What we don’t know

So much is going on in the media that the kernals of truth sometimes hide in between the lines, in the parts not stated. I noticed that a one ounce silver round is still under twenty bucks. The actual price yesterday was 16.30, but the dealer mark-up on each coin is substantial – about 9%. My guess is that the dealers are down a bunch since the price of metals fell out the bottom with cash being printed and given out free. Isn’t that what a ZIRP is, free money for everybody with added debt to the banksters?

Now take a walk in your neighborhood and see how many houses are vacant? How many stores are boarded up, with doors locked permanently. Where do these resources draw their value, when the town downsizes because nobody can afford bank rents?

There is an alternative – Tiny Houses.  This set of videos just came to me from my favorite feral hippie, Mona Radler. Her talk show starts at 11:00 am in studio B every weekday.

Tiny House Built From Salvaged Earthquake Materials/Shipping Containers

Tiny House Built From Salvaged Earthquake Materials – (a fairly large tiny)

Spectacular 20ft Off-The-Grid Tiny Shipping Container House

Shipping Container Homes Design Ideas

Pros + Cons of Shipping Container Buildings

Shipping Container house — Two years living in shipping containers (review)

Adam, Jason and Pete build a home for less than $50,000

Man Converts Shipping Container into Tiny Home on Wheels

Tour a Beautiful Tiny House in an Eco Community

A castle tiny house  (This is unrealistic for me to build but I LOVE LOVE LOVE what these people built…don’t miss this if you haven’t seen it…just a treat!

An inexpensive $2000. Tiny house

This Tiny House/Cabin was made from FREE Pallets

I will be watching videos for a little while – figuring out what i care to design for a tiny library and a tiny laboratory. Anyone with building skills that might seek apprenticeship would be wise to make contact with doc. The next roll out of Existence is reading – anyone have a few spare yuan?

namaste’ … doc


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