what is real?

Where we are is different from where we think we are. Context is required to know that now, is when it is all happening and being okay with whatever goes on is okay. Trying to control the actions of any being other than self is not a desirable state – it does not matter what the gate;keepers think. The ones that taught us values have no values, so our belief system based on their beliefs has to be allowed to perish, as we walk a new path in trust of ourselves.

You do not need to trust me, you need to be able to trust you. Circumstance is simultaneous, such that if one of us defers to the other, then we are adding weight to the load rather than diffusing that weight, as proportioned. The sense of who can do what is just assumed, incorrectly, by the nature of who you appear to be rather than who we are.

So, as i take a break from the maelstrom of forced belief, i can see that the flight response to fight or flight has been outlawed and we are all going to be conditioned to think by ‘moral persuasion’. Hats off to Bob Lee for grokking the concept – 20 years ago. Now, whether Gaia reads the book, or counts the volumes, or even worries about this particular human scale – i have my doubts.

As we start listening to the theories of other persons, we integrate their belief with our belief to look for similarity and difference. That which we dwell upon distinguishes an orientation – our perception consciously brings us that which we dwell upon. If we allow ourselves difference of opinion in the material form, then perhaps we really are arguing for the sake of attention, when we really should cede the point.

Each of us has our own orientation to the influx of information available. We can tap into the cosmic realm by stepping into our divinity. Yet if we stay there too long, we become deluded with our own beliefs and think that we have a monopoly on truth. My weigh is not the highway – we cannot run from ourselves any longer.

Acceptance that all is not what it seems, fits with Sheldrake morphology and a holographic universes. Different descriptions of the role of water in an electric universe, bear fruit when rewards for stepping out overcome the threats of public annihilation of your career as a whistle blowing – speaking truth. I remembered Manning, Snowden and Assange yesterday. I only wield plowshares any longer, let’s get more food in the ground.

namaste – in unity and abundance


From prose to cons

Real problems come from ‘ownership’ concepts – especially land. Fights over fear have got people taking rather than giving and being selfish rather than free. Materials are not what they will be – what we have now is scraps. The form that things will take is fixed by the self-imposed shell that we currently reside within. This is not the material space of the future, nor of the past.

The images of reality are not all that real – they are carefully prepared illusions of the powers that were. The expectations of fight or flight has left no space for further flight. Putting down the sword is winning the game through love, not fear.

The new rules are imposed by the conditions that we face in moving to the next dimensional fractal – which each of us can be anywhere on the space-time continuum. We are here at this time, now. We cannot move to a dissimilar space with a continuity of flow, because we have to restore form within which to work.

Our place on the scale is not where we believe – it is all over many scales. Intelligence is widespread through water at every shape and size – each with ‘human’ type fractal mind and a limit to the scales that work is done upon.

Human scale is our size relationship to our place and form. This dimension is relative and the physics are created to envelop the form – the constants change, yet the concepts remain the same. Con is not really the opposite of pro in original linguistics. We have to consciously stop applying old invalid concepts like duality, which has been taught as opposites at war rather than yin and yang. Realize that there is an edge on every coin and an inside too. Ownership of the quarter is not based on whether heads or tails lies upward, not who won the coin flip.

To envision is not enough, we must have the ability to be different, to act different, to think different, from the forces that have brought down the current Civilization, that we came to being within. We are Sovereign – we can be whatever we choose; without the yoke of ownership in the current Gaia cannibal economy.

Let’s Ubuntu – let’s change the direction from progress to consideration. Let’s do the things that need to be done to support the metabolism of the planet – a much larger sentient being on a different fractal scale from human scale – which provides the mechanism for our weigh of life.


Calendar Thyme

The weigh to measure time outside of the system is to change the calendar. The Julian calendar was adopted to cause cognitive dissonance – how can oct the prefix for eight be the beginning of the name of the tenth month? And what is really happening for a ‘leap’ year?

Doc uses a unique 64 day calendar based on the limbic system called Treei. Kudos to my mentor, Armando Busick, for the inventive thought. The cycle begins at the date of birth – the original date when your mass masses and you come out of the chute into life, as we know it. The concept of mass is the first concept of eight. To me, it symbolizes coming together on a new approach to achieve a single goal during the time period.

