Thyme on time redux : Current Status

Thyme inquiring about time, because the weigh to measure time appear to job the question of what time is. The clock says almost 7:30 am, but in real time, we seem to be suspended in animation. Our clock ticks are based on the measured vibration of a cesium isotope – nothing that is real to most of the people.

We have been taught to look at scientists for answers to our questions. In reality, these scientists take what the books tell them and attempt to expand upon the profound truths. That the truths are truths are commonly accepted without argument – to the point where the response, well that’s science, is now the excuse for believing.

For instance, let’s look at the translation and rotation of the planet Earth. The third rock from the sun rotates in a period of 24 hours to create what we call a day. Each of us does something with that day, expending our energy in the form of work for money, while then passing on that money to acquire stuff to keep us all working on future days. This does not translate into benefit for us, the people of Gaia.

Supposedly, the planet is moving in space at 67,000 miles per hour. Might we expect a bit of backdraft at that rate? Once again, this rate is a speed denominated over time – but really – is an hour of my time the same as an hour of your time? Whose hour is more expensive? More Useful?

I had somebody get down on me for not laboring with my time while she was laboring on hers. Her assumption of an artificial deadline put pressure upon her to complete a task by a certain future event – and anyone not focused on her task was a waste of space. While I believe that talking with people to earn about them is a good use of time, I got barked at for taking her worker bee off task. The worker bee was a volunteer and I need input from every level to build a system that works for all of us, not just the barking dog.

We all have different perspectives about what we need. Acquiring money to have that choice is nonsense – the money enables the bankster system, not the people who can make anything happen, as long as we apply ourselves to the task of being, not the task of making money. The eight hour work day was a Henry Ford concept for compensating people for their time by wage – work as such is a waste of time for people, great profit for industrialists.

So now, we have people applying pressure to each other to keep up the system of nonsense that is a complete failure for each one of us people. Why? Because we haven’t rejected the learning we did to make us believe in the system. We believe people who tell us that we only have so much time – now is always the current time. You cannot waste time – it always exists in the same form where we are. The future will come to us as another now, one based upon the now we just finished. How do we finish now to get to tomorrow, when tomorrow is always today by the time we get there?

The set-up is key. The initial starting conditions of a task give us the ability to accomplish the task. Tightening a screw is a much easier task when we have used time to get a screwdriver, before we start the task. We could use out fingers, or another tool that doesn’t work as well; the idea of the correct tool saves us time – but that only means we finish the task sooner and can get onto something else.

I like clock time for setting up meetings, yet i think our time experience is based on our vibrational frequency – which has little to do with translation or rotation, but is yet another flow stream of directional movement? What is being directed to move? Us? Gaia? We do not move our body, but it translates in space because the earth moves, yet we cannot feel the movement. No – something in the concept still smells bad. Let’s keep ruminating on time.

namaste’ … doc

Full Moon Solstice – Thyme for Change

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. The changes that arrive are beyond belief; we have to have faith to extend beyond the current belief system as we watch all our history swept under the rug as new things to believe come about. The fortunes of today are over, the game will become sharing in the abundance of the many – as soon as we end this current greed cycle.

The system that is currently in place is like a house of cards, where the foundation is being pulled out one card at a time. Any card can crumble the structure, yet judicious choice of card to pull keeps things standing. The question of who is left standing after the revelations is a matter of what we believe. There is no need for us to correlate our opinions – what we see is what we get.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to see what is actually there and not the illusion painted for us by the current hierarchy. After all, history is written by the victors. Fiction is the means of carrying forth the real story, some of the best historic fiction definitely seems more true than the facts as currently provided.

We are each trapped within our own minds. What we think is a combination of our learning and our creativity. We are given a mind set from the beginning that orients us toward our future behaviors – we try to fit into the paradigm even though there is no reality to the concept. We have been divided and conquered without even a battle, by the lack of a really common reality.

The law is a creation of the body of corporation, acting through men. The recent changes that recognize corporations as persons have depersonified us into where people are just another intelligent animal. I even question that – our intel comes from the television and the media. We believe insanity and have become collectively miserable. We pay rent to live – what a scheme.

To really change – we have to escape the concept of money. Everything is not denominated in dollars and taking more than we use to be ‘safe’ is eating the planet alive. The actions taken to obviate threats create more threats and the 1% controls the ability to live – in their own sense. The banksters are crooked : we need to act differently.

We need Ubuntu. What we see is people preying on each other instead of working for the betterment of all. Ubuntu is contributionism – what you have to contribute is appreciated by the people that we serve. If we can bring the whole system back to human scale, then we may have a weigh to create happiness and power rather than a crippled people acted upon by force. Money is a tool of enslavement – we can trade without the concept of needing to sum everything to exactly zero.

