The Weird turn Pro

Let your loosh loose yet? The game gets weirder the closer you follow it. Thus, the trick to keeping sanity is not to follow the media. Lead, don’t follow. The game of high plains drifter follows logically into a mondragon model. It’s getting hot in heah, i’d better follow pitzagate…

Yes, the illogic of our times – ready to hit the reset button yet? Doc already did this, been there, wrote the book. Then, the book ran into the gatekeepers, who wanted money to control the flow of information. The book sat on the shelf, it got leaked and the idea went underground. Well, not exactly …

When exploring the ramifications of the fibonacci series, doc learned that the mathematical subtlety of the whirled could be visualized without equations. The equations follow from the overlay of the equations onto the map of physical reality, which at the time was Einsteinian time/space. When i first landed in Ashland, i did a constellation where i represented the sky – the sun and the moon. This was before i changed persective and one of the first spiritual quests that taught me the ‘real life’ ramifications of symmetry – C2 – as above so below.

The two should have a subscript, the editor for this blog is not up to speed. The two is a 50% rotation – a four would be 25%, eight is 12.5%, etc. So we have the early map of the doubling function – three iterations gives only 12.5 percent similarity. This is very important in scale. The physics of scale is determined by mathematical parameters overlayed upon the vision of reality – this is a fractal. The three orders of magnitude that make up a fractal are really an approximation of pi – 3.14. This value is double that of phi in nature’s ratios – phi – 1.61 – but not in the current mathematical overlay of reality. That has been corrupted.

The entire political system is a violation of natural law. We never signed up for it – it has been imposed upon us for as long as they have been issuing social security numbers to bank the debt. That means – 1913 – the founding of the federal reserve was the illegal act that bound all of we the people of 2016 into debt slavery – that action has to be declared null and void.

The system that we have works on fibonacci spirals and golden means – you can start travel on the path at either side – big or small. The entire muddle in the middle is so ridiculously mixed up, that you can take the model of biological meiosis and watch it develop a polar opposite cell from an initial starting point. That mitosis also works is incidental – the question is whether we can get there from here.

The answer is no – we cannot. Globalization and localization are the only two choices – everything else has been consumed as the muddle in the middle. Next reality has to be a humanity all-included project, or a start it yourself from scratch rebuild. You have either the composted decay of the existing system coming down, or the raw material of untouched nature – but nature has revolted because we did not respect life on larger scales. Remember what a fractal is, and the requirement for self-similarity through symmetry.

Welcome to a brave new world, sovereign being. Are you local or global?

Namaste’ … doc?

PS – people make the difference – Ubuntu is global – check out usa ubuntu

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