Power Sounding: Change Comes

To get howdt – we need to take thyme with a grain of salt. Chemistry explains that salts are combinations of ions, where a positive cation is paired with a negative anion. Salts have different solubilities in water – they precipitate out when they reach the carrying capacity of the water. The salt in your kitchen is sodium chloride – table salt. Thyme to expand our knowledge of salts, in order to grok the complex biology of natural systems.

In order to make time for Thyme, plan is to change the format of the blog here. The Positive News Network has been launched by the scribe guild – i plan to post vlogs on the blog. I do not have an editor, however, i will start by starting and who knows what it will lead to. I am part of the supporting caste in the Izzy show, one white pit-bulls Truman movie. Takes place in the land of Ahs, or Az as we know it. We followed the yellow brick road – it was here at the end of the rainbow. Documentation is the role of the scribe – come play.

Of course, to a dog with a ten second attention span, play is the active four letter word. Along with walk. These tasks usually take an hour; the odometer app cataloges the space covered in the time spent. We are working with time/space, where three timelines are fixed in a single space – none have to adhere to the others, except through entanglement. So, ONRRI is teasing itself away from the inside road and the cell is dividing into workspace and playspace and of course nether space, where the rest of the whirled resides.

As a good hermit, i only go off site infrequently, usually when i have to supply something to fulfill a request or commitment. I would rather isolate here, but that is not in the cards at this moment in Thyme. Thyme is writing and so outdoors is left to lemme howdt.

The plan is to create a model, to represent an image of what could be, if we allow it. Under the current order, money drives the system and rewards are measured by how many toys you collect before you die … with small green pieces of paper representing the toyability. It is rapidly falling like a house of cards, which had the last non fulcrum card removed. We gotta change, and so as Mike J. said – I’m looking at the manin the mirror, i’m telling him to change his weighs. I prefer the other Mike J., til Nike and Phill Night bought the franchise. If it quacks like a duck.

Doc remembers when athletes were just working stiffs, like everyone else. In the 60’s. baseball was a game and the players came home and worked during the winter, so they could play ball. Baseball statistics became second nature and getting to link the performance with the numbers was easy – when every saturday there was a network game of the week. Plus, the Mets, the Yankees, the Phillies and thanks to cable, the Cubs and Braves were all on free television, before airwaves got monetized.

So, here we sit with broken tools, from a misdirected globalization that will encumber everyone that believes in what used to be economy. The just in time delivery of goods and services is a train wreck. So is the species of medical marijuana that i smoked last week – train wreck. How do we know what the strain is, if we don’t have a true genetic history of the species?

Education is a broken tool. The game is over – the indocticants won. The correllary for middle school is county jail – welcome to the new age, George Orwell style. Except that it’s knot. Look at this as the biggest opportunity that we will ever see – the once in a lifetime chance to walk away from economic systems altogether. But we need a working model.

That is where you come in. Explore inside yourself what it is that you know. How do you know. If the basis is what you were taught by school, the media, the reel of many kolorz, you have to find a new basis set – the old one is corrupted. You are now Neo, post matrix. Old game gone, new one just starting.

It is Doc’s belief that we have the model. The last model for life is the science fiction that has been introduced in the latter half of the 20th century. Mostly based on fictionalization of science – the reality is that whereas the heroes of the 60’s were people like Linus Pauling and Carl Sagan, the heroes of today are named LeBron, Bryce and Thor Noah Syndergaard. So the next model is the sportification of life.

Atheletes are the most measured people in the world – because everybody watches them play the game at the elite level and critisizes the performance. You gotta be good, and even then, Dame, they leave you off the all-star team yet again. Note that Lilliard gets better each time he gets kicked – the all-star vote may have empowered the Blazers back out of their doldriums. I regress, why does education not measure performance the same weighs as sports.

Well, guess what. It can – watch for Ubuntu Education – where growth is based on sacred geometry rather than money. You are the point source, start making your own clock tick. Thyme to redefine the image of ourselves … be kind, be fair, be honest. Cooperation and competition work hand in hand to get to contributionism – where you make your own weigh in the world, rather than the current way of the whirled.

