The Time is Now – Change Happens

These are the end of times; these are the start of times. The outdoors calls as the indoors ferments, while the stage of the whirled rocks from the foundations. The time to be clear with self is now – the decisions that we make today will put the constraints on our abilities in the future, if we allow it.

To base belief on the current presentation of reality is absurd. To listen to experts talk in their field of interest leads me to grok how out of touch modern existence really is to life. Sometimes, somebody speaks truth and it resonates through-out. Doc goes on the airwaves at times – to inform people about the reality of Doc’s truth. Which is now in question, as doc has been lied to by the same folks that lie to you.

Annie sang: Would I lie to you? Would I lie to you, Honey? Now would i say something that wasn’t true? Of course she would. Do you know about crop circles? I thought I did, but … Listen to this. My friend Carol and her guest Suzanne get into some interesting things – but most people choose Pokemon Go – go figure.

What we train ourselves to believe needs to be consistent with what we otherwise believe. By suspending belief in everything, we end up with nothing of context. So now, Doc believes everything. There is a grain of truth to every statement and logical consistency must be met with more logical consistency. So we turn to measurement.

To see what we see is to know, except that now that we know photoshop, how can we accept what we see at face value? The holographic reality allows our minds to create every logical situation (illogical ones too!), and as such, everything that happens in our vision sphere is acknowledge true fiction. And if it is truly Pulp Fiction, we eat it up as fast as it is printed because that’s what we are taught to do.

So, you are here on a time out at Thyme Howdt and I am telling you that what you think is real is absolutely real in your own reality, which is different than my reality until we choose to coincide. Then we can share experience in the same time frame, which we have created to encase our vision of this whirled in this reality. What about other thyme lines?

Namaste’ … doc

Note from lemme :  The reality of the illusion is that whatever we believe is true is true until we no longer believe it. To change reality, all we must do is to stop believing that what we think is true, is real. It will not be, such that we will have to construct something in the place of what we formerly believe. Get your imagination out, it is gonna be fun to let the ego go and surf the waves of light through a new image of what is real. SFF

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