Mind Forming

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday …

How do we know that what we know is in any way truthful and/or relevant to our current standing in this whirled world. The deep state of Peter David Scott crosses with the Space Nations of Corey Goode and David Wilcock to make a new episode in the current reality – beam me up, Scotty!

Seasons don’t fear the reaper, nor do the wind, the sun and the rain, you can be like they are …

There are some kernels of truth buried in the active media that resonate at a different standard than all the rest. Energy is rising again and whether the energy is positive or negative, the chance that we have enough chaos to breeze pass another tipping point can only be seen from a non-embedded perspective. I am here, now, where i am in small space; the ability to exchange particle information is not the same as in big space – plus, i am playing in the lower fractals of small space, so my direct focus is limited.

Today’s system choice seems to be between BRICS and Mordor. The rebuild that is coming requires a shifting of the playing field – chess would be the preferred game. You know, where the strategy involved requires that you think several moves in advance of the play. I hear the Russians are pretty good at that game. I grew up during the Fischer-Spassky era and played during the world reign of Kasparov. There is a chess player hidden under many nooks and crannies – perhaps chess is a means of sharing the new weigh.

Anyway, pawn to king four – anyone is welcome to make a return move in the comments – and we shall play. What is play – sports is a play and chess is a sport. Metrix are measurements that tell you how much of the going on you actually get – in chess, the means is called a rating. The rating comes from the results of completed games – win, lose or draw. The difference between the ratings is also accounted for, such that you don’t lose rating points by losing to better players. There is a very good site out of Great Britain – but i have stopped playing on-line chess.

My mind is racing in the compost of the old daze – looking at the mechanisms that we have in place that are dystopian and not functional. I am in contact with the senator – generally, my level is congress critter; so for me it’s a rise – about equity and fair housing issues. If the system does not present due process and then insists upon following  protocol, that leaves most peeps between a rock and a hard place.

We pay for things with a currency owned by banksters who get to play by different laws and are not punished for transgressions, while here on the ground in the small place, nimby oppression by local ruffians is part and parcel to the collapse of the systems. The left hand does not only not know what the right hand is doing – the two hands simply cannot acknowledge each other.

How can it be that asset forfeiture raises more value for cops than crime does for criminals? Well, when fiscal crime at the top is not a crime, and the banksters print the money to buy the media and the political circus (hey – where are Michael Palin, John Cleese and Eric Idle anyway?), then why do we even try to have a play in the game? Vote? Why?

So, today is the treei day of mind forming on my personal calendar. The small place required direct attention; not sure if i am putting out fires or starting them. The treadmill of battle goes on and on and on because the mindset is that you have to fight to get what you are owed. How silly is that? Yet, as i come in with my shelter from the storm, I find illogic and rhetoric have replace most form of thought. Apparently, you can take the pieces of what you want to believe out of context and as Jean-Luc Picard would say “Make it so” and it is. I think that i need a reboot: that is a possibility because the entire system is suddenly absorbing energy.

So, there is chaos brewing. The times, they are a changin, yet the more things change, the more they stay the same. All you need is love! Not available in these times where the small buttons on the phone are the forefront of information exchange.

There is a new world coming when we surrender to what is and Let It Be. The mindset says abundance, yet without the greed and other entrained mindsets that we have been given by the material that we feed ourselves. Pablum is never tasty.

namaste’ … doc

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