Mystery Meanderings

Internet access has returned. The adventure of the summer has faded into fall and the rain cleanses everything. Thyme to start building the ark.

Media is transcendent – there is no longer a common reality and everybody runs on their own timeline. My thyme line has been revealed – walking the walk has been the endeavor.

Press Release – ONRRI – 10/18/2016

Dr. Lenny Thyme (DLT) announces that Existence has crashed. A new game of Existence begins immediately. All scores of the old game of Existence are now valid in the new game of Existence and the metrix of measurement have changed for the new game. All functioning Existence Guilds from the prior game can accept a +1 tier change : Scribe Guild claims this tier bonus.

ONRRI announces the formation of four new guilds – Air, Earth, Water and Fire Guilds. Dr. Lenny Thyme will administrate all guilds on behalf of the scribe guild. Each guild will be allowed to create it’s own order within the guild at the next formal meeting of that guild.

ONRRI announces the appointment of the following ONRRI fellows  <not listed here> –  An ONRRI fellow retains status by spending hours engaged in campus community work – preferentially on-site, but with exceptions. If a fellow is not active for two consecutive quarters, ONRRI may choose to drop that fellow.

All on-site visitors may be appointed ONRRI fellows, Existence allows for ONRRI fellows to be grandfathered into future Existence games, to return at a later date as things develop. Everyone with a number on a page of Doc’s spellbook is an Existence player. The scores of the previous game will be added to the hour card values of the players: housed in the FTU – the faith/trust union.

The new Existence game will build in a Ubuntu component. Dr. Lenny Thyme appoints **** to the scribe guild as a ‘point source’ on a fast track to create a book that details the metrics and envisions out One Small Town : An Ubuntu Existence Game.

ONRRI announces a formal commitment to support Consciousness of Economics and the Urban Farm Project, which is assigned to Earth Guild. CoE’s success on-site includes four cold frames and four composts – two of them bio-dynamic using Steiner principles. In addition, there is a very happy apple tree.

ONRRI announces R-cubed as the operations platform for Campus Natural Resources Development. Appoints **** to lead the Fire Guild to forward this endeavor. ONRRI appoints **** to lead the Air Guild, **** to lead Water Guild, **** to lead Earth Guild. DLT remains leaded of the Scribe Guild.


If any of this makes sense … well, it will eventually. The walk of life leads down different pathweighs.  Namaste’ … doc

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