Empathetic Emissions of a Knew Weigh

Got a human fixx in this past weekend, emitting cross-vibrations with the sparkie type critters. As i write, a net piece on Choco Canyon is talking at me – i was there, i now what they are hiding. The media cannot stand on its own, nothing they say can be taken at face value. We are the media now, so any time we can blog or vlog our personal truth, please take note.

What is happening now is a vibrational phenomena. The happenings here on earth are a fractal of happenings at other levels of the same harmonic. To heal yourself, you must believe that you can heal. To learn, you must teach somebody else to be better than you in your chosen field of learning. To become aware, you must be open to letting go of what you know, especially if it was learned from the common disinformation systems: school, television, and government proclamation.

Choices are immanent, be discerning. If you wish to believe in something, trust your own judgement. Take what you know you know and reaffirm that it still works the weigh that you measured it in the past. Collect first hand data, and use anecdotal evidence to support the logic. You do not have to believe what i believe, but if you do, then you have to buy the whole package – my holographic illusion is based on truths that i personally wish to believe. I do not believe lightly, things have to resonate into my existing field, or i have to change the field to alter to my new orientation.

We all have our own frequency generators – we show auras that can be seen through kirlean photography. We are able to transmit on our frequencies – but current spacetime is so bombarded with emissions that our system broadcasts confusion that prevents reception. When you create your own timespace – then you can get out of the current entrainment. If you keep your own pace, in peace, nothing will disrupt the flow of light through your domain.

Spacetime as explained in the reinterpretation of knowledge was presented as hypothesis by Einstein and ‘proved’ by intention. Unfortunately, we can intend any events to happen the way that we wish – the we is everyone conscious enough to control their personal environment. If you wish to learn how, please bring resources to do your work. My space is available, but my time is not. I need to teach some chemistry, because the mystery part has been partially revealed and i need new eyes that are not biased by the current frequency.

Michio Kiko and David Icke are talking about parallel worlds on the video now chosen by the AI for my viewing pleasure. We are receivers and transmitters of the current reality – there are more realities than the one that we are taught that we be entrained within. The fractal universe is available through chemistry – Walter Russell is the key figure. Funny how he is buried deeper than Tesla – the next all new roll-out from the shills that brought you current consensus reality.

So, See you in the spring?! Ubuntu to you too. We can do all we can do – detach your need to be anything more than you. Role play the role that you see yourself in, we all have unlimited roles in the new weigh – three options based on your current frequency. Be light and use love and everything will work out. Be dark and think negative and everything will work out. Be on the fence and play in the moment and you get to remain a sheeple for a few more years (26,000).

You can create the place where you are comfortable. Then be there and let go of everything that you cannot keep in the same thought. Meditate to something that you can start with as something that you know, and then recreated everything based on it fitting with your basic world view. If your world view can accommodate chemistry – there is a lot that we can explore together. I can overlay chemistry upon any topic.

I need others to do the same thing. We need musicians to understand from a music reference frame, for food growers to understand from a food frame, for water frame and biology frame and economics frame and and and etc. A good legal beagle, a healing medicine woman, a songbird that warbles in bliss – there will always be a role for people doing their own thing well.

The net media is diverse and elusive. If you grok what is said here, please come back and read more. Existence Light is nearly ready and nothing is sacred, according to Cannite’s Crew. All is forgiven anew – reach the proper vibrational level and the whirled settles down into the rhyme of order, as mitigated by chaos. You do not have to interpret every sentence to get the gist, some are calls to the past on other timelines, requesting landing ports for the future based on trust and prior perception – which the current illusions always destroy. Rather than running rampant breaking other’s illusions, it is time to create timespace and be left to our own device.

Namaste’ … doc


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