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All news is manipulated from the perspective of the giver to the receiver. When we talk to each other, we all become disinformation sources, based upon what we have heard to be true. We get good at asking questions to ferret out inconsistencies, but do we actually get to ever question the base information?

We should. Surfing the net on this fine cold Monday morning has led me to believe that nothing i can read has a factual basis in anything that i understand from a real perspective basis. We have this one assumption that capitalism is working and that all the bankster manipulation of the previous century is a legitimate basis for today’s merika-centric whirled view.

End game right now. The way it is is not the weigh it has to be. We are all sovereign in that we never formally agreed to anything of a governmental or political nature – we were all subsumed into the system from birth. If the system is a fraud, then we are all free agents.

Let’s look at sports for the definition of free agency. Curt Flood in the 1960’s didn’t want to be traded from the St. Louis Cardinals, but baseball, the employer of athletes, had rules that said he had to go. He sued instead, lost his career, but won the right for other players to earn the right to decide where they wished to play. This was a key factor in labor politics when i grew up – before then, sports were just another part-time job and players had real jobs in the winter.

And now today – sports is the activity that entertains most of us. It is the best system for evaluating true talent in the entire world. We all have a favorite team and lots of players are millionaires that have won the crap shoot from the door that Curt Flood pried open. Yet today – none of the other unions of society (well, maybe the public employees, but that in itself is really telling) have enabled common people to gain at the expense of the 1% in the rigged system. So why do we play?

Because we have been led to believe that there is no other alternative. Because we have to sacrifice what we have to start again in a not rigged society. Because it is a lot of work. Because we have to. The collapse is a matter of perspective – we have already collapsed ourselves beyond our prior freedoms, as we chase the money that is not even real.

Thyme to do something different. Ubuntu.

Namaste’ … doc

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