Questioning the Current Illusion

Do the peaks and troughs have to be the same regimented height and distance in a wave form, or can they each be individual and just the mean average provides the ultimate frequency? The waves that roll onto the beach do not each hit with the same force and weight. Why should sound and light waves act differently, for the purposes of explaining science? The mathematical concepts of average, zero and infinity use cancelling out the individual in order to create more bulk order.

Nature does not use mathematics, she uses sacred geometry. Numerology involves symmetry and Marshall demonstrated how holotomes affect the generation of larger numbers in a visual way. No equations, just clik, clik, zap. The numbers in nature change on every fractal scale – we just have to read the sequence and appreciate the fact that every collective is made up of individuals.

This scares many people. Self sufficiency is a learned task that depends on many different things. The resonances created on different scales commingle and become harmonies through several dimensions of interplay. The more people in a group, the more entrainment into group think for each of the participants. If each member of the group begins the journey as a group of one, growing to two or three, then ebbing back to one; then we are in the proper formative stages of creating a new system from the bottom up. Flip over the concept of top down and realize we now enter the charmed and the strange.

How these quarks shape the holographic fields is through morphogenesis. Cross Michael Talbot with Rupert Sheldrake and it all makes sense. Toss in Lyn Margulis and James Lovelock’s Gaia theory and Gerald Pollack’s EZ water and shake well – a new reality martini awaits.

A morphic fields shapes the holograph images to carry more complexity to smaller sizes with less physical matter. Consciousness is a function of scale and physical state of matter. The physics standard model is broken, yet the terms of this model persist because of the density of that model, which includes and excludes forms of data and ignores real information to keep the model going. New models are constrained by old concepts established to explain a system that was withholding true information. The story of the RCA/Westinghouse filter of technological information away from science theory using zero sum vectors sounds much like when Dirac simplified Maxwell’s equations to eliminate complex parameters.

If we could work with all the known vetted information about matter and energy, then we can likely solve most of the world’s real problems in short order. The consensus reality is breaking down and we appear lost in space/time. Time has a very real, different explanation – related to the cavitation effects of vortex energy. Implosion energy has been suppressed, while explosion has been used to produce a fear state.

We live in a common holographic illusions where chemical bonds are made from pairs of electrons. The matrix is changing our beliefs even as i type. Belief drives reality at higher dimension. The two states, love and fear are battling for control – i know which i prefer.

To investigate further, I need to refresh my memory in fields that i stopped tracking long ago – to see how they have morphed. Being forward thinking, I had to detach to release concepts that are currently valid, but not future useful. There has to be room in a new system for new – it cannot be entirely filled by clutter from the old.

To fix some of the problems would cost too much in short term time and energy, especially when the fix locks us into current terms of thinking. We are evolving difference as our old systems no longer function to meet the need of the populations they serve. Whether the design was flawed or deliberate doesn’t matter, it no longer suits the purpose.

The key to transition is to stop unethical behavior, not just accept it with a pay-off, a wink and a nod. We all have incidents in the past where we chose badly and then found a dark side that manipulated and provoked our behavior to make the problem worse. Forgive yourself and move on and don’t allow your dark side to manipulate your conscience into hiding. Realize that all of us were manipulated by teachings that we once accepted at face value, which no longer stand up to discernment.

The current system is perpetuated by some grand lies – we seek truth. The weigh to get to truth is by going back to square one and working through the whole knowledge base, beginning to end. Multiple times from different perspectives. We might be able to use some of the systems we currently hold, but we should derive them again from the basics of their fields.

Each one of us is our own filter, trust your own heart. We all need to have good knowledge that we can rely on to provide the basis set for a new reality – one that we can create to fit the illusions that we wish to carry. The current common illusion that we hold is not acceptable – we know better than to allow it to progress much further.

Namaste’ … doc

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