A Mechanism for Change

I have been entertaining new thoughts about the fealty of current mathematics and science. The game has been rigged to teach to a stagnant model rather than a dynamic equilibrium. By looking at changes in the physics and chemistry of the things that we measure, which were formerly closed to debate, we can evaluate new weighs toward changing our current perspective.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the domain of waves, traveling at the speed of light. Sound is at a different point of the spectrum, moving slower than light but still in a sine wave, where it impinges our audio canal and resonance is turned into noise. Interference occurs with both light and sound. David LaPoint has a series of videos on you-tube about Primer fields – well worth watching to expand ones mind.

We as a collective should be confused by the information as presented, in many areas. It doesn’t follow the context of what has been taught to us – it requires a stretch of ones beliefs. What do I believe is a very good question to ask. It takes time, effort and interest to get a good answer. Are you willing to change?

Everyone is a leader of their own tribe. We are sovereign beings and responsible for our life – lively hood is a construct. If we wish to collapse our corrupt economic system, then chemistry can become a means of accounting – it already accounts for all matter, so money should be no object.

In truth, money is no object. It is a created illusion to steal everything for the bankster class. We badly need to pull the plug on current industrial society and set up equity in a new weigh. I have a book ready for framing into final text – the money to publish will appear at the time necessary to move the project to the next level.

Not quite yet, though. If you wish to help speed the process, leave a note as a comment

Namaste’ … doc


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