A Better Weigh

Wow – been a while since space and time met an internet access point. The consensus reality is changing as we speak. There seem to be multiple time lines in play and the departing timeline is straining to capture as many souls as it can before the elevation changes. The frequency domain is where the action is. Small points of light add to each other to create higher luminal intensity.

I am working on the positive formation of a new foundation. The change of basis of what is has to occur in the minds of a few before it can occur in the minds of the many. The issues of global pollution is a given, yet we call it global warming and allow the perpetrators to continue to pollute. Let’s call it by Dire Straits name – Industrial Disease.

The issue of sovereignty has come up, in context of the human rights violations by multi-national corporations and academic elite in rigging the system to fix global warming by their methods. I am looking at mitigation and adaptation strategies to justify spraying chemtrails and wondering – how do we raise the frequency of vibration to fix the problems rather than generating more money?

I am sovereign, having founded the Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth – a church dedicated to Gaia preservation. It was one of the first constructs of the system that became Existence – the operating game that I currently function through. I am a hermit – the recent Get Fuzzy comic line of Buckyvania actually makes sense.

The new weign is Ubuntu contributionism. However, to step aside and actually do Ubuntu requires exceptions to the laws of the land. While the law of gravity may be impermeable, the rest of the laws of physics and mankind serve as limits to our ability to take a different approach to current challenges. To go from money everything to no money is such a polar opposite connection, that it causes cognitive dissonance.

The current world runs on the angst of cognitive dissonance. If they can get us to be stubborn in our weighs and criticize without measure, then we have the wool pulled over our eyes. We believe in a photoshopped reality, create by the mass angst of today and the lack of a better method of approach. Economics of all sorts is a failure – the system is coming down really really soon.

If you don’t agree – check out Butler Shaffer here. It seems to me that detaching from the common consensus will increase our ability to approach some significant problems that we all currently face, without the baggage of keeping the mirage of this particular holographic illusion continuing. We have better things to do than worry about anything beyond Kirkpatrick Sale’s Human Scale. We have passed David Suzuki’s Tipping Point and confirmed Bjorn Lomborg’s Skeptical Environmentalist.

So let’s change from Orwell’s 1984 groupthink into a test of our current reality, by questioning Physics and Biology and Mathematics and Chemistry along with testing the Social Sciences, Economics, History and Literature to remove embedded falsehoods of the current corrupt system, without asking for anything from that system. It is compost, just food for thought and not worthy of the time it takes to pay attention to.

Namaste’ … doc

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