Wiser? Of Course

I am no longer chronologically challenged. The way to measure time passages is to count smaller increments than years. A treei-day consists of 64 human days and moves from mass to void in a cyclic rotation. Each day has a different theme that carries a project from initiation to fruition with rest before the next start.

Today is void sounding – i sing a story of hope with changes that require us to know better. The game is over except the fat lady has yet to sing. Believe that whatever comes is good and you will resonate away the symbols of the old whirled. This was the knew generation, our thyme has come. So, happy birthday!

The shift has happened – it now takes time to tease the individual timelines away from each other. The one guarantee from string theory is that strings tangle – we all get exactly what we expect. Time doesn’t play by human rules. So with another year of calendar done … we are getting closer to the point of know return. Cheers!

Namaste’ … doc

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