Mushroom Thyme

How do we blend new and old, when new is the only given option, at the pace we fly. Current consensus reality, what we supposedly all agree upon, is not the reality of how things work. Since I no longer agree – i have escaped that reality. The only requirement is that i believe in the weigh that i perceive life.

I now have more contact with nature than people. As the light rain falls – I have to choose the direction to take for today – mushrooms or chantrelle mushrooms. The two logs are about 4 acres away from each other.



Ain’t the light rain great? The natural resource called fungi is completely diversified in the roles that it plays in nature.The echange of metals from mushrooms for sugars from trees is a symbiotic exchange that enables the redox chemistry to work.

The oysters require more attention because it is a day longer since i visited there. Yesterday I collected a whole bunch of chantrelles – beat the bugs, but not the snails and slugs – as you can see from the holes. No holes in the stems – where it matters.

Today is Mass Forming – the second day of my personal Treei calendar. I completed the task of envisioning the campus layout for ONRRI – including the tree house lab and lecture space, in the last 64 day period. Some of the shroom spore than I collect will be scattered in the ONRRI area – yesterday I went and scattered spore at some of my other favorite places on site. I also have agraricus spore, that i have been adding to the chip piles. Seven acres leaves a lot of place in the space, with no time requirement except that i be thyme.

Being in nature every day is the only weigh to immerse oneself in the world. It requires letting go of some of the things that other people pay attention to. On the other hand, by having 8 geese, and 40 some ducks and chickens, every day i have to be in a fowl mood. But we get all the eggs that we need and now with wild mushrooms, all i have to do now is get a milk goat and make our own cheese and my omelet will be entirely free of conventional cost. Four people, one of whom is canine – izzy the wonder dog.

Yet the current usa corp is dependent on us spending their money – to the point where they spend it in our names even when we do not authorize it. If we lived in a fair and equitable Ubuntu world, true justice would be enforced – as it is in nature when a mountain lion kills eight goats to eat two. Life ain’t fair. But we, the people need it to be as fair as we can make it.

So I leave you with this link. Thank you Judge Anna and BLD.

Namaste’ … doc

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  1. Hey, Doc!

    Right up my alley!
    Formerly held all positions with the Vancouver Mycological Society (‘cept Secretary), since 1978 – 2015, vitally interested – remedial, nutritional, medical, biological, not to mention legendary and ephemeral.

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