Thyme to quit Yahoo

When typing the response to an e-mail in yahoo, my computer seized up and blinked, then came back without the post. The original e-mail was deleted from my mailbox and the trash was deleted also. The net effect was to lose the work.

I wish to call out yahoo for extremely poor service to their e-mail accounts. The idea that they have of improving scripts to run on windows ten and not run on lower operating systems means that they are jobbing the merkn consumer to have to upgrade technology – we call this churning.

It seems that yahoo just ought to go out of business, rather than to provide backwards nonsense that uses our time rather than enabling us. This is a symptom of our times – the corporate structure does not serve we the people. Thyme to get off our duffs and do something different, in real time, off line.

Otherwise, sit back and watch it all fail. We, the people, have to start from scratch on human scale, rejecting things that are not useful and rebuilding up from the bottom, rather than being manipulated by the failed efforts toward globalization.

Namaste’ … doc

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