in love with Stevie

I looked up yesterday and found that we are in double digit December – Thyme flies when he’s having fun. We have been silently watching the gatekeepers fumble – we are becoming more aware of what the deception is every day. The key is to be detached from where it matters at all – as Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac crooned ‘You can go your own way‘!

Truth is not a casualty, it still rings true. But what is to be said, when tomorrow is the official deadline for stealing the election? How real is work ethic when the results matter less than the perception? How can things be honest when Penn State beats Ohio State head to head, wins their conference championship and still the gatekeepers punt the results and put Ohio State in the playoffs? Can i be appointed the new sports czar for the commissioners? (my pedigree fits)

Chase the money and you are embedded in the game. Don’t chase the money and the game sucks you dry, chews you up, spits you out (howdt!) and then fines you so you have to chase the money to pay them off. The rumours that fly (Stevie: Well, here it goes again, you say you want your freedom, well who am i to keep you down).

There is a better weigh – things are circling the spiral and implosion energy is about to spit forth a totally cool volume of phlegm. The internet that we know is just the tip of the iceberg – the deep state has control of so many more things than most of us can conceptualize (Did she make you cry? make you break down? Shatter your illusions (of love))

There is a big closet that liberals like to come out of when they no longer hold the common truths to be apparent. I have no gay problem – except when the militancy of the gay population violates the common consensus with shock schlock and does not conform to the mores that i was taught. We were taught by our parents, who were taught by their parents, our grandparents and the relationship between them was as ridiculously complicated as our relationships with our children. (and the landslide brings you down).

The elites changed the scenario of the big game about 80 years ago. This is a common theme in modern history – a single life span rarely reached 80 years, so people didn’t see the rhythm of how this is done, by changing the meanings of words gradually, slipping ideas through the cracks and then reconstituting them in a different package so that the same old ideas can be repackaged and sold again and again – for immense profit. All you have to do is control the schools system and get the people to believe in … to believe in … to believe in what?

Our beliefs are malleable, and shaped by our role models. Stevie is an awesome singer, but she is not a good role model. If we watch the journey, she retained her beauty, but the trials and tribulations have taken a toll. Doc has seen Fleetwood Mac perform in three different decades and is in love with Stevie (golddust woman, dig my grave). Maybe, just maybe, we can create a peace scenario that brings this angel into lemme’s current reality; howdtside of space and time.

This is the fourth turning for the country. It may not survive, but that is okay – the great Harrison said all things must pass. The turnings come violently every 80 years, as the cycle of thesis, antithesis, synthesis chugs on in an open loop – thyme for untheses and taking aim on the truth of the common illusion. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. SFF Strawberry Fields Forever. Only after we break this mental image.

The turnings – american revolution, civil war, world war too and now are places where the scheme fails and everything gets discombobulated into compost and the rich get richer as everybody suffers for the whim of the elite.  Only this thyme, they get the delete button – delete the elite – as we the people create a full meritocracy. How do we get there? By detaching from the current scenario and building a new dream. Thyme to lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff, while imagining stevie singing along with me. Gotta go our own weigh!

Namaste’ … Doc


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