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Sometimes, we just don’t know where the pathway that we choose will lead.  Robert Frost’s The road not taken is one of my all time favorite Frost poems – i allow my heart to be my guide. Since my thyme howdt blog left the nettosphere last june, i have been on a learning adventure at the cutting edge of developments. This week, I acquired the url necessary to restore another voice from the alternetive kulture. Welcome to thyme howdt – where you can take a time out from the rat race and alter your perspective.

Currently – Dr. Lenny is working in several areas of consulting and editing with projects coming forth that are based in water and energy areas. The chemistry of natural resources has to be examined in fine detail as a basic parameter of measurement – chemistry is really another form of accounting that has no economic basis at all. The keys to chemical accounting are conservation and balance.

Atoms combined to form molecules which provide the mass that can be set into order as form. As form takes shape, the system develops a rhythm of flow … the flow flows from a trickle to a stream building power. Power disperses through love, not fear, and when love bursts forth it sings joyously sending sound out to the minds of others, then resting in void until a new fractal scale is born.

Chemistry is bordered by the atom on the low end and the raw materials of the planet on the upper end. What are the raw materials that make us, but ashes and dust and water, combined with growing plants and meats and the foods we consume. Life is abundance – when we care for it on all scales. If we don’t, we become circulated about our egos and get to live in the world as formerly constructed.

Realistically – let’s cut chemistry off at the upper limit at bio-chemistry. Biology is an even larger fractal; there are enough differences in the mechanisms of biology and chemistry that biochem can bridge the gap and be self-similar to both science fields without needing them to resemble each other. Different fractals can be embedded within other fractals – each scale has a different wavelength range for the energy emissions within the sphere.

The mixing of waveforms to create both matter and energy is a condensation of vibration into a variety of forms. The transference of one form of energy to another is the domain of physics. The physics serve to underpin chemistry at a smaller fractal. The sub atomic particles like quarks, mesons, leptons and others all affect the chemistry, but their behaviors are not germane to the chemistry of chemical bonds.

The music scales provide us with harmonics of the spheres. The nature of nature is fractal,  with overlapping fractals forms in both parallel and perpendicular configuration. The relationship between different fraction scales affects the illusion of the passage of time. The mind when active and supported by all physical cylinders is an amazing instrument of imaginative construction. Creating a world on Gaia fitting for the endeavors of the human mind is a quest into the expansion of consciousness developing with the age of Aquarius.

Enjoy the ride…

Namaste … doc

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