Mind says No

Integrity is the key to building consistency. The ability to do what we do should be enabled rather than encumbered. The current rules are set to preserve the ways of control, new rules should come from giving freedom reign to attempt different. This discussion, however, must be postponed for another day.

On-line has become difficult … keeping this site requires more access than currently feasible. Immersion into a new situation is coming rapidly … awareness of the local situation requires the best intention and conscious focus.

Water is one of the few substances that retains its characteristics throughout multiple fractal levels. Being an air sign, the water bearer, has given me another perspective to consider, as the center of focused organization has surfaced upon the water in the world. Thyme for the cosmic surfboard to ride the waves.

Health is generated from clean, clear water being available to each and every one of us. Pollack’s theory of structured water should be applied to every aspect of science – in both chemical and biological detail as to the structures and mechanisms of how things work. The water knows, because it sets the water vibrational frequencies as the basis for life. The organic chemistry provides the scaffolding; the properties of matter vary as a function of fractal scale.

I did a thought essay here and took avogadro’s  number, the number of molecules in a moles and multiplied it by 55.5, the number of moles in a liter of water. This value is determined by taking 1000 grams, and dividing by the 18 grams per mole that water weighs. The result is on the order of 10 to the power of 25. Ten to the power of three is a thousand, for the math resistant.

Dividing 25 by 3 gives 8.3 – or roughly eight fractal orders of magnitude between a water molecule and a human. Using the Planck constant, we could calculate how far away a string is, but doc’s string theory is that an unwatched string will knot, and so doc does not watch things that aren’t in his attention field. We can only worry about what we know; imagining what we don’t know can only lead to trouble and doc does not grok strings and yarns, wires, ropes, cords or even frayed knots.

Namaste’ … doc

Oh – the point of the blog … drink more water – structured water if possible. It does a body good. Thyme going back to water chemistry theory to learn about what we don’t know, quite yet … bee well … lemme

Internal Conflict Re-Solution

lemme is as lemme does

ornery as a tart (pi)

while doc vibrates rationally

as an ONRRI scientist (phi)

each watches and wonders why?

two sides of a single coin

with adventure beginning again

responding to a planetary cry.

2016 (cc) lemme howdt


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