After mass comes form, where the mass accumulated begins to take shape. The plan of action is developed and the architecture established. The form provides the scaffolding to the system, as organic chemistry provides a scaffolding for water to create life, this mass that we shape into forms.

Once form is established, things start to flow. The rhythms of expression demonstrate the dynamic equilibrium that is what life is. Life is food, live food is healthful and transfers nutrients to our bodies in proper form. When the flow captivates the audience, people get involved in the production and contribute more because their gifts are valued.

This new and novel flow stream that we are on begets us the power of action. The ability to do things that make a difference is the force of action onto a different path. We create images of the goal and move through actions that provide shape to the form flowing that is a monument to the abilities that we as a group demonstrate.

The Love then grows, as the power of action successfully accomplishes the tasks at hand. The ability to share working environments adds such that the power of the group is greater than the individuals. Love is the connections between entities; the establishment of bonds that keep the people together during times that are difficult, and times that are easy and carefree.

Once we have the task in hand and have built our love into camaraderie, we sound our voices together in song and story, creating the tales of the accomplishment and collecting together the images, the descriptions and the accounts of the work, our accomplishment for the time period. The public display of emotion is derived to allow others to know of the forces we encounter.

After sounding our story, we put our minds together to see where we could do better, or worse. We take actions to reward the participants for their time, effort and love and create the documentation that solidifies the action taken onto the records, for all to see, this movement of change. The goals are evaluated and the story set to unfold.

Once the minds eye has created the images, the time to void and relax is at hand. The ceremonies and rituals are conducted and the well earned rest at the end of a journey is appreciated. The actions that took us through each cycle are reviewed and the plans for the next massing are drawn and quartered. The illumination of current events is cataloged into the time banks as the story continues to unfold.

The themes of each eight day cycle revolve through each sub-cycle. The order remains the same always, mass, form, flow, power, love, sound, mind, void – each alive in impact upon each other. The calendar starts n a different day for each individual in the group – every site location might also have its own calendar beginning on the date of acquisition with its own mass massing. There is no reason why each of us needs to be on the same day – the mixture of days of a group of individuals working together on a single project would span the entire array of options – from mass massing through void voiding.

It took doc about two years to get established to the point where we look at each effort and then see that, in fact, the Treei follows the reality better than the reality follows the Treei. When i know where i am, i can gauge the effort required – we can do a great deal more in our power cycles, as opposed to the void cycle, where we should be resting and planning, not chugging and burning.

To restore our life back to the life that we can have, sovereign rather than enslaved, it is thyme to create a new metronome for the ticking days of time – i hope this method intrigues you enough to calculate where your day is today. To do this – use the net to go to the date and time calculator and see how many days of experience you have collected over this lifetime. Divide by 64 and look at the remainder. This number corresponds to one of the days – from 0.02 for mass massing – 0.50 for power voiding and 0.98 for void minding. If you need more assistance – leave your birth date in the comments.

Enough for now – thanks for being and doing on my personal power sounding day. Namaste’ … doc

Stepping Howdt into the Real (or Reel)

Tetrahedrals are four sided pyramidal forms that have right angles defining perpendicular directions. This fundamental form can be overlaid onto any four sided grid – a map has four directions, north, south, east and west in two dimensions whereas in space the same orientations are expressed in three dimension. How would this expand into a fourth dimension?

There is a conflict going on within, so by stating as above, so below, then as within, so without. The change is potent, our 3-d bodies are affected as well as our 5-d minds. Perhaps it is the magnetic field letting go, or the build-up of chaotic energy awaiting release.

Let’s look at the modes of failure analysis – and suggest that the magnetic grid is wigging out. There are three other perpendiculars that have vector to consider during the zeroing out of a single axis. These are scalar values on the magnetic axis, but vectors in the 3-d world without magnetism. Let’s assign these concepts as electrical, gravitational and spiritual.

