Making Movies – Know-where?

Thyme to run a novel movie scenario featuring a self-similar cast of single characters. The story begins at the end, where all of the characters are connected in a social event that creates a disturbance in the force. The scene unfolds in a strange dimension where each of the characters say something that doesn’t resonate with how the watchers of the movie believe life to be.

Life is a cereal, just ask Mikey. Life is a serial, as good as General Hospital. Life is Asserial, let go of your connections to what is and allow yourself to be I AM. Life is strange, people are strange, Jim Morrison is a strange Door. The opposite of strange is charmed. When you step away from the common consensus reality – you leave strange and delve into charmed.

Our movie is charmed, in the weigh that snakes are charmed. The illusion of reality is that whatever we believe is what we get. The axiom of like likes like is effective here. If you want to be at one with nature, all you have to do is forfeit human nature and become hue-man. Elevate to radiate at several different resonances, all at the same thyme. I AM a fractal of myself.

You may notice that thyme and weigh are misspelled. This is deliberate, as i wish to centralize focus on the meaning of concepts that are used widely to mean something different than implied. Thyme is me, Doc, Lenny Thyme – an international celebrity and a legend in his own mind. The science of molecular chemistry is the domain played and space and time have vastly different meanings. < I have a fraternity brother GJ that we called space – so if I look him up we might have space and thyme together. >

Weigh used for way is to set a new direction. Science is based on measurement, but reality is a holographic illusion that works within a fixed morphology. We can make anything happen by the way we think – each thought fixes the next scenario. That is why the common illusion has become the cognitive reality – what most people think is what we get. If we remove ourselves from the we, we can walk outside the spheres of common space and time – but only if we believe we can.

Once you say something cannot be done, you are self-limiting. The realm of imagination is more important than the realm of knowledge, according to Uncle Albert. Einstein then proceeded to make up quantum mechanics and define space/time in such a weigh that we humans a century later are trapped in a myth that we have created and cannot believe, except that we have eliminated the belief in most other options. The standard, you cannot get there from here is in play.

So, imagine yourself as the director of your movie. You can take your phone and start filming today. However, you are the only character in your own movie. You can say anything, do anything. As director, there is a script to follow. The scribes are keepers of the script. To become a scribe, you have to keep a journal. To be a good scribe, you should write in your journal daily. To be a journalist, you should have 10 journals. To be a writer, you should have 100 journals. To be a novelist, you should have 1000 hours of time spent documenting stories of truth to become your later fiction. To be a master of the field, 10,000 hours of time with pen in hand or on a keyboard should be logged, documented and maybe even published.

The last paragraph shows you how fractals work in human scale life. I began blogging on the Google platform blogger in 2003 – I think that I can qualify myself as a master scribe – in the form of a modern Isaac Asimov, yet not near as prolific a writer. I can aspire to set a Foundation, but not in a novel or a book – in a life, with movie camera on.

So, as an onery (ONRRI) scientist, I no longer believe anything that is not true. The holograph works in my movie to crash the game when a rule is broken – I have developed my own set of rules to limit myself to only crashing the game when it is convenient for me to process statistical data and sit down to write. You might have noticed from the last post that the old game crashed this week. That is going to be tough on lemme – doc’s alter ego – because the last game of Existence was in lemme’s realm. The new game is going to explore science.

With that … we shall leave it here. I have a paper to write for a conference in May and I have a movie to film with a cast of characters that is non-human beings. As Existence is now set on a 37 acre campus in the middle of know-where? we have to set the action form that we can write the scripts and create virtual communities on film from scratch as individuals following the golden mean spiral. Or as Dorothy bridging the yellow brick road onto the land of Az.

I am the scarecrow … I am the walrus … koo koo kachoo.

Namaste’ … Doc

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