To Make Things Appear Different, Believe Different

Focus changes scale instantaneously, when one is attuned to Power Flowing. The fractalization of human scale into micro-scale endeavors took our eyes off the bigger picture – we create the world that we imagine ourselves to be in. The morphogenic field is undergoing expansion – we are being opened to a new range of novel feelings, ideas and rhythms within the current holodeck.

Imagine if you will, a sense of place dependent on your value to your immediate community. The jobs that you take on are inspired by your service orientation – where you belong to a guild that organizes the labor such that we share together the entire workload.

We, the people all share the common workload. The guilds serve as training and vetting sites, which take on the role of skill certification. The exchange is non-monetary, where housing, food and entertainment are internal costs. If you don’t have to pay rent or shop, and have a job to do that occupies only part of your time, then you have gained some freedom

You know, this is already happening elsewhere in the world. Other people in other places have different ideas of how the order of things should be. Perhaps, some of their ideas should be considered before writing them off. But these days, conservatism seems to be against everything new and liberalism seems to be for imposing nonsense.

Political action needs to be a local concern. We are each in control of our own destiny – in the community of one in which we be. You have to take care of yourself before you are capable of caring for others. We pair up rapidly and the couple of two often precedes the discovery of the second one. Once you have mastered self, there is a second one – which we think of as species.

Human species functions on human scale. Sale thought the human scale through in depth in 1980 – when things blew out economically on Jimmy Carter and the focus of governance became the corporate kleptocracy, complete with the revolving doors of fascism. At human scale, the smallest unit is one human.

What if we imagine working on a different scale – like water scale. Gerry Pollack redefined water scale in 2010 – the scientific revolution should begin anew with the discovery of water as the source of consciousness. The lattice structure of EZ water is iso-electronic with the silica structure of quartz – a whole fractal smaller.

Fractals use symmetry – group theory defines point groups. Human individuals are point sources – perhaps we should think in terms of all water beings rather than just what is best for humans. Gaia is a living water being. Sol is a living fire being. Somehow,  i cannot believe that Gaia aspires to be Sol any more than Sol aspires to become Galactic.

Groups of two are more advantageous than groups of one : if we group our one as water species, other groups are fire, air and earth species. We all overlap – there is common room to think differently and still work for the same results. The game is contributionism – what can i do for the good of the whole.

To take care of yourself is always good for the whole. You ‘owe’ it to the people who depend on you. Hopefully, they contribute to your well-being as you care for them, but depending on their stage of human development …  We can train our pets better than we train each other as humans.

Animal brains have the same fractal pattern as human brains, both based upon what we know of the genetics of DNA. The same components of nucleic acids and amino acids exist on all water fractal scales, so why do we think that animals have lesser brains? Each species believes itself to be the cornerstone, just as humans do.

The challenge at this time is the bee kingdom – we need to plant rotation crops that provide pollen for the bees, who are really strapped by geo-engineering and also wavelength saturation at several frequencies. To bee or not to bee is not really a question for humans; if we don’t bee, we lose a real lynchpin of nature.

So, I have alluded to a different weigh – with new units of measure. Around the globe this way is called Ubuntu – Michael Tellinger is the feature performer. We, the people all have our own movies playing and our roles include being the supporting cast for each other. Doc has joined the Ubuntu, USA political  movement for doing.  Enjoy checking it howdt.

namaste’ … doc




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