In fact, the university system has failed us badly in this respect. The isolation and compartmentalization of every profession has led to a lack of universal knowledge. The balance of power is divide and conquer: we are taught to be on our own heroes journey, where everyone else is against us. It is interesting to look at how they do this (how we do this to ourselves).

Recently, I have been monitoring my conversations with people in different age groups. The story titles remain the same, but the plot and direction of the story changes based on region, religion, and perspective. The idea of a commons of belief is nonsense, especially when the powers that be can hide information, to release it in a means that cannot be believed based upon what we think we know. We have to be open to tossing away things that we were taught as fact, when the facts no longer fit the reality.

Doc is a scientist – but the science of physics that he learned is missing some key concepts. The idea of what is really going on has been co-opted by leaving out some pertinent facts. The burying of the 1950’s scientific knowledge of Tesla, Schauberger, Walter Russell, Wilhem Reich and others has been disappeared, in order to be reintroduced again as new knowledge later in the time cycle. The fact that we operate in 20 year cycles with different orientation created this pattern – the reintroduction of things that made sense to us when we first learned by the time we have aged.

The whole concept of time seems to be different than we give it credit for. What if we rotated our time line by 90 degrees – then all time would take place in the same time. That seems true – we are always in the now. The experiences that we have gained are for our benefit, sometimes we can have adventures that are completely out of time.

Howdt of Thyme – this blog is pronounced time-out. I ask you to suspend belief in what you know and be open to a different perspective. Try this experiment. The next time somebody talks to you with a different opinion than the one you currently hold, hold your tongue and hear them out. Americans have the ability to negatively counter every remark as a course of action, because the dialog in movies and television is rushed to eliminate any spare thought. If we slow down and actually listen, rather than thinking about our reply, we might find that we learn something.

Here, we celebrate Hallmark holidays – fathers day and mothers day and valentines day and all the war celebration days – why are we confining ourselves to this insane schedule? Think about it – Oct means eight and yet October is the tenth month. We have to leave this entrainment in order to be able to create new means of getting along.

This is where we really differ in perspective. Most people are horrified at losing the one and entire system that we know before we have something else to move toward. If we pay attention to the rest of the world (which our current media ignores), then we find a lot of alternative systems, like Ubuntu. This link is hot – to a two hour presentation that could change your life!

So let’s set up a system to compare different civilization models to determine which ones are workable and which ones are defeating our common good. We need to return to common law – money buys justice and the rest of us squirm. Current law is either commercial law or maritime law – dependent upon fictions that we were taught to believe. Let’s start out on our new fictional path, as determined by us. Let’s remove consent from the current corporate kleptocracy!

TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. You can make a change on this solstice day – the first day of summer. The full moon today accentuates the fact that a new beginning is called for – the governance requires the consent of the governed and we never signed up for this. It is not at all what we believe it to be – the constitution of the united states is not binding on people, it is the rules of governance in the current system, only.

Let’s stop our common consent, refuse to stand for the nonsense and create a dozen different simultaneous systems. Let’s remember that each of us, as an individual, marches to a different drummer than the person next to us. If we can change our fear of loss into a love of life, exploring the new opportunities brought by abundance rather than dearth, we can alter the timescape and start enjoying the benefits of being human, at this time.

Namaste’ … doc



A belief in disbelief

Sometimes we get placed in the space where we are supposed to be, just by the weigh the whirled works. Floating from place to place, sans vehicle, means that sometimes life places us where we are needed for reasons we do not quite grok. Ours is not to reason why, we just keep the weigh flowing.

I have been ubuntu-izing and thinking about the many contributions that a variety of people bring to the table. We all have a passion to do something – when left to our own devices, we gravitate toward places that make us feel comfortable.

So, let’s devise a means of being in community that works for each individual. By having simultaneous civilizations where we operate under different legal systems in the same physical locations, we can establish a means of compare and contrast to see which items serve us the best.

Currently – the fractal of being space has reached five. This can be reset to a new group of one or it can be left as individuals, because five is a Fibonacci number. Nature has a reset button and the game changes at each fractal level. By calmly observing, we alter the stakes and play a changing game, because we cannot accept the current reality.

May the force be with you might sound good for the Jedi, but we, the people, need to recover our power and not cave into the force. The current perspective on world affairs depends entirely on what we choose to believe or not believe – there are many alternate realities available before the prism reflects the separate wavelengths into their own space.

Some people desperately wish for change, yet believe in the same old approaches to making things happen. This is insanity at its finest, yet we believe the media and disbelieve our senses. We feel through all the senses, not just the audio and video components. The logic is illogical, but only Spock, Data and outside ‘science’ officers can see the inconsistency in the current beliefs. Perhaps i can channel Mork for assistance.

The philosophy of belief is to know what you know, even though you don’t know quite how you know. There are so many embedded untruths within the knowledge base, that we need outside integrity to look at the inner whirled and give us a few hints.

