Mind Games II

Mind Games II Dr. Lenny Thyme 01/22/2016

We imagine ourselves. To be or not to be? I think, therefore I am. Or, as Lennon sang, Mind Games.

Imagine that, Reverend Jim – people are using their minds in vastly different ways to see different things due to a difference of focus. As we alter our perception of reality, we change the flow of vibration that emanates from our being. Our chakras are spinning and glowing to reconnect the configurations of micro-space and create the wavelength shifts to accommodate.

Wavelengths are generated by chemical bonds – every element to element pairing has a characteristic frequency that can be seen in the infrared spectrum. Waves are a different aspect of chemistry, which is generally based on matter. Physical matter puts out waves, but they are super slow moving on our time scale. So – if your wave function moves an inch a year forever, would you notice it? If you were ant sized would you notice an inch per year? What about tardigrade size? Viral? Single Cell? Water?

Water – the medium that reads information from vibration. The sense that we can attune to and take better physical care of our bodies on human scale. By controlling the flow of waters through our system, we can effectively move about 2.5 liters of water per person each day. This allows our system to flush, to lubricate and to remain hydrated and at reasonably constant weight. It certainly requires the attention, but what if?

What if the water is conscious and we as humans are just large scale functionaries of our water? If we use structured water and refrain from contaminants, we can change our personal energy levels and clarify our thinking ability. The old paradigm was designed to relieve us of the burden of thinking for ourselves. We have subtly been moved from action to reading about action to watch other people act and our behaviors are more based on social consideration rather than ethics, morals or philosophy. At least, that was what was taught to us to do by humans – to lose touch with nature.

Our new game occurs on a playing field of all fractal reality. Small is less complex and individually more efficient than large – yet bulk is required to have enough to distribute. The volume of the human footprint on Gaia must be reduced while the control lattice that formally existed is oxidized and purged. The human scale function of a global scale whirled world requires a reboot – a different way of doing things by weighs that reward the individual for behavior in cooperation with other individuals at a very local scale.

We are about building foundations for new civilizations that arise spontaneously into form from concepts that spring forth from our minds, when jogged by other minds. If you allow others their own different set of facts and points of view, the permutations of what can be done from different perspectives are endless. Having the infrastructure support becomes a function of the distribution of resources, which can be done in numerous weighs: a measurable meritocracy seems a viable system. Let’s develop sixteen different POV game systems from different perspectives, each creating a social organization of rules for their own players, within a universal set of themes within the boundaries of the rules of the game. Anyone who doesn’t buy in can start their own group and then qualify in later, the more the merrier.

Consider this game a social permaculture experiment – how many communities can we form from pseudo-scratch into a network of individual ‘towns’ linked by trade routes developed within new paradigms. The media of exchange could be separated such that isolated groups are brought together as a function of scale of the challenge faced in common. Guilds form to take care of the specific mechanisms and players each have a separate guild and community. Query: What other tethers between people are necessary for practical evolution of new lifestyles from localized community effort?

This game would work in a rural environment, where people had access to land, water and space. A different set of conditions might apply for urban areas, which might allow fractal design of a similar game with different rules, yet common measures that span between different game sets. It would be like having a different edition of the rule book for different players – the basics are the same; the details evolve pending the situation.

Imagine the original Civilization , where they had to acquire cloth making before they could get navigation, because they needed sails to navigate. We have to figure out what we need to do and do it to reset the human carbon footprint to something metabolizable by other water beings – between microscopic size, human size and Gaia size, and beyond in both directions.

Humans took to the microscope and the telescope to increase our access to those adjacent scales. When we turn up to down, we find that the microscope has revealed a whole bigger existence of life at small scale, while the telescope disclosure has yet to be properly presented. The world as we know it has changed and it is up to us to figure out how to adapt to these new conditions of organized life, where the smaller we get, the more complexity has been simplified by the used of symmetry, bio-mimicry and morphological form with fewer molecules and atoms of substance.

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