Behavior Patterns Change Time

And a new day will dawn
For those who stand long
And the forests will echo with laughter …

Led Zeppelin … Stairway to Heaven

Currently, the forests are not echoing with laughter. Yet it appears to me that change has begun and that accepting ‘different’ fits into the new weigh. The holographic illusions fit together based on our individual mindsets – you get more of what you focus upon.

Our collective whirled has become too scary. There are too many peep holes enrapped in what other peep holes are doing. The merikn focus is on ‘what’s in this for me’ is quite different from the world focus of ‘how do we fix the problems’. We all have to ask the question – How do I cope? – and then deal with the honesty of the answer.

What is okay behavior? We really don’t know. What is not okay is what everyone else is doing. Go figure? As long as we externalize our problems as being due to somebody else, we simply manifest more problems. Perhaps the idea of stopping the root cause of the problem makes sense … if we could identify the true root cause from all the layers of bullpuckey.

If you wish to know how something works, look at it through the eyes of somebody with a different perspective. You can pretend that you are acting in a role and see it that way, or you can measure things differently and think in a new weigh, based on the data collected in your research. Or you an listen to a video by somebody else – this video by Matt Kahn explains how i think the holographic universe works in very different terms than the science terms that i think in.

We do not have to align our ways of thinking to be in group think, we simply have to accept that other people might see things based on different thought patterns. The enneagrams function to give us nine potential patters that explain motivational behavior. The zodiac does the same thing in a different way with twelve astrological signs.

Each different number set can be the basis for a different weigh of thinking – we are all conditioned by our education to think in base ten. However, your computer relies on binary and hexadecimal to function – units based on two (zeroes and ones) or sixteen bits in a byte. Chess, my favorite sport, is built on an eight by eight grid. That unit of 64 turns out to be one of the real magic numbers in the whole system of numbers – just because so many smaller numbers fit into it.

Uncle Albert (we’re so sorry, Uncle Albert, we’re so sorry if we caused you any pain …) said that we cannot fix a problem in the thinking mode that it was created in. We are entrained in a base ten number system and on a base twelve calendar that make no intuitive sense together and keep every one of us that use it off balance all the time that we use time. The wave patterns flow such that a sine wave has equal increments – at least on the scale of our being. The society has been knocked askew off its axis and the world is literally turning to reflect the restoration of the normal patters.

What is normal? Normal is a state that really does not exist. In chemistry, normal has to do with the number of equivalents a molecule contains of a reactive species – used primarily in acid/base chemistry. In psychology, it means the average human being – if one could exist, which it can’t, so it doesn’t. We are all neurotic in our own special weighs.

So, let’s agree to disagree without the rhetoric of violence. I do not have to convince you that I am right, I only have to convince me that i am right. You can help by making argument in favor or against, but if i cannot structure my belief system to accommodate: we just have to disagree and not break each other worse by fighting about it. The worst behavior to this extent can be seen on television with the political behavior of the two party system. I was taught to fold on a losing hand; these clowns are all bluff and bluster.

We are all responsible for ourselves. Let’s work out a peaceful system based on the idea that we can disagree without fighting. Let’s also reinvestigate the entire knowledge base, from point of fact, and get rid of the superfluous nonsense that is substituted for real fact by those in control protecting a point of view determined by a profit margin. We have to think beyond, ‘What’s in it for me?’, and get into how do we do this for all of us, each as an individual with different needs, motivations and thoughts.

That’s enough to get us going for now. Enjoy yer day!

Namaste’ …  doc



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