Fixing broken time

Good Morning. So much has happened since the last time that doc had both internet access and quiet thyme. With planets in retrograde and persons spinning within the chaos of descending order, Doc has been quietly changing the format of the game.

Most of the mass is coming in the form of knew energy – opening the door to inventions already created and then buried into the memory hole for economy. The current generation of value does not follow reality physics – we live in a world where cartoon physics reigns and people know sciency stuff.

We watched the movie Interstellar (2014) and learned that science fiction hollywood style is an illusion where they didn’t feel the need to conform the setting to real reality. When we read a story in a book, we expect valid science. Always, from H.G. Wells through Isaac Asimov to current fave Neal Stephenson, the science is consistent and in line with the known reality.

Somewhere last century, they began photo-shopping our reality. The reality and the truth spread away from each other and the game changed. If you watch the flow of money – different strata of society have been shaved off the scene. The combination of arrogance and ignorance has taken the infrastructure and turned it into a shell of what it was. We are cannibalized by crony capitalism, where the means of production are irrelevant because there are no sails intact to catch the wind.

Time can be split into two distinct topics – time travel and relativity are vastly different from clock time and calendars. I have no quibble with meeting you at three o’clock for tea – i’ll be there at 2:59 and you will arrive shortly before 3:15 and the table will already be set. Simple game, no messing.

But relativity and time – now we have some aspects of standing that shape the form of things to come. Think back to how time is portrayed in other media. Crosby, Stills and Nash sang in Cathedral, standing on the grave of a soldier who died in 1799, and the day he died it was a birthday, and i noticed it was mine …

Serendipity involves coincidence and perception is relative. Time depends upon our resonant frequencies – the rate in cycles per second. Seconds, by definition are constant; yet personal frequency is variable. and i am high upon the alter. I have more time to operate within a fixed second of time than you do, because i can control my vibration. Wanna learn how?

Crystals. My pet amethyst is beaming in a ray of sunlight as we speak. Crystal lattice energy holds together the framework of the stone – but this is living stone – where electrons move about. Crystals are giant water beings without the water – they had water in their formation, but the lattice energy was literally set in stone, then the water left and the stone carried on. The systems are iso-electronic; they have the same spacial form at different fractal scales.

So a crystal holds energy and pure quartz acts like pure water. In reality water is rarely pure. It has always dissolved something. Ions are the means of travel for electrons – the universe is electric and magnetic. The Mayan Tzolkin calendar reflects this – our monthly calendar entrains us in a false time that we call May eleventh. If we believe it, then it is so.

For me, today is Blue Cosmic Night, with Flow Sounding – for you it is Wednesday, oh joy! If you leave the field of residents and move into resonance with your heart and your numerology, eat healthy and imbibe clean water, you can leave the Kulcher behind and step into the knew weigh – where we question everything in from the old way.

The best scientist and thinkers are in middle school prison now. Free their minds to soar and allow them to vision our transition into tomorrow, today. The high school students today know what does not work, everything they can see is broken. The old illusion cannot hold – the knew illusion questions the merits of what was – no merit, no belief!

I have time to train scribes and chemists – by the application of thought to the question of truth. Truth for its own sake. With good physics underlying the foundation, not the cartoon physics that creates fears that enable empire lying on a faulty foundation. Read Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy – and see how well he describes current reality from his 1960’s perspective. Downright eerie – or he is here now – watching it order in real time.

Namaste … doc

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