Flux Box

Sometimes, we must take pause and determine whether we believe what we know, or not. Creating a basis set of standard knowledge has been the role of the university system – which is not functional. To advance beyond the current maelstrom requires development of a new sense of thought.

I use my flux box to hold concepts that i wish to question. If a theory moves into Dr. Lenny’s flux box, then an alternative explanation must arise – we keep concepts in the flux box off limits from use, until we can establish their validity. The biggest concept there was the second law of thermodynamics, the basis of modern chemistry. Essentially – the 2nd law accounts for mass balance – you cannot get more out than you put in. The caveat is that it only holds for closed systems and most real systems are open. 2nd law is okay.

That is the type of testing i mean.  Just to question the basics and determine where we really stand. There is more to life than meets the eye. The ability to think for one’s self is lost in this day and age – college teaches dependent thinking. How to think is what this essay is about.

Your body resonates on multiple frequencies in many ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. Those resonances collectively combine to provide the essence of the human experience. Each of us emits a fingerprint that is materially the same but shifted such that no two people are exactly alike. Yet we rhyme in soul groups, clusters of people that have the same assumptive thinking that provides internal links between family members. We have been taught that genetics holds the explanation for these differences and similarities.

As a chemist in training, I had to learn the mechanism of the transfer of expression for how DNA codes physically transfer toward the building of proteins and enzymes. My work was to create models for the process – create metal centers in the lab that could function similar to the biologic natural system. I was headed to a forefront of novel research field – life then dealt me a different set of cards.

I moved to a world where i could be with nature instead of modeling her in a laboratory. I was at one with the resources in the Pacific Northwest Deciduous Forests for a life with family, farm and ideas. My work with NASA was developing water purification schemes – a place where i first became aware of Victor Schauberger. You would think that after 25 years of formal education that I knew of most scientists in my areas of interest – but the records never mentioned flow forms.

In like ways, i have met Walter Russell, Wilhelm Reich, Robert Rife and the medias latest makeover darling Nikoli Tesla. Just written off because they disagreed with the made up story that we were taught. Never did i believe when i was learning, that science progress was just another photoshopped reality.

So – I now discredit the university system, along with the banking system and the myth of economics. Reality is what we make of it – a fractal adjacent to the world we were taught. Our new world is adjacent – fifty percent here and 50 percent there. It reminds me of a dream within a dream.

I later worked with the Perobots and the Reform Party – for years being part of the 3rd party movement.  This was where the foundations of the tea party brewed – the highlight came when Pat Buchanan joined Ross Perot to thwart Dick Lamm in 1996 – and electing Jack Gargan in 1998 to lead the people. He promptly sold out and the game ended – though extrication took five years of labor at the school of hard knocks.

During this time, i also cut teeth on the Umpqua Basin Watershed Council. The mission was to enable fish passage throughout Douglas County, Oregon. Twenty years later, the fish have reclaimed over 100 miles of access by replacing undersized culverts and putting small railcar bridges over streams. Locals come together when we can – when the aim is not to set people against people.

Thinking new means being exposed to different approaches than ones that you have been told work. We learn through teaching what we know to others – merging what we know with what we don’t know will be more difficult – but half of what we know is no longer valid.  Which half?

Namaste’ … Doc

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