In our scientific 3-d world, we have operated with the spirituality vector grounded out and the electromagnetic grid is folded out over time rather than gravity. Thus Newton’s concept of gravity cannot be rectified with electromagnetism – we fumble the explanations as the weak and strong fields in physics. By removing spirituality and hence consciousness from the scientific equation, Newton broke the game from the very beginning and hence modern Newtonian physics agree neither with quantum mechanics, nor astronomy, nor eastern philosophy.

The four concepts of magnetism, electricity, spirituality and gravity are components of the same wavicle, which can be expressed as a primer field. The tetrahedral form rotates as it cuts its path, using momentum to stay in motion. The expression of how these fields interact dynamically can only be viewed when one of the four vectors is zeroed out, legitimately.

Mathematics currently allows the sum of two infinities to be assigned polarity, such that they can be cancelled out. This is pure nonsense – only matched vectors can be cancelled. The gate-keepers do not want us to have correct science – it would ruin their illusion, which is disintegrating anyway (any weigh we can measure this, we call it entropy).

We can look at the tetrahedral grid of four in a myriad of weighs, each of which can be measured differently. The grids can share a common base and form an octahedral, or can have distinct plateaus and be ten sided.  Using sacred geometry, we can see the derivation of the tree of life. The concepts at the four corners can be renamed – let’s call them air, earth, fire and water.

All is lost prior to all being gained. Asymptotes, zeroes and infinities are the locations where linear mathematics breaks down. Hyperbolic functions and logarithmic ratios are found all over nature, yet very rarely will we encounter a straight line. By zeroing infinities, the elitist hierarchy has jobbed the education system – we should look back for a switching point to get our theory aligned with reality. Derivatization and Integration are calculus maneuvers that increase or decrease the complexity, the power of numbers within the mathematical framework lattice.

Organic chemistry is the grid of tetrahedral lattice structures based upon the carbon atom and its bonding to other carbon atoms, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. This grid is structured by the tetrahedral lattice of intelligent water, as described by Pollack (2010) in The fourth phase of water. The exclusion zone structure of water is tetrahedral, iso-electronic (same form) with silica in quartz. Water can pass information to itself like an extended computer chip array.

Atoms are the mass of chemistry – compounds occur with formal bonding of atoms via the pairing of electrons. From the perspective of Gaia as a nucleus, the stars are like electrons, lights in the sky. Electrons have no significant mass, compared to nuclei – perhaps the Sun is not massive, but an image of large hiding a portal. This might be a real show, rather than a reel show, it is time to rethink everything we know, because things are  much different than they seem.

Namaste’ … doc


Just Thinking

If things are not what they seem, and everything is increasing in energy due to chaos in expression, then keeping calm is a matter of redirecting the chaos into more chaos by ignoring the attempts at order. The stronger the chaos becomes, the stronger the apparent order coming out of the chaos. The key is to remain calm, be distracted and not take part in the nonsense of the day.

If you feel that you must stir the pot, then do it from a place of love rather than a place of fear. Today, doc will be featured on the feral hippy radio show at 11 am local, 2 pm eastern – on revolution radio – studio B. This is a continuing endeavor – we get to talk about new age and old age and how hippies from the 60’s come to grips with both.

Invest in yourself, and your progeny. The ideas that we share need to come to us on a two way street, through discussion and exchange. Integrating the younger generations into the philosophy of being and doing is a key to restoring some sort of working civilization.  The indoctrination system no longer educates; our behaviors are directed by imitation of the pictures, descriptions and accounts that have been fed to us by the media and the schools, through movies, sports and televised nonsense.

Step away. Do not participate. Find a weigh to whet your whistle and learn to measure a new skill, that you develop by intention. You can work on telepathy, or magick, or something they say doesn’t exist, such that we are all distracted away from feeding our personal energy into the accumulating chaos. Stir the pot, but do not be consumed. Prime the pump, do not give out unregulated flow.

In fact, mass accumulation is the order of the day, for those outside the chaos. Get the broken stuff that can be repaired and network the local abilities into developing a process of renewal. Find a means to repair a broken small engine, or lay that leaky hose into the ground such that you can irrigate your garden. Find your place in the sun.

