Artificial vs Real

Note: I happened to read this article this morning on the guardians of reality – Facebook and Google. Since this essay, written for another group, is relevant – this is a “fake” news analysis – what is real? Let’s explore …

Sometimes we have to question our fundamental assumptions to move beyond the place where people are commonly stuck. What we have to work with in a material sense is real … life requires food, water, shelter, transportation and a few other things. Our relationship to Gaia is currently artificial … yet we still have to walk the earth and make things happen at human scale.

A novel is an artificial description of real situations. The author has poetic license to build a perfect scenario. The result is an image left upon the mind of the reader. Most people only pretend to read – they watch to learn and miss out on the depth and nuance of the written word.

Our approach has to be multi-dimensional – every point perspective forms initially within the mind of the game player. Identifying solutions to different observational challenges that make cumulative sense in a different weigh is important toward setting new foundations. What used to work is no longer possible, given the new limits and the rejection of non-conformed belief as real.

So, we can take one of two extreme points of view to begin: either everything is true until proven false or everything is false until proven true. To begin with either of these mindsets requires rejecting previously believed truth and falsehood. The criteria for accepted belief depends entirely on the chosen direction of approach.

Let’s start at everything is false. Only proven, accepted items that we grok from personal experience are allowed to begin. Reconfirming basic assumption is the first order of business; certain observed process are undeniably true. For instance, we must eat and drink to sustain life. No sense trying not to, until we react the mind-control state of a Bretharian. The trial and error approach to reconfirming ‘obvious’ knowledge should be able to give us measurable starting point upon which we can base new theory.

On the other hand – everything is true until proven false allows us to use our imagination to create possibilities that do not currently exist in our ‘real’ world. We have learned to suspend reality for movies and television shows to the point where anything goes. So, maybe, we have an over layer that requires belief in something to be true, in order for its morphic field to generate.

Thus, science is able to do the impossible in reality because the scientists themselves believed in their own personally generated true microcosm. And thus we have science embedded with false truths as the gate-keepers choose what trues to present to keep this operating reality, known as consensus reality, running.

The all is true until proved false is easier to work with internally, but true belief in falsehood distorts reality. That we each wear our own set of rose-colored glasses is a key to our being – we may hold different truths and both can be correct in our own real time-lines.

We are not bound by the current Einstein conception of space and time – any assumption is real, if we start from the perspective of true until proved false, as long as honest held false belief is discarded once proved false. It is impossible to prove a negative, because never is part of the infinite future, that we are exploring to set a ‘true’ foundation for us to act upon.

How many time-lines concurrently exist and how does one travel in time without moving in space? In other words, how does one move between time-lines? Are their space-lines, such that the inverse of our current space-time is a reality where three dimensions of time exist in a single physical space? Why limit it to three? Setting this theory up could lead to a valid explanation of ‘quantum mechanical tunneling’ … how you can get there from here without ever traversing the middle between.

Funny how concepts flow from the masque of true knowledge. Check out the depth of the Kansas album cover – Escher would be proud. The reality the imagination generates future knowledge was demonstrated by Einstein. We live in a carefully constructed American reality that dissolves once the common consensus no longer agrees upon the details. This begs the question of how time really works – a topic for another Thyme in different head space.

In unity and resonance,

Dr. Lenny Thyme, Ubuntu Political Adviser and Elder


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