Nature in Winter

The all about has nothing to do with the macro-scale, as being away has allowed lemme the time to consider nothing at all. The fowl wish to be fed, and start yakking at the first sign that people might be moving about. Current cold has left ice on the water troughs and as such, the birds make for the pond. Cold is still warm, in the mid 20s, but this moist cold moves to the bone the instant one gets overchilled.

The owl sets in the tree – i never did get back to it. Owls and ravens are unique signs of things going on in the spaces beyond what we think we can see – get out away far enough and the birds attract to your space. In fact – anything you can imagine attracts into your space, once you are able to unclutter and see things for what they are.

Letting go of consensus reality means not comprehending the momentum of the social scene. The way the computers work, they flash information teasers across the screen; you succumb to the lurid imagination of the mass manipulating media, then you start to have emotional loosh and get further sucked in by the artificial teat of manmade curiosity. Who died? Who cares? It’s just angst that you don’t need : nobody ever really dies, they just move out of the current physical reality.

What we are is not what we were presented to be. My work with fowl in the past three months has taught me that birds communicate at a hive level; that different species have to fine-tune dialects in order to occupy the same space. Time and space are not what we believe they are – both are constructs that come out of the frame of physics, when you remove certain physical parameters. They did not bother to teach us all of physics – that way they didn’t have to worry about our discovery of how things really are.

As you are reading this, please allow your mind to simmer on some interesting non-facts, that need to be explored and discovered again without the perpetual overlay of time and space. If you stay in one place long enough, you can alter the time within that space to accomodate the reality of how you live. You can change your wake and sleep cycles and the physical universe will accomodate your changes and manifest exactly what you need for rest. When you sleep, your hours pass in a different time sense than when you are awake. Our awake time has been entrained with each other’s wake time for so long, that we forget that we have individual control over our own frame of reference, in both time and space.

Simplify. Remove your physical presence from areas that you do not wish to know. Realize that other beings have a need for you to ‘know’ the same things that they know, hence the common perception of the reality that we have been taught. That is just perception, it is not real until you make it real. And because of that, belief systems are highly important: if you do not believe in something, it cannot be. What happens often requires our suspension of belief – or our less than critical analysis prior to acceptance.

I reject the common reality; as many people know that i do not share common sense. I have an uncommon sense, one that detects bullshit from miles away and has little time to spare for the insane rigamarol of modern life. If the banks print money out of thin air, why can’t the people create money out of thin air? The resources that were acquired by the mass deception do not belong to the thieves. The game is so over, what holds us back is the lack of a new game. Thyme to look deep, internally and change the rules.

When you change the rules, you must keep your own rules and stand by them. When you make rules for others and the game plays out, other lose confidence in your ability when you do not play by your own rules. The game always starts at one. You are you – unique, and part of the human whole. On human scale, you interact with a vast number of different people during your day.

How many? Can you track how many people you interact with on a daily basis? Make it easy on yourself, and just count ‘in person’ people. That is people that are in your space with you, not phone calls. This measurement will surprise you – especially if you live in a place where lots of people interact.

Every action of interaction is a point source for new input. New input gets evaluated against old input and either reinforces or degrades belief. What you believe is a mismatch of concepts that were thrown at us ad infinitum in school, until we hate the concept of learning anything new and integrating it into out belief system. Instead we chose the default common belief : we became part of the sheeple.

Now six months beyond sheeple, doc’s plan is to walk softly and carry a big stick – a knew reality based on the weigh. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. The path that we walk shall be so encumbered by our own reality. I hope to download people from their own current realities, to get a handle on the direction to move to change the way it is to the weigh of Iz (in Az).

Doc will begin measuring new metrics – the year has now been shifted to begin at winter solstice … to set the timing onto a natural portal. The thirteen moon mayan calendar superimposed with a 64 day Treei calendar will allow a steady measure of time outside the realm of time, as we know it now. Clock time is still necessary – got to make meetings happen and get some activities done – but real time for me is now the time i spend without clock watching – i just record the beginning and ending numbers and not the passage of the investment of my activity into measurable results.

Once the current book writing finishes, the blogging level will return to ‘normal’ levels. For the Thyme being, the current measurement of time is incidental – the work carries on as we ascend beyond to a knew weigh – where we evaluate what we were taught and reject the threads of nonsense that keeps our Gullivers bound to the current Lilliputian insanity.

Namaste’ … lemme

After posting, this came across my space. Enjoy.

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