The mass is shaped into form, the form flows outward, displaying power with loving intent. Sound the horns, write the stories and relax, as we watch the change from atop our cosmic surfboards, riding the wavicle, oblivious to the quest of stealing our time and space, by disintegrating our ideas. Allow yourself to be taken into the future by changing the thoughts that you think today: disengage the system. Be part of a new abundance, with wise use and new energetics of life, not constrained by Einsteinian space-time or Newtonian gravity. Fibonacci calls, is ubuntu you ready?

Namaste’ … doc

To Make Things Appear Different, Believe Different

Focus changes scale instantaneously, when one is attuned to Power Flowing. The fractalization of human scale into micro-scale endeavors took our eyes off the bigger picture – we create the world that we imagine ourselves to be in. The morphogenic field is undergoing expansion – we are being opened to a new range of novel feelings, ideas and rhythms within the current holodeck.

Imagine if you will, a sense of place dependent on your value to your immediate community. The jobs that you take on are inspired by your service orientation – where you belong to a guild that organizes the labor such that we share together the entire workload.

We, the people all share the common workload. The guilds serve as training and vetting sites, which take on the role of skill certification. The exchange is non-monetary, where housing, food and entertainment are internal costs. If you don’t have to pay rent or shop, and have a job to do that occupies only part of your time, then you have gained some freedom

You know, this is already happening elsewhere in the world. Other people in other places have different ideas of how the order of things should be. Perhaps, some of their ideas should be considered before writing them off. But these days, conservatism seems to be against everything new and liberalism seems to be for imposing nonsense.

Political action needs to be a local concern. We are each in control of our own destiny – in the community of one in which we be. You have to take care of yourself before you are capable of caring for others. We pair up rapidly and the couple of two often precedes the discovery of the second one. Once you have mastered self, there is a second one – which we think of as species.

Human species functions on human scale. Sale thought the human scale through in depth in 1980 – when things blew out economically on Jimmy Carter and the focus of governance became the corporate kleptocracy, complete with the revolving doors of fascism. At human scale, the smallest unit is one human.

What if we imagine working on a different scale – like water scale. Gerry Pollack redefined water scale in 2010 – the scientific revolution should begin anew with the discovery of water as the source of consciousness. The lattice structure of EZ water is iso-electronic with the silica structure of quartz – a whole fractal smaller.

Fractals use symmetry – group theory defines point groups. Human individuals are point sources – perhaps we should think in terms of all water beings rather than just what is best for humans. Gaia is a living water being. Sol is a living fire being. Somehow,  i cannot believe that Gaia aspires to be Sol any more than Sol aspires to become Galactic.

Groups of two are more advantageous than groups of one : if we group our one as water species, other groups are fire, air and earth species. We all overlap – there is common room to think differently and still work for the same results. The game is contributionism – what can i do for the good of the whole.

To take care of yourself is always good for the whole. You ‘owe’ it to the people who depend on you. Hopefully, they contribute to your well-being as you care for them, but depending on their stage of human development …  We can train our pets better than we train each other as humans.

Animal brains have the same fractal pattern as human brains, both based upon what we know of the genetics of DNA. The same components of nucleic acids and amino acids exist on all water fractal scales, so why do we think that animals have lesser brains? Each species believes itself to be the cornerstone, just as humans do.

The challenge at this time is the bee kingdom – we need to plant rotation crops that provide pollen for the bees, who are really strapped by geo-engineering and also wavelength saturation at several frequencies. To bee or not to bee is not really a question for humans; if we don’t bee, we lose a real lynchpin of nature.

So, I have alluded to a different weigh – with new units of measure. Around the globe this way is called Ubuntu – Michael Tellinger is the feature performer. We, the people all have our own movies playing and our roles include being the supporting cast for each other. Doc has joined the Ubuntu, USA political  movement for doing.  Enjoy checking it howdt.

namaste’ … doc




Thyme to quit Yahoo

When typing the response to an e-mail in yahoo, my computer seized up and blinked, then came back without the post. The original e-mail was deleted from my mailbox and the trash was deleted also. The net effect was to lose the work.

