Welcome to Driftland – where an early morning puff and two cuppa joes make for amazing adventures to the borders of our minds. There is a sanity in having the whirled see us as crazy, as the perplexed assign names to their illusions. Let me take you down, cause I’m going to … Strawberry Fields … nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about …

Unless you wish to pay attention to the man behind the curtain, manipulating the matrix for the wizard of Oz. We are not in Kansas, anymore (except for a few who are in Kansas), but we see this for what it is – a Steely Dan Royal Scam. Tune in tomorrow, as the house of cards has another brick in the wall removed from the stage. Just like an old time movie, …

Stop. Breathe. Feel the warmth, or the cold. Watch the game progress from your own perspective, knowing that the collective chaos bring energy to the playing field. Keeping track of the immediate events will entrain you into your own space, so being in Driftland now allows you to encounter different types of awe. Take a moment and feel yourself being.

You are here reading about how to handle whatever comes at you. First, catch yourself being serious and let it go. There is too much going on to be urgently worried about anything – in your space you have the things you have to do. Some of those things are things you do anyway, but do you measure what you do on any regular basis? likely not, you just do and observe the result.

Truth or Consequences? Isn’t it funny how an old TV game show title can be so relevant 50 years later? There is a town in New Mexico with the same name. Is this a recurring theme? Ask questions about how things come to be and the results reveal that there are a lot more questions than valid answers.

I like being able to check howdt the deep recesses of my own mind. I look at the news and skew it – take it apart and put it back together in different weighs, like a transformer. The idea that nothing is what it seems because the shadow of the illusion makes it appear to be something different than we grok.

Grok – a Heinline term for understanding … word smithing has become the nature of the game. To do this well, requires practice. I attempt to write every day – keeping journals and tracking thoughts, concepts and persons. It is what being a scribe is about. All animals, plants and crystals are individual persons, in addition to beings of their own species. We play semantic games to avoid what is real. Let’s stop doing that and instead attempt to communicate, by representing those persons who do not speak in our tongues. They are water beings of Gaia also.

I am who I am; you are who you are. We together create a space that is a distinct reality, to each of us. As we aggregate more members into our individual Driftspaces and share the changes that we make on our own, the growth of our individual existence will shine forth into the Realspace, governed by truth. There is another there out there …

Til then … namaste’ … doc


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