Another Summer of Love !

History never repeats itself exactly, it rhymes first in tragedy, then with farce. Comedy is the ability to laugh at the real situation – because otherwise one might be tempted to dry. In today’s merika, people seem to root for others misfortunes.

However, we do need to circulate about the self – the ego exists and is not the enemy. We are responsible for our own thoughts, and thus our own actions. We are each individually fallible, and need to support ourselves with with love, not money, spite and malice.

There is enough to go around – the picture painted here, now, is a beginning toward different. As I go from the ‘big’ place to the ‘small’ place, I realize that place is just location and where I choose to ground myself is the current center of focus in an extended sphere.

Game on! Let’s restart the Love Revolution of the 1960’s. Maybe this time we can give peace a chance to hold space. At the very least, we can recover and wear our old tie-dye tee shirts.

It’s okay … some of us have had to fit in a whirled not of our own creation, making or choosing. We have that ability, yet it has been blocked, hidden and removed from our development, at an early age. The manipulation goes very deep – the old game has to end for the new game to begin, in our minds on proper terms: before we can move into abundance.

The power is in our minds. The holograph works on the basis of belief – it also works on the converse – the things that we deny are true are not true. The elasticity of the system causes a rebound back to the current default value. It takes energy to climb out of the well, then more to climb over the hill, before descending into the next valley between peaks.

To learn how to play the game, it’s easy … all you need is love. Let’s make this another summer of love, by building extended Beatles communities, everywhere. After all, we all live in a yellow submarine. Or, on a green garden earth. Whatever we decide, in our own mind, is how we see what is. My ground state shifts closer to ‘home’, with a drop in access. All good.

Namaste’ … lemme


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