30 Solutions from a chemist

To get out of the mindset that caused the problems

  1. Lose the fear by not believing what you watch on the controlled major mass media
  2. Look at the global view while taking local action
  3. Be good at what you do and be sure of what you know
  4. Hold a high resonant vibration
  5. Keep yourself healthy and hydrated
  6. Disengage gradually from all activity with the old system that doesn’t serve your needs
  7. Think for Yourself – keep aware
  8. Make regular contact with nature
  9. Take time off and treat yourself well
  10. Keep a healthy skepticism of all information
  11. Have a personal basis-set of beliefs – check that you actually believe them
  12. Question everything again, build a foundation of your own knowledge to work from
  13. Learn more about everything that you find interesting
  14. Share Love and Practice Peace
  15. Work to form agreements in common language
  16. Find your guild and get good at doing what you do, with people you enjoy being with.
  17. Prime the pump by using your down time for things that you enjoy doing.
  18. Eat good food
  19. Change the things that cannot remain the same, within your own domain.
  20. Speak your peace, plainly and clearly
  21. Listen with attention: act with intention
  22. Play games – use the frame-work of the game as a platform for learning
  23. Find a bit of quiet time every day – to meditate or to think
  24. Care for all non-human beings: animals, plants, fungi, crystals
  25. Participate in a group with an external focus – Like Oregon Blue Skies
  26. Turn off the television and/or computer – read a book
  27. Learn a new skill that you always wanted to have
  28. Use your imagination
  29. Stop doing things that you do not wish to do
  30. Keep track by measuring the outcomes of the things that you wish to follow

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