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Has been a long time since i blogged an original poem on the internet. Since my character lemme howdt has about 1500 poems to his name – half of whom found their way to the original thyme howdt blog at www.howdt.blogspot.com – you can read them. Tis my hope to publish the volumes of anger poetry as a separate caste of historical fiction – because my theory of time holds that all my experience need not be on the time line – only they have to be on the Thyme line.

Let me make a distinction early in the depth here and say that time as measured on a clock for the purpose of correlating efforts is a necessity set to avoid having a towel of babel system where nobody keeps the same clock. This ‘watch’ time is an entrained direct continuous path flow moving forward along a regular calendar – with the day being measured as 24 hours and the time fixed via leaps – enjoy the extra day this February 29th.

This sense of time is also embedded in the sciences, where we use time to measure the derivative called rate. The rate is the amount that happens over a fixed period of time. As we use the form of mathematics called probability and statistics, we find that average values can give us accurate data – if measured constantly over the same time period – like a farm harvest over seasons rather than minutes. On small scale, the preferred units are seconds. Turnover rates near a million per second are acceptable in biochemistry scale – nanosecond and picoseconds are even smaller science time measurements.

No problem with time in this sense. Our perception of time however, is monumentally different. If you take your current average vibration over the course of your whole being – you follow a rhythm where your heart beats in a fashion to circulate the blood that carries that materials that create the systems that keep you alive. This drum beat is different for each of us, but has many different forms that we can measure. Basically, we all have a unique pulse.

You do, and what affect the rhythm of your pulse affects your interaction with time. If you are slow in pace and vibration, it provides a lower energy system, where you don’t have to consume as much to live, because you don’t expend as much energy living. Your energy does not have to go toward motion and sedentary beings with slow metabolisms have lived very long lives.

On the other hand, the more interpersonal interaction that you have with other people in the system, the more the ability to use your time is gifted away to other people in a social contract created without your consent. By the time we reach an age of majority, the ability to make rational decisions for ourselves, we have to hold the belief system that we have been taught to the standards of the society norm. We have ‘freedom’ to determine this path, which is greatly influenced by the people that we contact throughout the growth stage of our lives.

It is nice to have adult children, who reflect back the values that were instilled within them in the first person.  My interaction with life in a nuclear family that imploded, left me with a cavity of wondering whether i was effective at being a parent. My answer is yes – i did okay. My kid here can hold his own with what he does and not ride the train of social entrainment, even though he is embedded deep in the action process of the current whirled.

lemme howdt (my poet) got out – but the pathweigh was unique. The perspective shared through the blogging experience over the years delineated the journey alone to find reason – reason does not exist. To find reason, reason requires hard facts: in this day and age, facts are fluid. Many people have set beliefs that they were told, taught and televised; rather than thinking for themselves and basing their judgement on external reality, they are caught in the web of their own minds construction on the way things are – based on what they watch.

I watch life rather than television and would rather visit with the dogs outside rather than watch the today show. I don’t have to go to work, as work is life and embedded in the patterns of what i do – i would do this anyway, as it is my work. Speaking howdt about thyme is talking about me – speaking out about time is talking about how things that are for mass consumption, rather than my perception of real. I come from a different perspective – a land down under.

No, not Australia – down under the ground. Marvel at the complexity of the top six inches of this planet, earth, known to me as Gaia. As a natural resources chemist, she is my source and my salvation. She is alive on her scale of being and we are part of her surface crew – playing ground control to her major tom. If we get out of our current mode of thinking and realize how our surface actions affect her metabolism – well, this is our wake-up call, My job is to let you know how to live on this planet with beings from all scales, who do not share our nonsensical notions of time beyond this scale.

So i will blog about time in the reality of Thyme, who sometimes acts off time and has the ability to cast illusions through the working grid of time, in cosmic terms rather than human terms. We all work at human scale and are watching a watch that is ticking when the oomph behind it has died – at least a stopped clock is accurate twice every day. Now – a new poem to help you cast away illusion.

Namaste’ … doc

Human Time

Humans are social animals

As our fields merge with other beings

Life becomes navigation through a maze

And I, a single wire in this bundle,

Have chosen not to take the train ride

Through the tunnel running thru the mountain

That leads into the darkening abyss

See you on the other side, in the light.

lemme howdt     2016     creative commons (free use with attribution)

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