Namaste’ … doc

PS: I salted away the essay without mentioning that doc will be teaching chemistry in a natural resource setting this spring – we are going to begin with water and the structure of matter and build from there.

PS2: Wanted to give a shout to Destroying the Illusion on Ewe Tube – Jordan is speaking truth to the sheeple – thyme to listen. Do realize that Google filters all the information received on their channels.


The Melodrama of Flow Minding

Let it all go – be aware that what needs to be done is internal, not external. Attune your vibration to receive what you desire. Turn off all the fluff, for now. Nothing is real, the drama is reel WYSIWYG – what you see (believe) is what you get. Base at square one – start small and build up or start global and be everybodies everything. Nah. Just take a thyme howdt and watch how it comes at us. Ask questions, question answers.

If you need to change, think through the roles – choose one that suits where you see yourself going. Everyone has free will, yet we are dependent on the choices of others – at many fractal levels. Thyme to learn how to switch frequencies, like a stereo component. Receivers of wavelengths come in all harmonic phases.

Change has come – welcome her with open arms while you become who you are meant to be (or not to be, eh Ham, et tu Will). Thyme to investigate depth – to get to the next level of complexity in specific, while damping the wavelength to accentuate the general. Too much information is overwhelming, not enough is frustrating. Asking – can it be? is a good thing. Asking – How can it be? is the next logical question.

Bury the head in the sand … so many grains on a single beach. Sand is silicon dioxide – same material as glass and quartz. Thyme to stare into a quartz crystal in the sunlight – added warmth makes the vibrational levels higher … begins the tranmission of information between fractal scales.

Our fractal is being consumed by different vibrations of waves. The harmonics of normal flow have met a time warp – the cyclics of several timelines have condensed to where we cannot discern this frequency from other simultaneous values. We are taught duality as either positive or negative – then we are told that opposites attract – that positive attracts negative. They neutralize each other.

If you believe this, i have a bridge near New York City for sale. Cheap! President elect Alfred E. Neumann will definitely make hey! as the 45th precident – our simulcrums are facets of our minds – which are not common and likely not local. But what is local in a global whirled? Oh, you got the Fever – it’s getting hot in heah. Music is our souls – find your tune and sing, sing, sing sing – cause it aint gonna work how it did no more.

So … simultaneous timelines exist in single locations and time portals allow jumps over light years – by changing the scale of travel. Secret space programs will now become real, rather than Star Wars and Star Trek – unless you turn back to the Flintstones and live in annihilated rubble (sorry Barney, no purple dinosaurs).

You would not have believed it if i wrote this up forty years ago and tried to pass it off as a script. So, I rewatched Paddy Chayevski – Network (1976) – with Peter Finch and Faye Dunaway. Today is there, just like Orwell said it would be. Dystopia is for the Byrds … to everything, turn, turn, turn. The fourth turning plays out now, while Talking Heads are Burning Down the House, made from Pizza Gates.

Come play a role … we are actors on a journey. The current dystopia flow allows us to play in cognitive dissonance as we compost the culture to provide some new basics, as food for thought.  What if … food is the most important thing in our lives. Eat well, be nourished, eat poorly and big Pharma comes after you. big Ag and big Food are buddies – does the GMO mustard on a hot dog invalidates the kosher ? – to them, we are all weenies. Never believe that – all you have to do to change is to set your mind to change your mind set.

So – enjoy the melodrama for another day. Thyme to feed the fowl – january saw us lose four birds from 38 – and winter is not done yet.  Twelve percent attrition is acceptible, mostly feeding other nature. January is due for its share of bird romance – last years young males are just beginning to learn to sow their wild oats. Maybe spring will lead to population growth, imagine that.

Namaste’ … doc

Empathetic Emissions of a Knew Weigh

Got a human fixx in this past weekend, emitting cross-vibrations with the sparkie type critters. As i write, a net piece on Choco Canyon is talking at me – i was there, i now what they are hiding. The media cannot stand on its own, nothing they say can be taken at face value. We are the media now, so any time we can blog or vlog our personal truth, please take note.

