hour; the odometer app cataloges the space covered in the time spent. We are working with time/space, where three timelines are fixed in a single space – none have to adhere to the others, except through entanglement. So, ONRRI is teasing itself away from the inside road and the cell is dividing into workspace and playspace and of course nether space, where the rest of the whirled resides.

As a good hermit, i only go off site infrequently, usually when i have to supply something to fulfill a request or commitment. I would rather isolate here, but that is not in the cards at this moment in Thyme. Thyme is writing and so outdoors is left to lemme howdt.

The plan is to create a model, to represent an image of what could be, if we allow it. Under the current order, money drives the system and rewards are measured by how many toys you collect before you die … with small green pieces of paper representing the toyability. It is rapidly falling like a house of cards, which had the last non fulcrum card removed. We gotta change, and so as Mike J. said – I’m looking at the manin the mirror, i’m telling him to change his weighs. I prefer the other Mike J., til Nike and Phill Night bought the franchise. If it quacks like a duck.

Doc remembers when athletes were just working stiffs, like everyone else. In the 60’s. baseball was a game and the players came home and worked during the winter, so they could play ball. Baseball statistics became second nature and getting to link the performance with the numbers was easy – when every saturday there was a network game of the week. Plus, the Mets, the Yankees, the Phillies and thanks to cable, the Cubs and Braves were all on free television, before airwaves got monetized.

So, here we sit with broken tools, from a misdirected globalization that will encumber everyone that believes in what used to be economy. The just in time delivery of goods and services is a train wreck. So is the species of medical marijuana that i smoked last week – train wreck. How do we know what the strain is, if we don’t have a true genetic history of the species?

Education is a broken tool. The game is over – the indocticants won. The correllary for middle school is county jail – welcome to the new age, George Orwell style. Except that it’s knot. Look at this as the biggest opportunity that we will ever see – the once in a lifetime chance to walk away from economic systems altogether. But we need a working model.

That is where you come in. Explore inside yourself what it is that you know. How do you know. If the basis is what you were taught by school, the media, the reel of many kolorz, you have to find a new basis set – the old one is corrupted. You are now Neo, post matrix. Old game gone, new one just starting.

It is Doc’s belief that we have the model. The last model for life is the science fiction that has been introduced in the latter half of the 20th century. Mostly based on fictionalization of science – the reality is that whereas the heroes of the 60’s were people like Linus Pauling and Carl Sagan, the heroes of today are named LeBron, Bryce and Thor Noah Syndergaard. So the next model is the sportification of life.

Atheletes are the most measured people in the world – because everybody watches them play the game at the elite level and critisizes the performance. You gotta be good, and even then, Dame, they leave you off the all-star team yet again. Note that Lilliard gets better each time he gets kicked – the all-star vote may have empowered the Blazers back out of their doldriums. I regress, why does education not measure performance the same weighs as sports.

Well, guess what. It can – watch for Ubuntu Education – where growth is based on sacred geometry rather than money. You are the point source, start making your own clock tick. Thyme to redefine the image of ourselves … be kind, be fair, be honest. Cooperation and competition work hand in hand to get to contributionism – where you make your own weigh in the world, rather than the current way of the whirled.

Namaste’ … doc

PS: I salted away the essay without mentioning that doc will be teaching chemistry in a natural resource setting this spring – we are going to begin with water and the structure of matter and build from there.

PS2: Wanted to give a shout to Destroying the Illusion on Ewe Tube – Jordan is speaking truth to the sheeple – thyme to listen. Do realize that Google filters all the information received on their channels.


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