A New Whirled Chaos

The consensus reality has become an insane projection of a holographic illusion at the edge of current vibrational morphology. In other words – we cannot believe what we are being told on any level of the current human game. Thus – we can believe whatever we wish to believe; at the risk of falsehood and having our current belief system fall apart when new information is revealed.

Doc is delving deep into topics that have eluded his attention for many years. The ability to choose the path less travelled and stay moving against the wind of public opinion has come full circle as doc is currently on a cusp of what is real. The Beatles said that nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about. We each have to have a back-up system for when this reality washes away … interesting how the second whirled war had it’s basis in a single person’s system – Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Everything you believe is true – it has to be, or else you would not believe it. Cognitive dissonance is holding two opposite beliefs at the same time. Consensus reality demands compartmentalization that allows different worlds in different spaces – you have the choice to keep these worlds distinct or to merge them. Sometimes, you default and the holographic determines your space for you.

The timeline for the space you are in operates on a 24 hour clock that is calibrated to correllate to consensus reality – everybody has 60 seconds in their minute and 24 hours in their day. But the lengths of minutes and days are relative to frequency and not absolute. So by changing your frequency, you can have more time to act within your time.

To have more time to act within your set amount of time is an advantage when playing in this whirled. In one episode of the Time Tunnel, Doug and Tony came back at 10x the rate of the people on earth – who were frozen statues as the boys moved around. That did not work and they had to go back into the time tunnel and cange the illusion by force. The Hopi still walk in Mesa Verde; I could feel their presence when i was there and the force was with them.

You resonate at a frequency determined by your state of mind. If you believe something to be true and I do not accept it to be true, conventional reality asks us to argue about the point and bring each other into a hybridized reality that is a compromise of the situation. The ratio of compromise can be anywhere from all your way to all my weigh, to something muddled in the middle. This prevents advance, because we really never really need to be on the same reality page. In fact, enlightened thinking doesn’t want conventional assistance. ‘Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.‘ AE

So, we currently accept the Einstein POV on space time – three spacial dimentions known as height, depth and breadth, plus time, running linearly forward. Doc has left acceptance of this model, since Einstein said that ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ – right before he made up space/time and quantum physics. So, FROM Albert Einstein’s IMAGINATION, we have current consensus reality.

So let’s change the model. Let’s set Stephenson’s Anathem‘s mathic universe into Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, then sprinkle it with Calumbach’s Ecotopia local flavor. Let’s work on Sale’s Human Scale with Tellinger’s Ubuntu Contibutionism model as a goal. Our focus can be to reverse Suzuki’s Tipping Point by learning the lessons of Lomborg’s Skeptical Environmentalist, while applying both old and new technologies, like Schauberger flow-forms, Rife water pumps, Pollack’s 4th phase of water and bio-char to create free energy – in more weighs than one.

Thyme to be ornery – time to set ONRRI as the base foundation for the creation of the next phase. These videos were produced together – the first gives solutions to the problems identified in the second. You choose the order, I have a paper to write that combines the essence of change with a dash of knew knowledge that we seem to have forgotten.

Namaste’ … doc

ONRRI – outdoor natural resources research institute – currently looking for a few good people to change the world (M. Mead)

Note references to M. Talbot and R. Sheldrake in the opening paragraph. This article should provide any and all apprentices of the ‘Knew Weigh’ with a good winter reading list.


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