What is happening now is a vibrational phenomena. The happenings here on earth are a fractal of happenings at other levels of the same harmonic. To heal yourself, you must believe that you can heal. To learn, you must teach somebody else to be better than you in your chosen field of learning. To become aware, you must be open to letting go of what you know, especially if it was learned from the common disinformation systems: school, television, and government proclamation.

Choices are immanent, be discerning. If you wish to believe in something, trust your own judgement. Take what you know you know and reaffirm that it still works the weigh that you measured it in the past. Collect first hand data, and use anecdotal evidence to support the logic. You do not have to believe what i believe, but if you do, then you have to buy the whole package – my holographic illusion is based on truths that i personally wish to believe. I do not believe lightly, things have to resonate into my existing field, or i have to change the field to alter to my new orientation.

We all have our own frequency generators – we show auras that can be seen through kirlean photography. We are able to transmit on our frequencies – but current spacetime is so bombarded with emissions that our system broadcasts confusion that prevents reception. When you create your own timespace – then you can get out of the current entrainment. If you keep your own pace, in peace, nothing will disrupt the flow of light through your domain.

Spacetime as explained in the reinterpretation of knowledge was presented as hypothesis by Einstein and ‘proved’ by intention. Unfortunately, we can intend any events to happen the way that we wish – the we is everyone conscious enough to control their personal environment. If you wish to learn how, please bring resources to do your work. My space is available, but my time is not. I need to teach some chemistry, because the mystery part has been partially revealed and i need new eyes that are not biased by the current frequency.

Michio Kiko and David Icke are talking about parallel worlds on the video now chosen by the AI for my viewing pleasure. We are receivers and transmitters of the current reality – there are more realities than the one that we are taught that we be entrained within. The fractal universe is available through chemistry – Walter Russell is the key figure. Funny how he is buried deeper than Tesla – the next all new roll-out from the shills that brought you current consensus reality.

So, See you in the spring?! Ubuntu to you too. We can do all we can do – detach your need to be anything more than you. Role play the role that you see yourself in, we all have unlimited roles in the new weigh – three options based on your current frequency. Be light and use love and everything will work out. Be dark and think negative and everything will work out. Be on the fence and play in the moment and you get to remain a sheeple for a few more years (26,000).

You can create the place where you are comfortable. Then be there and let go of everything that you cannot keep in the same thought. Meditate to something that you can start with as something that you know, and then recreated everything based on it fitting with your basic world view. If your world view can accommodate chemistry – there is a lot that we can explore together. I can overlay chemistry upon any topic.

I need others to do the same thing. We need musicians to understand from a music reference frame, for food growers to understand from a food frame, for water frame and biology frame and economics frame and and and etc. A good legal beagle, a healing medicine woman, a songbird that warbles in bliss – there will always be a role for people doing their own thing well.

The net media is diverse and elusive. If you grok what is said here, please come back and read more. Existence Light is nearly ready and nothing is sacred, according to Cannite’s Crew. All is forgiven anew – reach the proper vibrational level and the whirled settles down into the rhyme of order, as mitigated by chaos. You do not have to interpret every sentence to get the gist, some are calls to the past on other timelines, requesting landing ports for the future based on trust and prior perception – which the current illusions always destroy. Rather than running rampant breaking other’s illusions, it is time to create timespace and be left to our own device.

Namaste’ … doc


Nature in Winter

The all about has nothing to do with the macro-scale, as being away has allowed lemme the time to consider nothing at all. The fowl wish to be fed, and start yakking at the first sign that people might be moving about. Current cold has left ice on the water troughs and as such, the birds make for the pond. Cold is still warm, in the mid 20s, but this moist cold moves to the bone the instant one gets overchilled.

The owl sets in the tree – i never did get back to it. Owls and ravens are unique signs of things going on in the spaces beyond what we think we can see – get out away far enough and the birds attract to your space. In fact – anything you can imagine attracts into your space, once you are able to unclutter and see things for what they are.

