From prose to cons

Real problems come from ‘ownership’ concepts – especially land. Fights over fear have got people taking rather than giving and being selfish rather than free. Materials are not what they will be – what we have now is scraps. The form that things will take is fixed by the self-imposed shell that we currently reside within. This is not the material space of the future, nor of the past.

The images of reality are not all that real – they are carefully prepared illusions of the powers that were. The expectations of fight or flight has left no space for further flight. Putting down the sword is winning the game through love, not fear.

The new rules are imposed by the conditions that we face in moving to the next dimensional fractal – which each of us can be anywhere on the space-time continuum. We are here at this time, now. We cannot move to a dissimilar space with a continuity of flow, because we have to restore form within which to work.

Our place on the scale is not where we believe – it is all over many scales. Intelligence is widespread through water at every shape and size – each with ‘human’ type fractal mind and a limit to the scales that work is done upon.

Human scale is our size relationship to our place and form. This dimension is relative and the physics are created to envelop the form – the constants change, yet the concepts remain the same. Con is not really the opposite of pro in original linguistics. We have to consciously stop applying old invalid concepts like duality, which has been taught as opposites at war rather than yin and yang. Realize that there is an edge on every coin and an inside too. Ownership of the quarter is not based on whether heads or tails lies upward, not who won the coin flip.

To envision is not enough, we must have the ability to be different, to act different, to think different, from the forces that have brought down the current Civilization, that we came to being within. We are Sovereign – we can be whatever we choose; without the yoke of ownership in the current Gaia cannibal economy.

Let’s Ubuntu – let’s change the direction from progress to consideration. Let’s do the things that need to be done to support the metabolism of the planet – a much larger sentient being on a different fractal scale from human scale – which provides the mechanism for our weigh of life.


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  1. talks about cons :
    Another word that they like to use to trick you into playing their con game is “contract.” When you separate “contract” in half, you get “con-tract”. As a verb, the word “con” is define as “to swindle or trick.” As a noun, the word “tract” is define as “a brief treatise or pamphlet for general distribution.” Based on the two definitions, when you put “con” and “tract” together, you get a treatise with word trick.

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