Howdt of Balance: Dynamic vs Static

The weigh things work is that yin gets balanced with yang only when all space is evenly divided. This is the place of total symmetry, where the mirror relationship reflects best. In holographic reality, the morphologic field entrains the species and sets limits that hold most of the time. The only balance point is the apex: we are always on one side or the other.

In a static transition state, nothing moves. In a dynamic transition state, the movement left is counterbalance by other movement right, movement up reflects the opposite of movement down and the net change appears to be zero. Yet in the microscopic, which is a fractal form of the macroscopic – the balance does not appear to be achieved. There is always a tangent or a derivative to take us to the next size gradient – which starts a whole new fractal at one.

I am you and he is she and we are all together … see how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they run … i’m crying. Who is the walrus? Who is the fisherman? Why do we always fall back on fables, that were designed to tell us stories, about how life should be. If our fairy tales are fractured, then our simple minds need another story to make everything seem all right. Cartoon physics is never real – just think about how a roadrunner stands off over a cliff.

What we see in the whirled today is the glimpse that our media wishes to present. How true the picture depends entirely on our perspective – the one that the media doesn’t get to shape. The way that things are is just exactly how we need them to appear, to get the lesson that we are collectively learning. That lesson is that nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about,

Yet everything that we believe is real, by our definition of reality. It is sort of a circular reasoning, I think, therefore, i am. Are you the walrus (or maybe the clam)? The popularity of reason is that it allows you to think that you know what is right. At best, we can hope to know what is light.

Light is everything that is not dark. When you take a light approach, you no longer feel weighed down by the burdens created by the dark. Good and evil and a different yin/yang pair than light and dark, just like top and bottom are not the same as up and down. This life is quarky – everything is strange and charmed. You learn how to play the game, it’s easy … All you need is love!

Let’s look at love from a perspective of chemistry. It takes a molecule of oxygen and splits it apart with hydrogen, via a catalyst. The result was water – with two hydrogen atoms attached to one oxygen atom. Only when alone. When water has another water with it – it shares a hydrogen atom with its nearest water molecule neighbor. They reach out and touch another water molecule and everybody clusters. The community of water molecules attract other water molecules, as like likes like.

So let’s look at the two types of bonds in a body of water – there are firm chemical bonds and there are weak hydrogen bonds. The water shares these types of bonds and makes everybody (every water molecule) happy within the shared arrangement. If that’s not love, what is? Water in solution with only water in an EZ (exclusion zone) environment forms as a tetrahedral lattice and passes information better than any silicon based computer chip. Water and silica (quartz) are iso-electronic – have the same configuration on different fractal size levels.

Fractals repeat patterns based on exponential drift. The patterns are always self-similar, yet completely different as we expand through other scales. The dampening of one trait happens through a time period, the fragment may be lost for several scales or may appear shortly, we never know. The dynamic at equilibrium are always changing, the yin/yang is never in balance except at the apex of the transition state, which cannot be held energetically.

The net result is that we slide down the slippery slope whenever we play with fire. The safe game is always to return back to what you know, because the unknown way our there is kinda scary. Yet what is out there is very locally better than what we have in here now. The in is very controlled, the out is expansive and unknown. You have to cross the bridge, guarded by a knight that asks three questions.

Ooops – wrong movie. Just adapt and roll with the punches and see things for what they are. As the yin/yang pairs reverberate, it sets a resonance that we can use to lift our frequency up out of the doldrums – to create enough energy to get through the transition state and see what is on the other side, when we do not return to this old, infirm static ground state.

Namaste’ … doc


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