Letting go of consensus reality means not comprehending the momentum of the social scene. The way the computers work, they flash information teasers across the screen; you succumb to the lurid imagination of the mass manipulating media, then you start to have emotional loosh and get further sucked in by the artificial teat of manmade curiosity. Who died? Who cares? It’s just angst that you don’t need : nobody ever really dies, they just move out of the current physical reality.

What we are is not what we were presented to be. My work with fowl in the past three months has taught me that birds communicate at a hive level; that different species have to fine-tune dialects in order to occupy the same space. Time and space are not what we believe they are – both are constructs that come out of the frame of physics, when you remove certain physical parameters. They did not bother to teach us all of physics – that way they didn’t have to worry about our discovery of how things really are.

As you are reading this, please allow your mind to simmer on some interesting non-facts, that need to be explored and discovered again without the perpetual overlay of time and space. If you stay in one place long enough, you can alter the time within that space to accomodate the reality of how you live. You can change your wake and sleep cycles and the physical universe will accomodate your changes and manifest exactly what you need for rest. When you sleep, your hours pass in a different time sense than when you are awake. Our awake time has been entrained with each other’s wake time for so long, that we forget that we have individual control over our own frame of reference, in both time and space.

Simplify. Remove your physical presence from areas that you do not wish to know. Realize that other beings have a need for you to ‘know’ the same things that they know, hence the common perception of the reality that we have been taught. That is just perception, it is not real until you make it real. And because of that, belief systems are highly important: if you do not believe in something, it cannot be. What happens often requires our suspension of belief – or our less than critical analysis prior to acceptance.

I reject the common reality; as many people know that i do not share common sense. I have an uncommon sense, one that detects bullshit from miles away and has little time to spare for the insane rigamarol of modern life. If the banks print money out of thin air, why can’t the people create money out of thin air? The resources that were acquired by the mass deception do not belong to the thieves. The game is so over, what holds us back is the lack of a new game. Thyme to look deep, internally and change the rules.

When you change the rules, you must keep your own rules and stand by them. When you make rules for others and the game plays out, other lose confidence in your ability when you do not play by your own rules. The game always starts at one. You are you – unique, and part of the human whole. On human scale, you interact with a vast number of different people during your day.

How many? Can you track how many people you interact with on a daily basis? Make it easy on yourself, and just count ‘in person’ people. That is people that are in your space with you, not phone calls. This measurement will surprise you – especially if you live in a place where lots of people interact.

Every action of interaction is a point source for new input. New input gets evaluated against old input and either reinforces or degrades belief. What you believe is a mismatch of concepts that were thrown at us ad infinitum in school, until we hate the concept of learning anything new and integrating it into out belief system. Instead we chose the default common belief : we became part of the sheeple.

Now six months beyond sheeple, doc’s plan is to walk softly and carry a big stick – a knew reality based on the weigh. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. The path that we walk shall be so encumbered by our own reality. I hope to download people from their own current realities, to get a handle on the direction to move to change the way it is to the weigh of Iz (in Az).

Doc will begin measuring new metrics – the year has now been shifted to begin at winter solstice … to set the timing onto a natural portal. The thirteen moon mayan calendar superimposed with a 64 day Treei calendar will allow a steady measure of time outside the realm of time, as we know it now. Clock time is still necessary – got to make meetings happen and get some activities done – but real time for me is now the time i spend without clock watching – i just record the beginning and ending numbers and not the passage of the investment of my activity into measurable results.

Once the current book writing finishes, the blogging level will return to ‘normal’ levels. For the Thyme being, the current measurement of time is incidental – the work carries on as we ascend beyond to a knew weigh – where we evaluate what we were taught and reject the threads of nonsense that keeps our Gullivers bound to the current Lilliputian insanity.

Namaste’ … lemme

After posting, this came across my space. Enjoy.

Go Weigh

Life is based on accurate measurement – start paying attention to the things that you do on a local scale and see how they can support your efforts. The mega-structure of globalization is shedding its skin – the result will be a localization of everything – no real forms of transport to get away. The winners and losers are all of us. Just do what you need to do and be who you are, not what somebody else tells you to be. Ubuntu.

Namaste’ and happy New year 2017,

doc and lemme