To Change the Whirled

There may be some hope peeking through the window of change as seen through the political distortion – switching perspective allows each of us to see the light through different sets of eyes. What we do, as scribes, is to catalog the makings of this world; restructuring the illusion toward some resemblance of truth.

No notice given for when to begin – the groundswell begins when you open your heart to yourself, first. To treat yourself well is the first mechanism of change. This gives you permission to do things that make you feel good. It allows you to radiate your highest frequency.

Color can be used as an indicator of vibration, when the light frequency occurs in the visible range. Kerlian photography allows auras that resonate in color to be seen in real time display.  We emit on different vibrations – depending on our internal sphere of mind.

A heartbeat is another frequency generator, which in turn sets your pulse rate. This is a good indicator of general health. We are each responsible for our own general health, responding to our changing gears by feel. When your drugs take you to a plane where you don’t wish exist, you envelop yourself in a lower frequency vibration. Not good.

We tend to do this to ourselves all the time. We like to set expectations on unreal standards. We have been taught through a common education system that changes the message frequently, as to cause cognitive dissonance and keep us individually off-balanced. The things that require common interest are created for entertainment value – to keep us off kilter. Thyme to stop.

The changes that come are different than the same as it ever was. The belief system that we carry forward is based on incongruent facts that mince realities. What i see could have been photoshopped for me to see – what i know takes precedence in my school of thought.

Each of us has a basis set to view the world. It is the set of facts, figures and accounts of the experiences we have with the people we keep. Like attracts like and so we hang with folks that reflect our weigh of thinking. We do what we do because we are driven to do it, by the means that we believe will get er done. Only we don’t, because we believe too much of what we see and/or were taught. Our senses require discernment – each has a role in the play.

A philosophy is to a person, as a rudder is to a boat. We have to base our self on what we know of self. Too many of us are under controlled thinking, where our evidence of support is flimsy, at best. Doc works under chemistry, which seems to make sense, but is an abstract field made up of make believe reality of very very small. We have our guides that tell us things based on our cleverness – individual atoms bonding to make molecules is a foregone conclusion and an outrageous fantasy, both at the same time. You gotta do your best with the hand that’s dealt, and be ready to play the next hand with different cards.

You don’t have to agree with me. You may have a different world view entirely. We can agree to disagree on the details as long as we agree on the direction heading forward. A circle of 360 degrees has at least that many initial directions of forward – perhaps we should achieve a dead stop before we move forward.

Life is in dynamic equilibrium, always shifting matter and energy between forms of itself. The perpendicular direction of electric and magnetic fields are well known – what is on the third perpendicular to the other two? Perhaps the game of time and space as Einstein explains – E = mc squared – is missing an essential component – the spiritual one.

“God does not play dice”, said uncle Albert – but probability and statistics play more of a role in comprehending the forces of nature than any other mathematical entity. Math is a language of explanation, a tool that humans use but nature doesn’t – unless sacred geometry has suddenly become the vogue. There are weighs of changing values. Einstein also said that “imagination is more important than knowledge” – let’s prove him right and change the whirled.

Namaste’ … doc

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