Random Elevations

The whirled is mixed up. All we can do is all we can do. If you buy into the consensus reality, the powers that be are ready to cause a major panic attack. If you do not buy into that reality, you can blatantly ignore the lamestream media and continue on with your life.

Yesterday was an information flow day. I watched a movie Orbs – The Veil is Lifting – from 2007. It was a compilation of interviews, very well done. People have digital photographs that show us we are not alone – it’s just that our eyes don’t catch everything. This is an old photo that i took at a fire ceremony – the violet flame on the left is a real apparition.


So, then i listened to Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project talking about new space wars. Technology is generally 30 years ahead of what we are currently offered by the free market. If photoshop was released in 1990 – then by 1955, they were manipulating the images of reality. Greer details how we’ve been set up for a new false-flag alien invasion. Let’s all go rent Will Smith’s old Independence Day movie and learn how we are supposed to react. (Not !)

On a serious note – weaponizing space will lead to distruction. Please do not make that part of our consensus reality. If you wish to listen to Dr. Greer – here is the link to a you-tube of the Carol Rosin show – 11/18/16 – jump there after you finish reading this blog, please 🙂 .

In reality here – we know to not pay too much attention to the man behind the curtain. The world is changing rapidly and we can be on-board on several different time-lines. It pays to recheck Everett’s many worlds theory – it has a lot to do with how we perceive the current reality.

I perceive that I need to get stoned – right away. The marijuana game that is being played out upon society is a large reach into your wallet. If we feel that we are not part of that consensus, i suppose that they could use force to reel us in, however I don’t think they will. They are too vested in their own motives; if we do not play, all they can do is whine and cry (or kill us, and not softly Roberta).

Consciousness lives on after death. In fact – the big taboo about death has spawned a death culture that we just have to not pay any attention to, unless we wish it to become the focus of our lives. The mind is a joker that assumes that what you think is what you want – the more time you dwell on negatives, the more negatives that you get. So – be positive. Or neutral.

There is a lot to be said for neutrality. The lack of need for charge for instance. I am self-motivated. Chaotic neutral is a character type that is totally unpredictable – if we can make each of us play in that weigh – nobody could predict where we would end up – certainly not there. You cannot get there from here. No matter where you go, you are always here. Until you’re not, but then you are some where. Here is just here, wherever you are. However, if you come here, you will get there.

So let it go and don’t believe in false flag alien invasions. Believe in yourself and create your own reality, to play in and live with. And please, enjoy yourself. Life is too short to spend in self-generated misery. Let the attachment to things go and be there for the experience, the things will return and life will be ‘fascinating’ – Spock howdt.

Namaste’ … doc

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