To lab or not to lab

Doc has been thinking about building a laboratory to continue investigations into a variety of different things. As a chemist, there are definitely a set of things that must be present to do lab work. Then, I got to thinking about educational labs – the type where you repeat an experiment to learn a method – this is the type of laboratory experience that people need.

So – how does science lab actually work? The ability to do things requires that we be able to repeat somebody else’s work and get the same answer, before we know that we have the methods to look at the picture. This is expensive, so the powers that used to be decided to cheapen the process – most labs take shortcuts. The actual ability to do things does not come from the university setting any longer. We need to do education differently.

Indoctrination is the merikn education way – the reality does not live up to the hype. We need to retest our hypotheses in every different area. To toss what we think we know and actually learn something about the way that we are. To do this – I hope you can help make suggestions.  Feel free to use the comments section.

Namaste’ … doc

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