Water you waiting for?

Transcript from an interview with Father Time about Mother Nature by Doctor Lenny Thyme

Water you waiting for?

FT A leap of faith based on scientific premises.

DLT How can we be of service to you, Gaia, each as sovereign cognitive individuals?

FT By passing along a message of love, for all creation, large and small. We are fractals of each other at every scale, connected by our bodies of water. Have thoughts that all life is a container of water and know that each water being operates on a different scale of time.

By stopping the fouling of the water, and removing the sewage flow into the rivers. Nature is not a septic system and foul ecosystems cease function readily when polluted. The criminal nature of the fouling of the Alaska Coast and the Gulf of Mexico were true crimes against all aquatic life in the oceans of the world. To pick up and properly dispose of the plastic Pacific Island would be truly appreciated.

Water flows downhill by the path of least resistance, and the interplay of eddies and currents creates the mechanism for exchange in life. Imitate nature and work with the flow, rather than attempting to control every last detail. The nuance is in the detail. The crawly critters called benthic macro-invertebrates will repopulate streams, when there is cause for the insects to return. Stopping the chemical run-off caused by spraying agriculture farms to kill pests should be replaced by bio mimetic methods. Farmwars.info has much things to say about this topic.

DLT Water is as water does, filling the cavities of space at every scale of modern Existence. The concepts of sacred geometry and free will combine to allow water multiple degrees of freedom, within three dimensional space-time. The coupling of water with water on many scales creates systems of many individuals. By going into the depth of the waterfall, the actions that build and release energy stored by the connectivity of water is the key to producing supported sub-systems at the scale of the endeavor. Water works locally in whatever capacity is required, to be what water needs to be.

Water is a basic life support system. It communicates through an internal lattice of water molecules that radiate their conditions to each other of large and small distances. The nature of water is that it is the solvent of the solution, the medium that other items are dissolved in. The dissolution of water about soluble substances creates ionic charge, which then conducts current via a process of alignment of hydration spheres.

All ions create a hydration sphere when dissolved in water. The process of dissolving a salt separates cation from anion through a wedge of water. With table salt, the process dissolves sodium cations and chloride cations – with each taking on a whole bunch of water molecule, determined by the collation of charge in the nucleus and the physical size of the central atom. The charge pulls on the dipole of water and arranges the water molecules into a round arrangement surrounding the central atom, with each layer becoming more weakly adhered to the ball, as it is further away from center. At some point, depending on the concentration of ions, the ball either overlaps another ion with either attraction or repulsion forces or it is pulled off by water solvent in a dynamic exchange at the limit of the ionic attraction.

Water takes on the role of support of many biochemical molecules – the proteins and enzymes, lipids and carbohydrates, nucleic acids and organelles made from these substances all carry multiple times their carbon structure weight in water. This water is not hydration sphere water like small chemical ions, but rather water that plays an integral part in the dynamics of function and structure of the biological body. In an organic chemical structure in a biological system, water serves to bridge different functional groups and tether together the fine structures that keep the proper folding and spacial arrangements for dynamic function. In this respect, water is confined in a position that is dictated by other molecules and has no connection with bulk water structure.

In humans, we are taught that our bodies are completely regenerated every seven years. As water flushes through our systems, the areas where there is a lack of water get dehydrated and the system makes due with a lesser than optimal structure, because the water can fit into places where it is very strongly tethered and hold things together. Then, later re-hydration can restore function, without damage to the organism. Replacement water is continually substituting for worn out water in biochemical systems as we eat and drink. The water comes as a resource connected with our eating habits, although we get more benefit if we drink clean fresh water as opposed to anything mixed into the water.

FT In all fact, we should be drinking the best clean water that we can find. Water is structured on the basis of introducing chaos through turbulent flow, or by creating the order that comes after a good chaos destroys the old apparent order. Energy is created in the process of consumption, and water is a product of the combustion process. The total mass in the world is constant (dynamically, Gaia gains and loses only things that leave the environment for deep space, or come back from the skies in the forms of meteorites and space junk.)

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