I wish to call out yahoo for extremely poor service to their e-mail accounts. The idea that they have of improving scripts to run on windows ten and not run on lower operating systems means that they are jobbing the merkn consumer to have to upgrade technology – we call this churning.

It seems that yahoo just ought to go out of business, rather than to provide backwards nonsense that uses our time rather than enabling us. This is a symptom of our times – the corporate structure does not serve we the people. Thyme to get off our duffs and do something different, in real time, off line.

Otherwise, sit back and watch it all fail. We, the people, have to start from scratch on human scale, rejecting things that are not useful and rebuilding up from the bottom, rather than being manipulated by the failed efforts toward globalization.

Namaste’ … doc

Fixing broken time

Good Morning. So much has happened since the last time that doc had both internet access and quiet thyme. With planets in retrograde and persons spinning within the chaos of descending order, Doc has been quietly changing the format of the game.

Most of the mass is coming in the form of knew energy – opening the door to inventions already created and then buried into the memory hole for economy. The current generation of value does not follow reality physics – we live in a world where cartoon physics reigns and people know sciency stuff.

We watched the movie Interstellar (2014) and learned that science fiction hollywood style is an illusion where they didn’t feel the need to conform the setting to real reality. When we read a story in a book, we expect valid science. Always, from H.G. Wells through Isaac Asimov to current fave Neal Stephenson, the science is consistent and in line with the known reality.

Somewhere last century, they began photo-shopping our reality. The reality and the truth spread away from each other and the game changed. If you watch the flow of money – different strata of society have been shaved off the scene. The combination of arrogance and ignorance has taken the infrastructure and turned it into a shell of what it was. We are cannibalized by crony capitalism, where the means of production are irrelevant because there are no sails intact to catch the wind.

Time can be split into two distinct topics – time travel and relativity are vastly different from clock time and calendars. I have no quibble with meeting you at three o’clock for tea – i’ll be there at 2:59 and you will arrive shortly before 3:15 and the table will already be set. Simple game, no messing.

But relativity and time – now we have some aspects of standing that shape the form of things to come. Think back to how time is portrayed in other media. Crosby, Stills and Nash sang in Cathedral, standing on the grave of a soldier who died in 1799, and the day he died it was a birthday, and i noticed it was mine …

Serendipity involves coincidence and perception is relative. Time depends upon our resonant frequencies – the rate in cycles per second. Seconds, by definition are constant; yet personal frequency is variable. and i am high upon the alter. I have more time to operate within a fixed second of time than you do, because i can control my vibration. Wanna learn how?

Crystals. My pet amethyst is beaming in a ray of sunlight as we speak. Crystal lattice energy holds together the framework of the stone – but this is living stone – where electrons move about. Crystals are giant water beings without the water – they had water in their formation, but the lattice energy was literally set in stone, then the water left and the stone carried on. The systems are iso-electronic; they have the same spacial form at different fractal scales.

So a crystal holds energy and pure quartz acts like pure water. In reality water is rarely pure. It has always dissolved something. Ions are the means of travel for electrons – the universe is electric and magnetic. The Mayan Tzolkin calendar reflects this – our monthly calendar entrains us in a false time that we call May eleventh. If we believe it, then it is so.

For me, today is Blue Cosmic Night, with Flow Sounding – for you it is Wednesday, oh joy! If you leave the field of residents and move into resonance with your heart and your numerology, eat healthy and imbibe clean water, you can leave the Kulcher behind and step into the knew weigh – where we question everything in from the old way.

The best scientist and thinkers are in middle school prison now. Free their minds to soar and allow them to vision our transition into tomorrow, today. The high school students today know what does not work, everything they can see is broken. The old illusion cannot hold – the knew illusion questions the merits of what was – no merit, no belief!

I have time to train scribes and chemists – by the application of thought to the question of truth. Truth for its own sake. With good physics underlying the foundation, not the cartoon physics that creates fears that enable empire lying on a faulty foundation. Read Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy – and see how well he describes current reality from his 1960’s perspective. Downright eerie – or he is here now – watching it order in real time.

Namaste … doc