So yesterday, here where i am, i met these two dudes who were in the process of questioning everything. They were 15 years old – just through freshman year of high school – cynical and skeptical. We chatted for an hour, doc providing some food for thought. Karl and Friedrich would be pleased – as we talked about conceptualizing what community would look like in many forms.

So – doc is going ONRRI (onery) and is planning to set up a comparator – a system that evaluates different processes of form and flow with what we know and what we think we know, becoming the challenge point. My young buddies will question the common wisdom and then explain in clear concise language where they find objection. They are already jaded by the superstructure – 7th grade seems like the real place to find tabula rosa, but not the maturity to think confidently for one self.

We require youth to be auditory – to explain what they wish to do such that we can empower them to change the world. Five dedicated people, according to Margaret Mead, can change things – 144,000 people create the hundredth monkey and we seem to be 90% there.

So – thyme to project what resources it would take to become a player in the band. Elections are farces that people believe – how to deal with Killary and the Donald as the slow Burn Bernie – perhaps a Bernie Ubuntu plan would give direction to the changes in a totally different direction that the 35 year congress critter can imaging.

Tomorrow is father’s day – remember to love your dad!

Namaste’ … Doc

Strange Whirled

People are strange – the internal elevation is moving due to the proximity of the solstice. Resonance frequency will determine whether the five or three dimensional whirled applies – technically both occupy the same space yet are on different timelines. The resolution of frequency comes from a prism – we shall see how the rainbow establishes hierarchy based on the evolution of energy.

Energy is related to matter by the square of the speed of light. That constant also related frequency and wavelength. Thus, the units of time are introduced when we use the term frequency, which is measured in cycles per second. But what is a second? Is your second consistent with my second, if we resonate at different frequency? Is the speed of light really a constant?



Doors open as our perception of life evolves. The weigh that humans think is universal to all creative beings that are made of water? Life is a resonance form, a morphological field based upon the strength of our belief. What we individually believe is incidental, as long as we are aligned in action with our morphological field of inherent philosophy.

Creating a novel concept ‘Simultaneous Civilization’ gives each of us a chance at human scale interaction. The various models can be derived from any available comprehension – science fiction novels provide a vast literary treasure chest of opportunity to physically challenge us to rebuild society to something that actually works for our benefit.

Open your mind to a different option – the option of listening to an entire conversation without objecting to every nuance to disagree. Americans talk over each other to be heard with their immediate and urgent thoughts – can we agree to write them down and hold back saying them before the speaker is done talking. Information exchange is a two way dialog.

So let’s look at models that influence my current community frame of mind. Start with Asimov’s Foundation – both Dune and Star Wars provide outposts for a second foundation. Then take Columbach’s Ecotopia for on the ground Pacific northwest action. Take the current South African Ubuntu model of contributionism, but pair it with an alternative – like the Spanish Mondragon cooperative such that the social economics remains on human scale.

Let’s give all animals freedom (12 Monkeys) and also recognize that Science is another religion when missing a spiritual component. Carl Sagan’s billions and billions of stars needs to be recognized as the fractal that it is, not remotely related to anything on this scale. Yet stars offer another view of atoms in that as above, so below. Too bad that Newtonian physics doesn’t quite agree – perhaps a Stranger in a Strange Land Heinlein philosophy of questioning everything is well overdue. Or maybe create the mathic universe of Stephenson’s Anathem.

How do we change from our fear of dependence to our acceptance of mutual dependence? By following the golden rule in all forms and not doing anything that you wouldn’t expect others to do. We all need to trust ourselves to the task of operating as best we can with the cards as dealt, in the space time place that we happen to be in when the lights go out. The transformation upon us requires a new approach to day to day reality – accepting a standard for our own behavior that allows others to see us as who we really are. No pretends.

Be transparent – do what you do with the expectation that everyone else is doing what they do. When you catch yourself stressing out – become aware of that stress and allow somebody to care for you in distress. The idea that we can all take good care of each other, feeding, housing and entertaining ourselves, would instantly change our on the ground situation.

That is where we are, on the ground. We are real and we have to start with us in the ground state, where our energy can be applied to things that result from the use of the applied energy. Energy comes in many forms – when we are taxed to the point of stress, we are incompetent at decision making. The key to relief is to back off and let things go. Redefining everything to be important and urgent is one way to get very stressed. So is paying attention the the controlled major mass media, in all forms. We have to walk away from Conrad’s hero’s journey and create a non-mono-cultural set of lessons. stories that brings us back in touch with people in the rest of the universe, and this world.

So – let’s dive into new theoretical model creation.

Namaste’ … doc

Philosophy – a walk on slippery rocks

Watching the strange morph into something different. To be where we are on the cusp of change – but only for those open to source. What is, is and what was might not have been what we thought it was. To be or not to be is not really the question – we are because we think we are.

Any weigh – I am clearing karma and will return when access allows.

Namaste’ … doc