Excitable Boie

Same … regular.. daily pace .. slow .. breathe – fowl are calling. I have gone deep into my own work, spending thyme with the birds – watching them communicate to each other and also observe their dealings with me. Then, i found that Sheldrake was working in the same area and i am resonating with him through our approach to the workings of the bird brains.

Most humans are not engaged in the moment of now. The resonance field that i fled stratched out to encompass me yesterday … but i avoided the illusions and stayed within my microcosm .. thinking, being, doing. The thoughts that i have are to collect each others thoughts and bring out what it is they have learned from their time here, on planet .. while we are all here.

We have accepted limits to our knowledge base that must be challenged. If we each grok the depth of our field and bring our seminar works to bear, then maybe we can use applied symmetry to resonate out the true common shared reality that we wish to portray within our holographic illusion of reality.

Last night, i talked to a master who helped me togrok how to feel the phlegm moving through a tree. A gentle touch can send shock waves – but we have to get to tree octave before our resonance can intersect – and trees are slow. They have one day for every 64 of our days, when full grown. So five minutes is about the wake-up time for an older healthy tree to even know that it has been touched.

Electrical impulse is present at microscopic leves in everything we do. The separation of charge is such that when dipoles exist – electricity flows freely. So, there are really three state of concern in electric fields – why do they only show us two and tell us that we then have to ground? Because wither they don’t know what is going on, or they don’t want us to know – either weigh, i don’t like the implications.

The present is going to change rapidly. Get howdt your cosmic surfboard – we are ready to ride the wave of disclosure – as we inquire more into how we actually became slaves of the capitalist system without ever giving our consent – beyond the futile check-boxes on the internet that require us to bind ourselves to corporate nonsense, just to play. Life isn’t about buying (He says on black friedday) …

Same … regular .. daily pace .. slow .. breathe … Namaste’  … doc

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