Songs in the Key of Life

Music is central to the background of our minds. The way that we connect to the rhythms of the airwaves directs the soul behind our thinking, in a non-cognitive sense. The reality comes from the words and images that we mentally bring into first our imagination, then our reality.

As I listen to a playlist that I made for October, I can see that I have themes that guide me into the thoughts that come about. Currently, Games People Play by The Alan Parsons Project is resounding as I type – the election and existence are the only two games now in my whirled : everything else has checked howdt.

Not true entirely – chemtrails and global human rights has been in the picture – can a group of polluters claim exclusive rights to fix the problem they caused by putting more gas in the air? The skies have lines from the emissions behind jets – whether it is a fuel additive or a distinct addition, it still is unreal. The climate changes, and there are people that monkey with the weather for their own agenda. Can we stop them? song: I will survive Petra Magone

How do we get to be for clean air instead of against CDM and SRM? Can we mitigate without harm? How do we even get a voice at the table? We write and ask the gatekeepers for permission to speak. We shall see how well that works, but that is the current mechanism (M) available. At least we speak the jargon.

Mahatma Ghandi had a different solution – Satyagraha ! The last straw that brought down the British empire. When Ghandi led the salt march, he did not appear to crowd funding to get started – he got on his feet and he walked. He walked the walk and he talked the talk and people listened. Why? Because he listened to them. Send Lawyers, Guns and Money Warren Zevon

We are all in this reality together, even though we are rapidly losing what that consensus is. Nature does not poll all the plants and animals to establish consensus. Nature does not follow the precautionary principle, it deals with each situation in as best as catch can. Sometime things do not work for the humans that isolate themselves from nature. Current song – ELO Turn to Stone

Thyme for this inorganic chemist to return to stone – lapidary, mining and soil amendments. Stone is earth and earth is Gaia and natural resources belong to nature and all of us huemans. Thyme to be meek – it has been five years since the journey of detachment came in force. Today is a mass massing – an allowable window to change perspective. Cake – You turn the screws (“The cement mixer gets it already” … stone theme.

Natural Resources can be harvested in a Gaia friendly manner. I’d like to explore the idea of physical separation of material by density – using the physics of roller coasters to throw materials off at angles. If we use water to run downhill and gears and levers to hoist ore up for the net ride down, perhaps we can have a low energy requirement boosted with leverage.  Billy Joel – My Life

To work outside the box, get out of your cubicle and return yourself to nature. If you would like to intern as an apprentice in natural resources or sustainable development – we may have some openings. You have to speak Ubuntu and grok the contributionism model. Drop me a comment of interest and we can discuss realities – tis not an easy life … tis not a hard life. What it is is a different life – you have to be ready for real.

The goats forgave us for their absence from Existence. I have Cappy’s collar on the alter and will look at how animal resources can be provided for in a better weigh than the current cage and eat systems. The buffalo used to talk to the medicine people of the tribe and work together to cull the weak and feed both sovereign populations. Developing mental models and images is the beginning of implementing change to better weighs and measure. Queen – Under Pressure

Such is the weigh – i passed on the bio-char in the rain to continue to write, or right brain over left brain – can’t we get both brains on the same page? Talking Heads – And She Was ; too bad the next song isn’t Industrial Disease by Dire Straits, the we could get back to chemtrails – a topic that i dwell on that needs to go away by STOPPING THE SPRAYING!

namaste’ … doc

PS – what i really find interesting was that the computer abbrieviated the playlist by not finding a whole bunch of music – my guess is that the AI is going through my files and deleting copyrighted songs. Of course, I purchased most of this music long ago on LP, which really includes hueman rights to listen to the songs – but those albums went almost 10 years ago in a whirlwind of deceit. It will be nice to read about what went on from the other end after we have full disclosure.


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