Transition States of Change

The mechanism of change involves moving through a transition state, where the next step forward precludes any step in the reverse direction. One way of thinking about this is that you are climbing up a long hill. When you reach the apex, the next step that you take is downward. It pays to stay on top of the hill and take a deep look around – to survey the situation.

Once you start moving downhill, the energy that it takes to return uphill is much greater than the energy required to continue downhill. Momentum pulls us in the direction of gravity – at a faster rate downward with each subsequent step. The bottom of the hill is another energy well – a place where you can settle comfortably before starting a long climb up the next hill.

The transition state is the place where the next step of the process is irreversible. All the action in a chemical reaction can be summed up by the placement of atoms in the transition state – a place where old bonds are broken and new bonds are formed. The high energy is necessary to break those old bonds – the more structured the order of the bond, the greater energy required to break the bond. When things break, enough energy is released to form new bonds – connections cannot remain untethered for very long.

Long however is a relative concept. A long long time ago is a very nebulous storybook setting – our history details events that happened in a distant past. Living history is the sum of the events that we have seen with our own set of eyes – my living history includes the Kennedy’s, Nixon and everything since. That politics is entertainment, televised for our cognition to make it seem real, is a theory borne out by current events.

What we get is a function of what we believe. There are so many valid perspectives different from our own on every topic, that we are forced to defend our opinions as though they were part of self. Those of us believing in the current illusion will bend over backwards to create a scenario that we can believe, such that we don’t have to give up the lie. But truth shall prevail.

Truth is either absolute or relative, depending on whether you know, or think that you know. The more we know, the more we find out how much more there is to know. However, the broad basis of all known information is expanding – the borders of current knowledge are like the surface edge of an amoeba; they radiate in all directions with different depth and texture. Life is a fractal of life, which is a harmonic fraction of further life.

To make it through the long lost tea-time of the soul, take on a project that motivates your sense of inquiry. Form a new hypothesis, based on your current observations and work to assemble proof that you know what in the whirled you are talking about. You do not have to be consistent with the current knowledge base, just within your own sense of logic. We have to remove a number of deeply embedded untruths without the perspective of what is the underlying truth. If we all take this upon ourselves, on our own without assistance for the thyme being, then we can restore a set of clear thinking individuals who can combine thoughts to get the perspective from all 360 degrees of the sphere.

Coordinates change from different perspectives. Defining the ground state is highly important to where we start a process; in chemistry the initial starting conditions are key to setting up the best transition state, such that when enough energy is available, the transition flows smoothly. Gaia is a cauldron that is a melting pot for excitation frequencies – especially here in ‘merika where the controlled major mass media provides a quicksand surface of truth, and a whole lotta crap.

Define what you are curious about and pursue your interest. Use the QPRST scientific method of question, preview, read, study, test. Test a new hypothesis against the measured results of your experiments … does your data support your theory? By starting from a new ground state and redefining what parameters are true in your own specific field, we can start the process of questioning all knowledge and acknowledging all questions. Our openness as a society depends on our current progress.

As the waves crash on the shore, your cosmic surfboard should allow you to ride the crests of the waves, as long as your vibration is high enough. Time spent in the morass of other people’s daily drama is time not invested in creating a better tomorrow. Stay in the now, and allow the illusion to flow past without notice. By the time we come up for air, the abundance of a new weigh will be in sight.

Namaste’ … doc

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